Friday, September 30, 2011


P3 wants a do-over; this proposal is dated September 27, 2011.

The playdate is over but somebody doesn't want to take his toys and go home.

In fact, this brat has thrown himself on the floor, and with arms and legs flailing is crying at the top of his lungs:


GA is absolutely stunned at our media for indulging the tantrum of a losing bidder, P3, who issued a do-over proposal  three days ago, for an RFP that was awarded last January.

Here's the HUMC bidding and sale timeline:
RFP issued: July 2010

Bids Due: September 2010
(All bidders were given additional time to ask and answer questions and present best and final offer.)

Number of Bidders: 8

Final Bids Opened: October 2010

Bidder Selected: January 2011  
(Exclusive negotiations with HoldCo announced)

Sale to HoldCo Announced:  April 2011

Geoffrey Teed, President of P3, must have balls the size of coconuts, to think he can unilaterally reopen the bidding process with a new, improved, better-than-ever proposal months after the bidding process ended and a winner selected.

WHO does that? 

If P3 thinks that's how business transactions work- with do-overs for losers, they are not ready for primetime.

P3, and all other bidders, were expected to submit their best offer at the same time- which the Hospital Authority generously extended  for 1 month  to provide information and answer bidders' questions. 

P3's bid was crap from the get-go because  they wanted to manage not buy, and they weren't retiring $52 million in bonds immediately, which would have thrown the hospital into default, and the taxpayers on the hook for $52 million THIS YEAR. 

HoldCo won fair and square; they were the only bidder to retire the bonds, buy the hospital outright and save the City from default.


What's next: a crybaby chorus line of the 6 other losing bidders to come forward with new-and-improved proposals?

 Something tells me that P3 is being encouraged to stick around and make noise. Such encouragement would be coming from those who have been  working 24/7 to blow up the HoldCo deal. 

This is all about creating chaos in our city; a kind of Hoboken-style Shock Doctrine.  When the hospital goes bust, we go bust with it to the tune of $52 million bucks added to our tax levy,  Consequently,  taxpayers will revolt against the perceived cause.  The Hoboken Shock Doctrinaires will tell you it's the Mayor.

That's what they're counting on.

And somehow, P3 has been enlisted to pitch as a viable alternative never given a fair shake.  Hoboken's Shock Doctrinaires hope the uproar will destabilize the sale and send HoldCo running-  the way Frank Romano ran from the Hoboken School District following the media-fueled jihad of a single Board member.

Will it work?

My guess is "No".

In the meantime, someone needs to sit Baby down and explain that there are winners and losers.  And rules.

So when the playdate's over and it's time to go  home, no tears.

You Say it's Your Birthday?

Well, Happy Birthday! 

Do you live in the 4th Ward?  Then you may have gotten one of these:

GA received the above with this note from reader Hoboken Diary:

Dear GA,

Your "Say It Ain't So!" entry came out a few days after my birthday.  When I read it, I suddenly realized what was that certain something that had been missing in my life when my own birthday had come and gone some days earlier.  I hadn't gotten MY yearly card from Brian Stack!!  On the one hand, I felt a weight lift from my soul, now knowing what was wrong.  On the other, I was flattened, simply crushed.  No card from Brian!  What did I do to deserve it?  Even my ex-ophthalmologist sent me a card (but that's another story).

But then!  It came!!

No, not a card from Brian Stack, not at all (that creep).  Something much, much better.  A card from ... Tim Occhipinti!!!  Really, truly, none other!  OK, the envelope was postmarked two days after the Big Day, but I always say "better late than never," don't you?

I scanned the card so you can enjoy it, too.  And guess what?  You really CAN enjoy it just as if it's your own because my name appears nowhere on it!  So, it's just like it's your birthday again, three or so months later!  (See, I remembered!)

Now, you might point out that it would be nicer to have gotten the usual card from Brian, with my name written in both English and Spanish, and Brian's personal signature in both English and Spanish.  And it is definitely a loss not to see those two smiling images of that dashing fellow (even if he is a creep for dropping me from his birthday greetings list).  Tim isn't so generous with his picture, I admit.  But maybe that's modesty.  Modesty is good, right?  Right?

Please feel welcome to share these glad tidings -- and the CARD -- with your readers.  It's someone's birthday today, maybe even someone else who lives in the 4th Ward of Hoboken, and Tim wants to help celebrate.  Guaranteed.

Thank you, Hoboken Diary!  And Happy Belated Birthday.

I don't know why Stack forgot about you this year; did you forget to vote for him?  Sorry, none of my business.

But I voted for him, and I got one.

Well, let me share the rest of your 4th Ward birthday card:

A homemade card!  Now, isn't that sweet?   I make my own cards, too.  It's cheaper, and more personal.

So, let's see.  Timmy's paying for the cost of materials, but the labor is "donated".   Interesting.

I wonder who Timmy's Birthday Card Czar is?  Someone to scan the 4th Ward rolls and track voters' birthdays, then make the cards, post and mail them...

The 2010 Census has the 4th Ward population at 8,152.  GA will guess about half are registered, let's say 4,000.

So... that's a lot of 'labor'- GA has trouble remembering a handful of birthdays, can you imagine trying to remember 4,000?  And the "in-house" administration, production and mailing is a significant 'donation'. GA is curious what the value of those services are, and where Timmy's Birthday Card Czar does the administration and card production, since his campaign headquarters are closed.  

Would someone like to ask Timmy who's donating the labor (and overhead) for Operation You Say it's Your Birthday?

GA Note: Check out Hoboken Diary's blog.  It's not a daily, but full of goodies.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dr. Shrill, Psycho-Therapist: Hoboken: The Little Hotbed of Hotheads

Whew, Hoboken!  At “Denial,” we really needed a respite to “curb our enthusiasm “ & regroup .  (I even felt the need to have “Denial’s” Shrill-Shaman “smudge” my couch & feng shui the office to balance all your negative Hoboken energy with the renewed “auspiciousness”  of “Denial’s” mission.)

Still, it was SUCH an exciting week for “Denial,” with all your psycho-dynamic activity.  “THE LITTLE HOTBED OF HOTHEADS”We’re playing with that one, as the inaugural season’s subtitle!  A bit less clinical than “histrionic,” but still captures the zeitgeist & keeps that nice alliteration with “Hoboken.”
Actually, we decided our working title, “Seriously Impaired Mile Squared,” (“SIMS”), just wasn’t sexy enough & might confuse branding with that computer game.   (In case we want to expand product---we do believe there may be a BIG market for “The Game of Denial.”)  Moreover, as we’re getting to know you better, some of you just don’t present with enough symptoms to qualify for full-scale, DSM Multi-Axial Diagnoses.  We’re SO thankful for the many of you that do, though!

