Stealing Drawings, Stealing Credit

It's been quite a week in Hoboken.  Warm, summery weather bringing with it three (upgraded) park openings: at Jackson Street, the B&G playground at Jefferson Street and Legion Park at 1225 Willow.

And you know the old saying: if a Hoboken park opens in a forest but Tim Occhipinti isn't there to claim credit, did it make a sound?


Yup, there was Timmy this week on Facebook with the self-congratulatory after-glow of a man who just made love to himself.   Boasting of his prowess as a Councilman, here's what he wrote:
Delivering on another campaign promise - both 4th Ward pocket parks upgraded!
But in fact, what did Timmy DO?

Let's see... he vaporized $4.5 million dollars of taxpayer money by  voting 'NO' on a simple garage bond refinance- just think of what that money could have done for our city.

GA talked to someone with inside knowledge of the planning and development of the 2nd ward parks and here's a quote:
"Occhipinti has had no constructive role behind the scenes.  He's done nothing with respect to lobbying the administration for them on behalf of his constituents nor working with them on the development of either of these parks."
Got it?

Or, as Tim would put it: "DOOOOOH."

In fact, the dimmest bulb on the City Council tree was caught stealing design concept drawings for Jackson Street Park renovations last September meeting/presentation by Mayor Zimmer and Director Leo Pellegrini!


Tim sneakily picked up the design drawings and tried to run off with them!  Here is an eyewitness account:

Yes I was there. Tim came alone.

The plans were on foam core and as the meeting was winding down Tim picked them up off the table and started to leave with them.

He's a THIEF.

Before Tim stole CREDIT for the park,  he stole the DRAWINGS for it.

Can you imagine what the credit-stealer would have done with the stolen drawings?

10..9..8..7..  they're on Facebook!

GA can tell you for certain that the upgrades to the 2nd Ward parks (and there others) were "a campaign promise delivered"- only it was the Zimmer campaign.

From the Mayor's State of the City address:

This week our Chinese community is celebrating the New Year – the Year of the Dragon. I believe in Hoboken, 2012 will be known as the Year of Parks. We will be opening a new park in North Hoboken, currently known as 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove. The plans are being finalized now, and this long awaited park will be a fantastic addition to our community.

We finally have the approvals we need, and Frank Sinatra Park and Castle Point will be reopened in 2012. We will be bidding out Frank Sinatra Cafe to transform it and make it a go-to destination for our residents and visitors.

We have a contractor in place to upgrade the playgrounds at Jackson Street Park, Jefferson Park, and Legion Park on Willow Avenue. At Stevens Park, we’re looking to resurface the little league field, upgrade the playground, and install an indoor batting cage. Church Square Park, Mamma Johnson Field, and all our dog runs will all be upgraded this year.

Thank you to all the community members who have helped to make this happen, and particularly thanks to the moms from Project Play and the Hoboken Family Alliance who raised $50,000 for the renovation of Church Square Park.
That's right Tim.

So stop stealing credit for others' hard work (and stop stealing their drawings).

You've been a bad boy.  Now go to your room.


  1. If Tim Only Had A Brain

    He could wile away the hours
    Conferrin' with the powers
    Consultin' with the vain
    His bald head he'd be scratchin'
    While bad thoughts were busy hatchin'
    If he only had a brain

    He'd accept cold cash or loan or
    Illegal dough from donors
    Who work on NJ’s train

    In Beth’s cellar he'd be drinkin’
    She would let him do some thinkin’
    If the feds got rid of Lane

    Oh, he would tell you lies
    Fed by the council whore
    He could speak of parks he tried to not restore
    And then they’d sit and plot some more

    He would not be just a nuffin'
    Like a purple pillow’s stuffin'
    His hair full of rogaine
    He would grift and be merry
    While Beth leaflets at the ferry
    If he only had a brain


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