Why Tim Needs a Raise

4th ward resident thanks Tim for his birthday card

...to pay for 8,152 birthday cards for each of the 8,152 residents of the 4th Ward!  Or does he only celebrate the birth of registered voters?

Then make it 2,500.

In that case, the $4,000 Timmy wanted to remove from taxpayer wallets for 4th Ward  "communications" would almost suffice.  Almost.

Birthday card Timmy sent to constituent Hoboken Diary


  1. Oh, but GA, I treasure, TREASURE, that card. Indeed it is now buried treasure, if you get my drift. (Or is that grift?)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing before the burial!

      Please let us know if you get another this year (or if you don't).

  2. Some corporations are people. Some councilmen are puppets.


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