However, some of the saner-seeming among you DO present with decidedly obsessive-compulsive features regarding your sociopaths in politics.  Not to worry---that IS consistent with the whole cleanliness fixation of the disorder.  So far, we’re grateful for your hyper-vigilance.  But as hyper-vigilance is also a major symptom of PTSD, we WILL want to meet YOU for the planned episode, “Survivor” (not to be confused, of course, with that other show).

Meta-Psycho-Scout (who just loves social psychology research), is also struck by the apparent significant apathy of many in your town.  Defensive dissociative phenomena, perhaps.   So many seem to have completely disengaged from the bio-psycho-socially-corrosive political dysfunction in your midst.  Especially detached-seeming, your post-adolescent demographic, which now apparently comprises a significant population percentage.   

They often appear to maladaptively manage distress via self-medication with alcohol, enabled by your plethora of non-descript drinking establishments.  (Dr. Drew, take note.)  Indeed, the whole civic  issue of “franchise” has apparently been abandoned by this same large segment, save for its retail manifestation on your main street, involving small, self-gratifying gestures of the carb/sugar/fat addiction-connection (e.g., ice cream), as well as body adornment for women, especially manicures/pedicures.  

A curious phenomenon, as this “escape “can be seen not only  as self-absorption, but also as a certain abandonment of  you “Reformers” (“good”), as well as a passive-aggressive alignment with those very dysfunctional politicians (“evil”), the “abandoners” apparently seek to avoid.   In our brainstorming sessions, my staff and I refer to this group as the “Void-Droids.”  (Nice branding for our possible pitch to the SyFy Channel!)

Audiences everywhere will surely be THRILLED with Hoboken!  Here at “Denial,” Schadenfreude is our mantra & “manifest agenda .“  (Voyeurism is our latent one!)

Speaking of latency, another Psycho-Scout, (I’ve nicknamed him“Webster"), has been busily researching your blogs .   The name “Lane Bajardi” keeps emerging , as an apparent “friendly advisor” to your Ms. Mason.   We LOVE his apparent anger-management issues, which seem to oscillate on a broad spectrum of passive-aggressive expression.   Especially around gender issues.  (We also note the emergence of this idiosyncratic designation, “Lenzbianism,” somehow associated with Mr. Bajardi.  Loaded, that one!)  Perhaps indicative of some cognitive frenzy rooted in apparent unresolved, unconscious primal rage toward women. 

We’re continually fascinated by his apparent idealization of Ms. Mason, in contrast with his apparent demonizing of your Mayor.  Also, his apparent abject hatred of Ms. Grafix Avenger, along with the attendant elaborate, systematic efforts to “destroy” her.   There also appears to be some fixation on another in your Hoboken blogging community---someone who anthropomorphizes a horse-?

All of this, apparently more borderline splitting.  (Statistically interesting:  splitting---that primitive defense mechanisim--- appears less frequently in men.)  

Mr. Bajardi appears to present a history of paranoically-rooted, symbolic annihilation fantasies---often of a rather ritualistic nature, via media-focused schemes & vendettas.   There appears to be a nearly constant desire to be “on camera,” via a myriad of sometimes novel approaches to attention-seeking.   This is evidenced by his ritualistic behaviors with certain “props.”  The attachment to certain objects---in particular, an easel.  One might postulate this is a symbolic “stand-in” of sorts.  A “security blanket,” if you will, e.g., a “transitional object” that offers some sort of self-soothing.  This may in fact offer some “solace” for Mr. Bajardi, not unlike thumb-sucking & hair-twirling behaviors, so common during the Oedipal Phase. 

Co-related, are his increasingly transparent, failed attempts to apparently mimic Multiple Personality Disorder on your local blogs.  For Mr. Bajardi, these strivings only seem to have resulted in further public humiliation, which could in turn be speculated  only serve to further fuel his narcissistic injuries and rage. 

From what has been Psycho-Scouted as “general public opinion,” your Mr. Bajardi now seems to display a rather fixed pattern of negative attention-seeking, again pointing to impaired reality testing skills & histrionic self-defeating behaviors.   All seemingly parallel behaviors to the object of his apparent idealization!   

One wonders, just how much power does this woman wield over this man?    It certainly does not seem like a libidinal attachment (certainly, in some wonderfully pathological ways, Mr. & Mrs. Mason do seem so very well-matched as a couple).  But as for the Lane-Beth dyad, we here at “Denial,” are also very cognizant of the often obsessional connection between money & power.  

(We admit even WE appropriate it sometimes!) 

Because of his façade of glibness, it would seem that Mr. Bajardi initially presented a veneer of pseudo-credibility.  Again, an unscientific Psycho-Scout survey notes the sound of his voice (separate from content) is preferable to Ms. Mason’s---particularly during heightened emotionality.    One Psycho- Scout has provided results of an informal survey:  words like “resonant” and “sonorous” are associated with Bajardi, while “grating” for Mason.  (“Shrill” was also repeatedly mentioned, but of course, “Denial” has exclusive rights to that.)

All of this, again quite disturbingly wonderful for “Denial’s” purposes!  But in contrast to the baritone of his voice, given the tenor of his rage---so apparently steeped in profoundly bitter resentments/fears of some apparently deep, inchoate source--- we’re concerned enough that we consulted our own advisors, regarding the possible implications of the Tarasoff Decision.   

As you know, “Denial” is not filming in a “controlled environment” ---though we DO love that Hoboken seems so out of control!   “Denial” is not a closed set, a la Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil or those cushy digs of Dr. Drew’s “Celebrity Rehab.”  Thus, we must take care to cover our proverbial you-know-what’s, about the possibility of someone decompensating to the point of “physical danger to self & others.”   Despite how much we love full-on meltdowns, it is SUCH a tricky balance from a liability standpoint!  

From past history, we understand “Denial” cannot presume the reliability of anything falling under the aegis of “The Authorities.”  But as you know, we ARE planning for the possibility of your “continuing saga” in venues such as jails & institutions!  (Just to move that along, we have conceived a short, animated dream- sequence, involving the FBI & electric cattle prods.)

 Just to be on the safe side, I have made the creative decision to call in a favor from Duane “Dog” Chapman, should we need him for protection.   (We think he did SUCH a great job with Charlie Sheen!)    Just imagine the psycho-dramatic potential:   That hulking, long-haired biker blond in black leather, possibly subduing your compact, darkly handsome, nattily-dressed Mr. Bajardi!  

