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GA just had a conversation with a source, Ear Wax.

WHO is Ear Wax?

I can't tell you.  But just like that sticky, yellow substance you can't reach with a Q-tip, he's deep on the inside. And for some reason, Ear Wax likes GA!

(I've  been finding that lately;  more Hoboken born- and- raised folks are reading this site and not hating it much)

Well, Ear Wax and I were talking politics, of course.  The 2013 election.  And quite frankly, his confidence in this prediction was a bit unsettling.
All out war is going to be waged in 2013 because if they can't stop Reform and Mayor Zimmer then then they will have lost any real chance of getting power back.

The damn yuppies are not moving out fast enough. They're staying and getting involved.  Trying to take over things that's not theirs- like City Hall.  And no ones sure yet who the final person is but there's going to be one candidate (from the old guard) and it seems that Timmy is getting traction as the compromise candidate.

He does whatever he's told.  He looks presentable and he appeals enough to Hoboken's young demographic that when you combine it with the (old guard) base head to head they think he'll beat Zimmer.

It's not like Zimmer's doing a bad job.  She's doing too good of a job.  It's because she doesn't let  people wet their beak.  All she would have to do is throw a couple of bones and she could probably stay in office.

But  nobody believes that will happen so it's war.

And people think that Franz is a lock to win the at-large seat.  Because they'll make sure he gets the applied vote, and dress him up real nice.  He's presentable to the new residents.

(The old guard) looks at yuppies in basically 2 camps:  reformers like the mayor, Bhalla, Marsh. Mello- people that are going to stick around in Hoboken vs people that are here a couple of years then move to the suburbs. And there's more of the latter than the former.  All they have to do is appeal to larger number of the latter.

Mason is plain too toxic. She's done.

Timmy and Franz are plants, Manchurian candidates. Completely manufactured.

Ruben has too much baggage. 3 pensions,  he's a pig, been feeding at the trough too long, and he doesn't have any real independent power outside of Hoboken.  He blew that. 
Did GA hear that correctly?  Mayor Occhipinti?

Yikes, I'd better go clean my ears.


  1. I'm no expert. But Swibinski is. I think he knows there's not enough lipstick in the world to make Occhipinti presentable to the non-bought. Doesn't mean they won't try.

    Curious why EW is talking about the 2nd, since it's not up for election until 2015... And Franz is a $million lock to be an at-large seat in 2013.

    1. You're right, Info. Ear Wax needs a cleaning.

  2. Occhipinti does not have the temperament to win a Mayoral election. Just watch him closely at Council meetings. When someone doesn't agree with the nonsense that constantly falls out of his mouth, he gets very loud and whiney. Simply put, he's a know-nothing brat who's going nowhere. Ramos can run, but he won't win because he's tainted. In fact, I don't think any BNR candidate could win the Mayoral race in 2013...their brand has been damaged pretty badly by ridiculous antics of Castellano and Russo.

  3. Move the elections to November!

    1. I second the motion!

  4. EW's assessment of why Occhipinti would be a good choice was exactly the same reasoning the Old Guard used with Cammarano. The difference is that Occhipinti doesn't have the intelligence that Cammarano had.

    Whomever they choose to drag Hoboken back to the days of corruption, nepotism and patronage, they'll be the best candidate money can buy.

    1. yeah...i never cared for cammarano but he could think on his feet and sweet-talk people. i remember attending a mayoral debate and petey was quite convincing. i see no evidence that timmy has that ability. no open-minded independent voter can listen to tim and be convinced that he's leadership materials.

      i think the old guard is taking a huge risk if they back him. i mean, stop and think about it...of all the people, they think tim can be elected mayor?? really?? ramos might have baggage but i still think he's a great threat to mayor zimmer.

    2. meant "greater" threat to zimmer

  5. I have been saying the same thing as EW. This election is do or die for the corrupt old guard politicos. If Zimmer gets another term and they maintain control over the council then it will be all over for them. For this reason they will pull out all the stops to stop her re-election. You will see voter fraud and vote buying like you never saw before.

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