Loretta Wants Tim's Brain

Uh-oh,  it looks like Trenton is about to lobotomize 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti!

That's right.

Legislation is on it's way which would  force all City Council officials to think and speak extemporaneously sans the electronic cue cards currently used to brighten the wattage of some of NJ's dimmest elected bulbs.

dim bulb

You-know-who is in BIG trouble.

Because Tim Occhipinti has outsourced his thinking to an unelected blond who texts him during meetings, putting words in his mouth like a long-distance ventriloquist. 

The legislation's sponsor, State Senator Loretta Weinberg, agrees with GA: City Council officials should not be texting during public meetings.
Everything that we do as elected officials should be done publicly," Weinberg, a prime sponsor of the legislation said.

The Associated Press quoted Weinberg yesterday as saying she's heard reports of members of town councils and other local government agencies texting each other during meetings rather than speaking in front of the assembled public. She wants to ban that practice so public business would be conducted in full view of the public.
You go, Loretta!

Like Senator Weinberg,  GA opposes communications that cannot be accessed by the public and the 'participation' of unidentified (and unelected) parties in conducting City business.

In effect, Timmy's texter is the unelected 10th City Council member. 

If an elected official is unable to function without prompting from outsiders, well... they are just not up to the task of governing.

Does anyone out there disagree?


  1. Good idea. Tim etal will probably say it's about family updates. That would be easy to fix. They can just text Jim Farina and he can relay important messages.

  2. As a matter of decorum, both the City council and BOE should implement this. Leave you cellphone is your pocket/bags/etc

    If you have something urgent to communicate to the council, say it in public to the entire council.

  3. Weinberg also sponsored the "Vote By Mail" legislation which the Mason / Russo cabal completely perverted. Let's hope they can't do that with this law and that it's corruption-proof. What will Sarah & Lane & Anthony do when their puppet's strings are cut?

    You would think carrying a small, vibrating appliance with fully charged batteries around would be enough for Mason, but she needs a blackberry too?


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