That’s Entertainment!   We just love your primal stuff, Hoboken.  Primal = prime time!!   We hope you say:   BRAVO!  We LOVE the psycho-speak of “Denial”!

Moms vs. Occhipinti

So, Moms of Hoboken... what's Timmy Occhipinti done for us lately?   Let's see...

He voted AGAINST bonding for a traffic light at 16th Street and Park.

Tim Occhipinti voted against bonding for a traffic light at this dangerous corne

Occhipinti would say, "It's not  in my ward!"

Timmy knows that 4th Ward Moms never venture outside it's boundaries with their kids. In fact, Timmy knows 4th Ward children will NEVER use a park in the 2nd Ward, like 1600 Park.  Fortunate, since he voted against opening it since he knows the park can't open without that traffic light.

Who else helped kill the park opening, the light, and possibly the person(s) crossing the unlit corner at 16th and Park?

Terry Castellano and Mike Russo.   That's OK, because the 1st and 3rd Ward kids would never cross a street or play soccer in the 2nd Ward.  

No, that's the domain of Beth Mason. Curious that she voted AGAINST a traffic light at an unlit corner across the street from a new park in her own ward.   I'll bet her constituents are thrilled that she chose to protect them against a new park and a safe street crossing.   Just like she's trying to protect Hoboken from having a hospital, from 1,200+ people keeping their jobs, from taxpayers affording to live here.

 Well, back to Timmy.

He's a busy guy.  I hear he washed down a couple of beers with Ruben Ramos at the Pilsner Haus when the 4th Ward flooded in mid-August, then when Hurricane Irene left the 4th Ward underwater, Timmy was AWOL- at bachelor party in Boston.  Busy, busy!

Well, here's what one member of the Hoboken Moms Yahoo group posted, with regard to the playground at the Boys & Girls Club which is STILL a construction site; unusable for the B&G ALL SUMMER and now for both B&G and HoLa.
I reached out to Councilman Occhipinti who represents the Fourth Ward. His response is copied here:
I have pushed and pushed for this since taking office but the administration moves at its own pace. I asked and we are supposed to award the contract at the next meeting.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 5th.
"Pushed and pushed"?  Really?

Has anyone SEEN or HEARD Timmy "pushing and pushing"  for restoring services and facilities for the B&G Club kids, even though he used to serve on their Board and it's in his ward?

Here's what we've heard from Timmy:

As I see it, here's what the 4th Ward Councilman has been "pushing and pushing" for: killing a traffic light at a park corner,  killing our new park from opening, killing the only viable offer to buy our hospital, killing the hospital's 1,200 jobs, killing Hoboken's credit rating, dumping $52 million of debt to be paid this year on Hoboken taxpayers... 

While he's said and done NOTHING for the kids of the B&G Club as their playground has been rendered unusable for months.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mason Newsletter

Say it Ain't So!

Oh, no!

Did you hear the news? In yesterday's Jersey Journal:
The state Attorney General's Office has issued subpoenas to Union City Mayor Brian Stack's office, Police Chief Charles Everett's office and the Union City Board of Education in its investigation allegations that Everett was paid for work that he did not perform, a source told The Jersey Journal.
This is terrible!  If he goes to the Big House, who's going to send me a birthday card?

Do you know Brian Stack (BS) always remembers my birthday. And that's important to me.  In fact, I've saved all  his cards; I have a whole shelf full of BS.  The BS keeps piling up.

I can't imagine not getting another piece of BS in the mail this year.  The only people who send me "Happy Birthday" greeting cards are my Mom and sisters. 

Them and the BS from Union City.  That's why I'll always vote for him, because he remembers me.  I'm not kidding.

I'm still waiting for a reason to vote for Dawn Zimmer in 2013 (hint: my birthday's in June).

Get with the program, political-people.  You wanna get, you gotta give. On my birthday.  Bonus points for an extra language (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.)

In the meantime, I'll be praying for the mayor of Union City.  He's a good guy, and couldn't have done anything wrong. Except occasionally send my card a month early.

But that BS always comes.

Paula (Dow, NJ Attorney General), can we take this as a sign you're closing in on Hoboken?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Day, Another Jihad

The problem with blind hatred is that it makes people stupid.

Add frustration to the mix (that every time  you've tried to embarrass the mayor or her allies it blows up in your face) and you've got the reckless kind of stupid.  Such is the dispatching of JNESO, the nurses union, to sniff for depositions from the creditors committee, although they can't be released in accordance with non-disclosure agreements- standard operating procedure in bankruptcy.  The request-  requiring the review of all 200,000 submitted documents on a weekend day- made for WHAT?

What does the elected official whose sole governing principle is 'hurt-Zimmer' think she is going to find in these depositions?

Or is the noise designed to discourage the buyer, HoldCo in the way that prospective School Superintendent Frank Romano was discouraged from taking the job, finally pulling out of his contract   after one School Board member's protracted jihad against him in the local media and online? 

Whatever it is, it's a one woman-show.  Beth Mason, take a bow.

And if Mason writes the ending, it means massive tax hikes, over a thousand lost jobs, a downgraded credit rating, huge cuts in City services, layoffs of City workers...

Speaking of the end.

GA senses our diva's violent lashing out at all moving targets- including yours truly-  and the sudden reactivation of propaganda tool Hoboken411, has everything to do with the F.B.I. investigation not going 'her way'.   Because when she goes down, she wants to take us along.


Hoboken Questioner (a.k.a. Lane Bajardi) is right; this whole post  reeks of Lenzbianism.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Good News from the Boys & Girls Club

GA got this update a couple of days ago, but the drama surrounding the hospital sale (among other things)  wiped it off my serving tray.

Well, the HUMC deal hasn't wrapped up yet, but I think it's time for some good news. Don't you?

It's from the Boys & Girls Club.

Now, for everyone out there who says the blogs are just a big rubber room in cyberspace for a handful of geeks to bitch and moan- or as Tom Bertolli once wrote to GA: 
you all do realize these Blogs and chat rooms are all the same thirty people circle jerking each other.
I saved that not because I was offended, or because he's a handsome devil, but because it was funny.  Was Bertolli right?

Well folks, here's an example where sunlight from the blogs has demonstrably helped, been a catalyst for positive change- or so says my source at the B&G Club:

I just got off the phone with (name redacted).

She said so far it's much better in dealing with Hola. She said that they are more separate and they're not encroaching on them so far.  

She said that there are actually more kids at the B&G club this year than last year at this time. She said that when the weather gets colder, more kids come. She said they now have an in-house zumba class for the b&G kids.  

She said the blogs have paid off in making George (the director)provide more for the kids.  They said they are re-activating the anti-gang/leadership program.  The program was very poorly attended last year.  She said the guy who was in charge of it was told he has to get it active again. 

She said things are much better there.

She said that Hola gave the B&G club another classroom upstairs, so they have some more room.  She said that it isn't really their classroom, it's B&G's, but at least they are getting more space for the kids.

We only spoke for about 2 minutes and she had to go.
Well, that sure is good news.

Of course, the HoLa program is designed to grow by (I believe) 2 classrooms per year, which translates into larger ancillary space requirements ahead for them in the future.

What does this mean for the B&G if HoLa stays? Their Charter states expectations of using the B&G space for 2 years. Well..

For now, the B&G Club is doing better by the kids, and that's what it's all about.

GA is curious whether the B&G ever submitted their  annual business report to Business Administrator Arch Liston, a lease requirement Da Horsey noted back in August?
As part of a 50 year agreement, the building at 123 Jefferson Street is leased annually from the City of Hoboken for $2.

The terms to the Boys & Girls Club specifically mandate it demonstrate in an annual report to the Business Administrator how it has complied with requirements using the building, the value and cost of its use in its activities along with the continued demonstration of tax exempt status.

The City recently learned the reporting mechanism is missing with the Boys & Girls Club and is comprehensively reviewing the terms of the lease.e circle jerking each other.
Does anybody know?

GA Consults a Higher Power

 GA just got off the phone with my own personal hotline to the Almighty a.k.a. my (former) rabbi from Queens.

The Holy man and I stay in touch; he reads Grafix Avenger.   So he called me moments ago to discuss whether I really wanted that pound of flesh so badly as to engage such a character, Lane Bajardi, on his level. 

Yes, he said, he's orchestrated a number of extremely vindictive, nasty campaigns against you on behalf of his political mistress,  Beth Mason.  But for your spiritual health, shouldn't you stay on the high road?

Hmm... the high road. 

Well,  yes.   That's where I want to be. I suppose that's a better place than rolling in the gutter with a gutter-dweller.

So I've washed myself off, changed into something stylish, and left my Earwitness News post on the other road to take the one that leads to... where does it lead?

All I can say is that the road paved with malice and lined with Mason dollars, G-d willing, leads to a holding cell in a federal courthouse in Newark.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

HR Does Mason a Favor


The Hoboken Reporter SCRUBBED  their actual most-commented post from its "Most Commented" list after just 5 DAYS.    GA noticed it gone yesterday.

This one:

 Which has almost DOUBLE the number of comments as the top one there today: 


The Masons called in a favor. What else?  

GA checked the page source; the "Most Commented" is not a widget but HTML code which is easily fiddled with. 
    <div class="pt1_pane">
   <div class="pt1_pane_heading">Most Commenteddiv>
   <div class="pt1_pane_body">
    <div id="push_home_Most_popular_container" align="left">  <div style="" class="">
    <div class="even">
        <div class="story_item hnews hentry item">
 <div class="story_item_headline">
          <a href="/view/full_story/15571993/article--Debate-continues-over-political-blog-in-Hoboken-?instance=home_Most_popular" class="entry-title"><b>Debate continues over political blog in Hobokenb>a>
Because Ricky's letter backfired BIG.

Part of a larger strategy, first sinking the hospital deal, then clearing a Zoning Board seat (mine), the letter was supposed to sway public opinion, painting themselves 'victims' of some perceived threat- the Twinkie-baking blogger-mom.

It didn't sell.

His letter was quickly buried under a heap of ridicule, becoming the butt of jokes across the Hoboken blogosphere, and  of course, here at GA.   

But more than that, his latest drink at the well is a tipping point. You'll see.

So, witnessing the massive stink-bomb the letter had become, GA believes either Mason or a representative asked the HR to 'disappear' it on the home page. To date, it's gotten over 1700 views.  For comparison, the other Hoboken letters published the same week got 220, 310, and 32 views respectively.

How ironic that trading on his gravitas as a law partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz to jump into the cesspool of his wife's political shenanigans, he turned his name into a punch line.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

GA - RG (GARG) Joint

GA is delighted to present a short film to you this morning.  It's a collaboration between myself and   Reformerus Giganticus (RG)- or as  Spike Lee would call it,  A GARG Joint.

Here's how it came about.

A blogger who calls himself Hoboken Questioner (HQ) and sounding remarkably like the 12 or so other online incarnations of a certain not-paid-for-friendship City Council Easel-Toting Weasel, showed GA a little love this morning on Patch:

Wasn't that sweet?

So you want to know how come I'm so sure it's that guy?  Who else would say this:


Patch blogger Eric thought that was "lesbianism", then decided it was a combo: "lenzbianism" which GA assumes means girl-on girl-on-Lenz 'action'.

GA was touched at HQ's sentiments so wrote him a heartfelt, tender limerick.  Which I sent off  to my buddy, RG, who likes that stuff.  (You did know he's the Bard of Hoboken) 

Guess what?

A few minutes later, GA got a YouTube link from RG; he'd turned my poem into a movie!!


So here it is, a Grafix Avenger -Reformerous Giganticus (GARG) Joint, the first of what I hope will be a long and fruitful creative partnership.

Thank you, Hoboken Questioner, for making this Joint possible.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Danger at the Corner

The City Council minority voted down a traffic light at this hazardous corner.

This is a scene that is waiting to happen at a Hoboken corner without a traffic light, in an area seeing more pedestrian traffic than ever due to new residential and commercial development.

It's at 16th and Park. 

It's in Beth Mason's ward.

4 City Council members voted AGAINST bonding for a traffic light at this corner last Wednesday night.  They were Mason, Occhipinti, Russo, and Terry (Castellano)GA calls them 'MORT'- which also means 'killing'.  As in killing the bond ordinance for the traffic light- which required 6 votes to pass, which killed a needed pedestrian safety improvement in a developing part of town,  potentially causing the killing of a human being by a car.

That's a lot of killing for 4 Council people.  But we aren't finished.

There's the less tangible kind of killing.

The killing of our childrens' hopes for a park to play in NOW- with a new soccer field, grass, space to run and play.

Because the park won't open without this light.  And MORT knows it.  

How does Beth Mason explain this to her 2nd Ward constituents?  

No,  efforts to kill the hospital sale weren't enough for these 4, they killed the 1600 Park opening for the kids of Hoboken because they don't want ANYTHING GOOD to happen under the Zimmer Administration.  Just like they don't give a damn if the City goes into default, loses it's credit rating, bleeds jobs;  NOW they stand in the way of 1600 Park opening.

Because they don't give a damn about where are kids play, or if there's a traffic light where one needs to be.

Ask Mike Russo to cough up the $300K his family owes Hoboken and the $100+ K we all spent for his father's health insurance-- that would more than pay for the light. How about it?


This has gotten little attention because of the drama surrounding the hospital sale.

But Patch  covered it today:
A failed vote on a bond ordinance to purchase and install a traffic light at 1600 Park could delay the opening of the uptown park, which was initiallly scheduled to be opened this month.

The opening of the park was delayed recently, after the mayor said that the park couldn't open without the installation of a traffic light to improve pedestrian safety in the area.

The city proposed a bond for $350,000 to purchase and install the traffic light. Director of Parking and Transportation Ian Sacs said that the city and the county had negotiated the traffic light already. The bond was a way to pay for it.

"This was our plan," Sacs said, adding that it was "carefully negotiated with the county."
So one traffic light in a neighborhood that needs one, and a park in city that needs one, are waiting for the petulance of 4 elected officials to subside.

Let's hope  it does before someone gets hurt at 16th and Park.

Mason Attacks Governor Christie

credit: Andrew Tavani

Just when GA  thought the Masons couldn't wreak more damage to themselves...

Beth Mason, enraged that her scheme to sink the hospital was ruined by Governor Christie, published this symphony of petulance yesterday in Hoboken411:
“Last night four members of the Hoboken City Council took steps to protect the long term viability of Hoboken University Medical Center by asking the Hospital Authority to impose a deed restriction in the sale contract. Furthermore, we asked for transparency in this extremely troubling and secretive process by calling on the Mayor and Hospital Authority board members to release their depositions. Now the Governor wants to support a backroom deal to sell the hospital to one of his biggest campaign contributors for pennies on the dollar. If the Governor wants to reward a campaign contributor he should pay for it, not the taxpayers of Hoboken. Clearly Mayor Zimmer just received a big payback for her early endorsement of the Governor Christie’s re-election.”

Oh, boy.

Now  we all know what's going on here.

The people rejected Beth Mason.  Twice.  Anyone getting in her way to destroy  the Mayor is just collateral damage.   Including the Governor of New Jersey..

Dr Shrill, are you out there?  We need you to analyze her statement.  Is it a cry for help? 

I am reading jealous rage in her dismissiveness toward Zimmer's influence; influence over the most powerful politician in the state of New Jersey, the Governor.  Mason is seething .  Her insistence that Klaussen post her words below Christie's reeks of "Look at me!  Look at me!  My statement is next to  the Governor's! I'm important, too! "

Sure you are, honey.  That's what you pay people to tell you. 

Would Christie take Beth Mason's call?  No.  He wouldn't even let his Lt. Governor swear her in on July 1st.

Could Assemblyman Ruben Ramos get this kind of help from the State?  As far as we know, he NEVER TRIED.  He is however, capable of issuing whiny press releases alleging the Mayor's incompetence to save the hospital.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  While Ramos was writing his Ode to Impotence  for Hoboken411, Zimmer was doing her ALL to save the hospital.

And she succeeded.   To get the Governor's ear.  And $5.5 million.  And this special bonus: Christie's repudiation of  City Council members Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry (MORT).  


So the Mason jihad on HoldCo: the mailer, press releases, stories planted in the media, hiring Perry Klaussen... it all blew up.  BOOM.

And Mason's great FOLLY in attacking the Big Man from Trenton?

He has Paula's number.   NJ Attorney General Paula Dow.

I'm pretty sure he plans to use it, now.

Of course, this may have been factored in the Mason strategy.  She may know or suspect she is 'going down' soon.  As a friend just put it she's not getting her way with the F.B.I., so the best defense is a good offense. 

So, from being the victim of GA satire,  she'll move  on to being the victim of the Governor.

Will framing a criminal indictment as a political attack from Trenton work?   She may think so.

Do you?

One Eye: Fiscal Madness

Did you know that GA super-sleuth, One Eye, is also a financial wizard?  Or maybe just a wizard with an eye for money.  The only eye he's got.

Well, he called yesterday-  apoplectic, stammering, sputtering; I could barely understand a word.

I said, "Calm down, Cyclops.  Get a grip."  

He tried, but failed.  Have you ever tried to converse with a one-eyed hysteric?  I asked him to please send it instead.

This was in my Inbox this morning:
Many people have claimed that I don’t know nutin bout birfng no babies or politics.  However, I do get “follow the money”.

What struck me about the hospital bond vote was the crazy game of Russian Roulette that the minority council members play with the City’s check book and future. They don’t follow the money as much as they just shoot blindly at anyone and anything in the room that is moving.

The City is only one budget cycle removed from being under the thumb of the state appointed receiver. And the council minority did not exhibit much understanding of municipal finance or the budget process in the passage of that one post monitor budget.

The budget on a napkin was priceless. 

Such shenanigans make the analysts and underwriters at the bond houses queasy and have them tacking on interest points and issuing downgrade notices like Pavlov’s dogs.

Since the minority had no clue that their antics were jeopardizing the city’s health and valiantly tried to strip the meager surplus that the Mayor asked for out of the budget, it should not have surprised me that the minority did not seem to grasp the serious nature of the consequences to everyone in Hoboken if the City were to default on the 52 Million Bond guarantee assumed in 2007.

The guarantee is not one of collection, it is one of payment.

The City does not have the luxury of saying to the bond holders, whoops, the hospital closed down and you will just have to wait and get your money when we find out who will buy the site and how much they will pay; that process could take 2-4 years. 
No, the City is obligated to pay the 52 MILLION DOLLARS UPON DEFAULT!  AS IN NOW!


It becomes a liability for the current tax year and payment must be accounted for in accordance with state mandated budget controls.  And I don’t think that anymore Roberts style budget gimmicks would pass muster.

Did anyone in the minority think about what the consequences to the City budget would be in the event that suddenly 52 MILLIION in expenses was added to this year’s budget?

I do. And it scares me.  It truly scares me.

The City would have to reduce expenses by at least 25%, which can only mean drastic cuts in personnel, including police and fire, and closing any non-essential operations such as the library.   Unless it generated money of the City at a profit, then any program or operation sponsored by the City would have to be shut down.  And that would still not be enough.  Taxes would likely rise by 50% in order for the city to meet the sudden 52 Million dollar obligation.

And the irony is that the City could not bond the debt, as the cause of the fiscal crisis was a gratuitous default on an existing bond obligation by the City. Who would buy such junk, if the City could even find an underwriter for anything less than a 25% rate?

If the City did not adopt the necessary budget amendments to balance the budget,  then DCA would be forced to step back in, take over the City’s finances once again and impose a very nasty dose of tax increase medication on a City that would be hemorrhaging property values and residents.

  am no Suzie Orman, but it is really pretty simple. 

Once the City was placed on the hook for the 52 million in bond debt, it became stuck with the hospital, and the staggering debt load, unless the City could find a buyer to take it off of the City’s hands and retire the bond debt. Arguing about who wanted to save the hospital or not in 2007 is frankly irrelevant to the fact that the City does have a bond guarantee of 52 Million that is in jeopardy NOW.

It is not hard to understand, but then again, the minority is led by two people.  One of whom missed $800,000.00 in quarters from the budget one year and demonstrated his belief that a municipal budget can be sketched out on a napkin and voted on right on the spot.  The other made up a whole career and phony resume claiming that that she had advised Fortune 500 companies from her consulting company that has no clients or an office. But is abundantly clear that neither could follow the 52 Million through the budget cycle and understand how it would have to be paid.

Scary game.  Very scary game.
Wow.  No wonder you were sputtering, One-Eye.

Leave the politics to me.

Mason and Russo are DANGEROUSLY incompetent.   They don't have a frigging CLUE what the repercussions are of their political gamesmanship.

Unless they DO.    In which case, the price of 'victory' against the EVIL ZIMMER-THING is wrecking our City- and everyone in it.  Grinding the little people to powder via crushing taxes, a ruined Moody's credit rating, loss of services, loss of City jobs, loss of a hospital,loss of 1,200 jobs,  putting us back under control (again) of a State Fiscal Monitor.

All to defeat the Mayor.


Mason  doesn't give a damn.  Neither does Russo, insulated from the actual pain the  rest of us feel by  being Hoboken royalty. Does he even live in the 3rd Ward anymore?  GA hears that no one ever sees him around Church Towers.  So if not, then where is the 3rd Ward Councilman living?  

These incompetents must go. That's the lesson of this frightening moment.

Either through the our election process or by FBI purge.

We have to change the composition of our City Council to a super-majority of people that understand and  CARE about the consequences of their actions. 

Thank you, One-Eye.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christie's Message

credit: Andrew Tavani

GA was chatting with a friend moments before the Christie news broke.

My friend sounded despondent, a familiar refrain about how nothing seems to change in Hoboken- the City Without Consequences.  Our town, where a quartet of scheming schmucks can throw us into $52 million default bringing us State Fiscal Monitor- the Sequel, destroy 1,200 jobs, and  a hospital that serves our entire community.

Where was the FBI?, he lamented.  What was the State thinking?

A few minutes later, we knew. Christie's words:
It is completely unacceptable that the city council placed local politics ahead of the 1300 employees at the Hoboken University Medical Center and the people in the community who rely on the critical services provided by this hospital.


Remember this?  On July 1st, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, up from Trenton to perform the swearing in for City Council members, declined to swear in Beth Mason, Mike Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti. 

On September 11th, NJ Attorney General Paula Dow came to Hoboken for the somber evening service at Pier A.  Neither Beth Mason, strangely garbed for mourning in all- white with red accents, nor Tim Occhipinti followed protocol to greet her.

Now would these two avoid NJ's top law enforcement officer?

So... within 24 hours of throwing the City on the brink of default, Christie puts the kibosh on the malevolent intentions of the City Council minority (a.k.a. MORT)  with the $5 million manna from heaven.


According to my friend,  Christie realizes these people are absolute thieves and crooks... doing real damage because they're still in office while under criminal investigation.  So the cash infusion was to undo the damage until law enforcement gets here.

GA agrees.

And what a debacle it was at the City Council last night.

The speeches read  came right out of the can; it didn't matter what was presented MORT went into the meeting rehearsed.  The stench of a single strategic objective, to sink the hospital, stunk up the proceedings.  Mason was so confident she'd get rid of HoldCo that she had her personal Stepin Fetchit Perry Klaussen prematurely announce it "DOA" on Hoboken411.

Props to Da Horsey who's been on top of how Mason's worked to undermine  Holdco:
Coming on the back of multiple sabotage efforts against bidder Holdco, Beth Mason has also publicly backed one group of creditors in the hospital unions.  Observers at various stages of the hospital sale inside and outside HUMC believe she has worked to undermine the sale, whether working with Appleseed who linked a release questioning the sale directly to Beth Mason's controlled propaganda site Hoboken411 or with the lawyer claiming the bankruptcy declaration by the hospital is fraudulent. 

Was handing Dawn a failure the big prize?

Maybe for aspiring mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos.  And of course for Mason, who according to GA's  Dr. Shrill:
... after elaborately orchestrated, paranoically-tinged histrionics regarding perceived threats---as evidenced by orchestrated attempts to have Nancy Pincus labeled (& even arrested) as a terrorist, Mason’s defensive posture might be seen as “identification with the [perceived] aggressor,” for she is now terrorizing HUMC, by symbolically holding it hostage.

Blogger extraordinaire and fiercely talented writer, InfotainMe, noted the insertion of two telling words in Chrstie's statement:
This Administration is not going to allow political bickering to put this hospital in jeopardy and potentially have a negative and irresponsible impact on the city’s finances, which is why the state will contribute the $5 million, if needed, to ensure the Hoboken University Medical Center deal closes and the hospital stays open.
If needed.  

Under what circumstance wouldn't Hoboken "need" the State's money?

This one: 2 or 3 potential VACANCIES on the City Council dais if the rumors about the scope of the coming FBI sweep are true... which means a second crack at the $5 million bond.  

Is THAT the unencrypted message in the Christie press release? 

Meanwhile, our friends on the Dark Side are going NUTS trying to spin this catastrophic implosion of their plan to sink the HMC.

Witness one of James Barracato's screen names threatening actual violence to blogger Roman Brice. 

Christie's checkmate move has the opposition unhinged.  One could only imagine the sound of glass crashing against the parlor walls at 921 Hudson.

And id you know the above unhinged operative threatening violence, James Barracato, is also Beth Mason's webmaster?

BREAKING: Christie to pay $5 Million to Revive Hospital Deal

Followed by the NJ State press release posted by Da Horsey on MSV:

Trenton, NJ – Today, Governor Chris Christie released the following statement after the Hoboken City Council rejected $5 million in funding for Hoboken University Medical Center, effectively forcing the state’s oldest hospital to close within the next few weeks and risking municipal authority default in Hoboken.
“It would appear that there are two primary issues that stand in the way of keeping Hoboken University Medical Center open. First, the refusal by local unions to provide necessary concessions and secondly, the city council’s rejection of $5 million in funding which is vital to securing the hospital’s future.
“It is completely unacceptable that the city council placed local politics ahead of the 1300 employees at the Hoboken University Medical Center and the people in the community who rely on the critical services provided by this hospital. This Administration is not going to allow political bickering to put this hospital in jeopardy and potentially have a negative and irresponsible impact on the city’s finances, which is why the state will contribute the $5 million, if needed, to ensure the Hoboken University Medical Center deal closes and the hospital stays open. With the availability of this funding, it is now up to the unions to ensure the hospital stays open, people continue to have access to emergency services, 1300 jobs are saved, and municipal default is averted.”

Now what, City Council Wannabe Job-Slayers?

City Council JOB KILLERS

MORT (môrt)

1: The note sounded on a hunting horn to announce the death of a deer.
[Middle English, death, from Old French, from Latin mors, mort-; see mer- in Indo-European roots.]

2: killing 

[via Old French from Latin mors death]

 'Mort' got a new meaning at last night's City Council meeting.

MORT = Mason, Occhipinti, Russo, Terry (Castellano)

1.  The KILLING of 1,200 jobs in Hoboken.
[extermination of  jobs due to partisan hatred of Hoboken's mayor]

2. The DEATH of an income for 1,200 families, many with children, right before Christmas.  
[Dr. Shrill: Mason has the added factor of wealth, which affords her much more elaborate opportunities for acting out behaviors. ]  

3. NO local medical care for our seniors of Hoboken.
[Dr. Shrill: And because of that wealth, they have amassed an entourage of enablers/sycophants, who participate in their elaborate dance of denial and serve to reinforce their distorted sense of reality, self-importance and systematic disregard for the rights of others.] 

4. NO emergency room care for the children of Hoboken, like LA (Little Avenger) who's been there 4 times since she was born.
 [Dr. Shrill: (The Masons) can be seen as poster children for narcissistic personality disorder, co-morbid with anti-social and histrionic features.] 

5. NO hospital for our public safety officers: police, fire department, in  any crisis situation, from a local fire to a 9-11 scale emergency.
[Patch:  ... dozens of workers from St. Mary’s and other hospitals in the county showed up. Doctors and nurses who arrived at the bus terminal to take a ferry or PATH train to their jobs in New York City could no longer get to their regular jobs.    ...soon after 9/11, the hospital, now the Hoboken University Medical Center, intensified emergency response training for its staff and purchased more equipment, including triage and decon tents.  In short, ten years later, Caprio and his team are ready, should they ever have to build their makeshift hospital again.]

[Patch: If the hospital closes, the city is on the hook for $52 million in bond obligations.This will mean a significant increase in taxes, Zimmer said, as well as potential lay offs. The city will also face costs related to litigation, according to bankruptcy attorney Paul Hollander.]

7. Cut-Backs in City Services and LAY-OFFS of City Workers
[see above]

8. Moody's likely to DOWNGRADE Hoboken's Credit Rating
[STATEMENT FROM MAYOR ZIMMER ON MOODY’S RATING UPDATE “The financial condition of Hoboken University Medical Center and Moody’s decision to issue a credit watch for $9 million of the $52 million bond guaranty by the City simply demonstrates how important it is to move forward with the sale of HUMC. The financial risks associated with the hospital, including the City’s $52 million bond guaranty, have negatively impacted the City’s credit rating. If the sale of the hospital to HUMC Holdco is completed, these risks will be removed, and we are confident that Hoboken will be in a strong position to not only have the credit watch removed, but to have the City’s bond rating upgraded.”]

Here's WHY  MORT screwed 1,200 families out of an income and our city of 50,000 out of a hospital, according to Patch:
The minority council members—Tim Occhipinti, Theresa Castellano, Michael Russo and Beth Mason—voted against the ordinance, they said, because they need more information as well as a guarantee that the hospital will stay open for at least seven years, by way of a seven year deed restriction on the property.

Among other reasons, Russo said he voted against the bond ordinance because it would not guarantee that the creditors would accept that deal.

After a three hour closed session during which the council was briefed on the matter by its bankruptcy attorney as well as the mayor, members of the council minority berated the mayor about the deal, with Russo calling it "shady."

"You want this bond?" Russo asked, as he looked Zimmer straight in the eye, "I want all the information."

Disgraceful, disgusting.

Playing politics with our city's health care services, the families of those soon to lose jobs and the TAXPAYERS of Hoboken.

Even if some 11th hour miracle DOES save our hospital,  NEVER vote for these people again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meet Dr. Shrill, Psycho-Therapist

GA would like to introduce  you to a highly respected member of the Psycho-Therapeutic community and reality show Producer,  Dr. Shrill,  who will be a featured guest here going forward. 

I have invited the good doctor to help us understand some of the more... um,. interesting personalities in the Hoboken galaxy.

Hello Hoboken!!

I am Dr. Shrill, Psycho-Therapist the creator & syndicator of the soon-to-be smash hit series, “Denial Is Not a River in Egypt.”  

This exciting new reality concept looks for the best examples of disturbed people who seem particularly clueless about their disorders.  We are especially looking for individuals who display their pathology very publicly.  Use of social media, blogs, local access TV, etc. to further splay the sickness gets extra points for our consideration.    (It makes our job easier!)

So imagine my excitement when my “Psycho-Scouts” (what a great job title, if I say so, myself), pointed me to Hoboken, via Grafix Avenger, that brilliant satirist of Hoboken’s nuttiness!   As you know, NJ has its “Housewives” and “Shore” characters.  Even that Buddy Valastro (BORING, except for the OCD displayed in the icing).

For our series though, we’re looking for something  more piquantly disturbed  & Hoboken’s DEFINITELY  got it!!  In fact, as it’s been pitched, we may be able to do our ENTIRE first season, just on your politicians & their entourages.   They seem so wonderfully disturbed & in denial of same---just perfect for our show’s theme!!

We look forward to the possibility of filming not only in Hoboken, but also following certain characters in their possible travels to inpatient units and even federal penitentiaries!  The more certifiable & sociopathic, the greater the denial---the better our audiences will love it! 

Like those pillars of popular psychology, Drs. Phil & Drew, I will be using my over 20 years of clinical experience, diagnosing and parsing out the nuances of pathology and denial for your entertainment.   You’ll note, my branding requires my name and credentials.   And I’m sure you’ll just LOVE the psycho-babble.   The DSM-IV TR is our Bible!   

At “Denial,” we especially love psychosocial stressors & crises---they tend to exacerbate the decompensation.  We LOVE decompensation.  Especially when it veers into active psychosis.

We especially love when national crises like health care & failed economies can add to the external stressors fueling personal psychological meltdowns.   Thanks, Hoboken, for having another one, with your bankrupting hospital and its pending sale.

Which brings me to our featured “Denial” character as we start the series.  Via Psycho-Scouts, I’ve had a chance to read press/view videos, etc. of your Second Ward Councilperson, Elizabeth Mason. 

Wow!  We LOVE her & want her for our show!! 

What a case, Ms. Mason.  And her attorney husband, Richard --interesting, that “Ricky” is what he prefers to be called, apparently---indicates some degree of a childlike self-concept. 

He certainly seems to present regressive defensive postures, involving pervasive magical thinking, including paranoid ideation and infantile grandiosity.  

Indeed, Ms. Mason also seems to display a certain identity diffusion in her frequently shifting ethnocultural affinities.  At times, she seems to identify herself strongly with her husband’s Jewish heritage; at others, her own Italian-American background.  But always, in the service of her over-arching attention-seeking behaviors, which often manifest in histrionic gestures lacking impulse control. 

In fact, Mr. & Mrs. Mason seem a fascinating dyad of mutually enabling pathology in many regards.  Both can be seen as poster children for narcissistic personality disorder, co-morbid with anti-social and histrionic features.  

They have the added factor of wealth, which affords them much more elaborate opportunities for acting out behaviors.   Their blatantly ego-gratifying behaviors (which they seem to rationalize as some form of altruism & somehow believe others share their view---indicative also of impaired reality testing skills), now seem to occur more frequently & floridly, as they perceive their imagined reality to be crumbling around them.    

And because of that wealth, they have amassed an entourage of enablers/sycophants, who participate in their elaborate dance of denial and serve to reinforce their distorted sense of reality, self-importance and systematic disregard for the rights of others.    

They also display “splitting,” a hallmark of borderline pathology:   Their group is all good; Reformers are all bad, with Mayor Zimmer being the personification of evil. 

Now, after elaborately orchestrated, paranoically-tinged histrionics regarding perceived threats---as evidenced by orchestrated attempts to have Nancy Pincus labeled (& even arrested) as a terrorist, Mason’s defensive posture might be seen as “identification with the [perceived] aggressor,” for she is now terrorizing HUMC, by symbolically holding it hostage.   

In short, Mr. and Mrs. Mason’s constellation of behaviors indicate deep psychological disturbances, acted out/enabled in the context of larger, systemic sociopathy (“politics”).  

Juicy, reality-telegenic stuff!  The crew of “Denial” and I thank you for being so crazy, Hoboken! 

Tune in, please!

Made For Each Other

Attention, Ricky Mason!

You were right about her (  

Here's PROOF that GA is a serial killer.

Aaaaaaargh! Cut down in the prime of life...those Twinkies never had a chance.

Ricky, I know you're a busy guy.  So I've written  your next letter for you... just copy-paste:

I wish to comment on Ms. Nancy Pincus’s Twinkies that she posted on her Grafix Avenger Internet blog in late September.. My wife, Councilwoman Beth Mason, and I were on vacation in August with my BlackBerry, telephone, laptop and numerous other devices providing global wireless communication at the time, and so now is my first opportunity to react publicly.

In her cake,  Ms. Pincus states that she has always wanted to bake someone, and that she would like to bake 4 Twinkies and throw them in the garbage if no one wants to eat them. We presume it’s our garbage.  

The United States Constitution allows each and every one of us to bake the greatest, or the most appalling, cakes. Our First Amendment right of free speech is what sets this country apart from, say, Syria, where you can be shot in the street for calling on the president to bake, or North Korea, where if you complain about hunger you can go to prison for life.

But with our First Amendment right, comes a responsibility of the same order, especially if the speaker is a political baker-  like Ms. Pincus. We may all have sharp disagreements on recipes but we should never suggest to resolve them by eating our Twinkies. Ms. Pincus’s cake, available for all to see on the Internet, violated the most basic trust that the public puts in our bakers, to bake wisely and behave in a manner that does not encourage or incite cannibalism.

Ms. Pincus is a close ally of Mayor Zimmer, who likes to bake, too and the council majority. She is a member of the Zoning Board, on which she never bakes. In spite of that, her cooking demonstrates that, at a minimum, she does not have the demeanor to judge her fellow residents recipes, particularly if they favor healthy ingredients instead of candy or ones that are high-calorie. I am appalled that neither the mayor nor the majority have lifted a finger to remove her from her kitchen, nor have they said anything about her public hankering to use a weapon to cut those helpless Twinkies, other than, in the case of the council majority, to laugh it off as a joke. The mayor herself has said not a word.  No, she's got her mouth full of birthday cake.

Ms. Pincus says that her cake was for her child's birthday.  But let me ask this: what if the same cake was baked by a high school student, who said on-line that he would love to bake someone? Maybe a Twinkie? Or a Devil Dog?  Perhaps even a Ring Ding?  Would we think it was funny then? Would we sit by and do nothing?

Ricky Mason

Does that work for you, Ricky?

Timmy, when you call your HPD buddies for your next 'favor' show them that grisly crime scene photo.

And for everybody's pet weasel-with-the-easel: a high resolution version will be available for show time tonight.  And you know he'll be bringing his best buttery-smooth baritone and his BlackBerry to put words in Beth Mason's mouth.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sleepover Cake

Today is LA's (Little Avenger's) birthday!

Number 9.

That's a big deal around my house. I could say even bigger than Christmas, but then you'd say "GA, you're Jewish."

OK, you got me.

Anyway, in honor of LA's big day, yesterday we made a Sleepover Cake  for her party this evening.

What exactly IS a sleepover cake?

You'll see.  She's wanted to make it since she got the "Kids' Cake Mix Fun" book from her aunt several years ago. Here's what it's supposed to look like:

Cute, huh?

I told her she could make it as long as no boys were invited to the sleepover.

So, for starters I baked a sheet cake, then LA took it from there and did the rest herself:

Yes... those are Twinkies.

LA adjusts the pillow. Don't you sleep on a marshmallow?
So far,so good. Except that last face...

...we called it Quazimodo.
The finishing touches...
So what do  you think?

Victim of gravity.
LA was absolutely thrilled with the whole she-bang.  Just for her, I'll eat it.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.