City Council JOB KILLERS

MORT (môrt)

1: The note sounded on a hunting horn to announce the death of a deer.
[Middle English, death, from Old French, from Latin mors, mort-; see mer- in Indo-European roots.]

2: killing 

[via Old French from Latin mors death]

 'Mort' got a new meaning at last night's City Council meeting.

MORT = Mason, Occhipinti, Russo, Terry (Castellano)

1.  The KILLING of 1,200 jobs in Hoboken.
[extermination of  jobs due to partisan hatred of Hoboken's mayor]

2. The DEATH of an income for 1,200 families, many with children, right before Christmas.  
[Dr. Shrill: Mason has the added factor of wealth, which affords her much more elaborate opportunities for acting out behaviors. ]  

3. NO local medical care for our seniors of Hoboken.
[Dr. Shrill: And because of that wealth, they have amassed an entourage of enablers/sycophants, who participate in their elaborate dance of denial and serve to reinforce their distorted sense of reality, self-importance and systematic disregard for the rights of others.] 

4. NO emergency room care for the children of Hoboken, like LA (Little Avenger) who's been there 4 times since she was born.
 [Dr. Shrill: (The Masons) can be seen as poster children for narcissistic personality disorder, co-morbid with anti-social and histrionic features.] 

5. NO hospital for our public safety officers: police, fire department, in  any crisis situation, from a local fire to a 9-11 scale emergency.
[Patch:  ... dozens of workers from St. Mary’s and other hospitals in the county showed up. Doctors and nurses who arrived at the bus terminal to take a ferry or PATH train to their jobs in New York City could no longer get to their regular jobs.    ...soon after 9/11, the hospital, now the Hoboken University Medical Center, intensified emergency response training for its staff and purchased more equipment, including triage and decon tents.  In short, ten years later, Caprio and his team are ready, should they ever have to build their makeshift hospital again.]

[Patch: If the hospital closes, the city is on the hook for $52 million in bond obligations.This will mean a significant increase in taxes, Zimmer said, as well as potential lay offs. The city will also face costs related to litigation, according to bankruptcy attorney Paul Hollander.]

7. Cut-Backs in City Services and LAY-OFFS of City Workers
[see above]

8. Moody's likely to DOWNGRADE Hoboken's Credit Rating
[STATEMENT FROM MAYOR ZIMMER ON MOODY’S RATING UPDATE “The financial condition of Hoboken University Medical Center and Moody’s decision to issue a credit watch for $9 million of the $52 million bond guaranty by the City simply demonstrates how important it is to move forward with the sale of HUMC. The financial risks associated with the hospital, including the City’s $52 million bond guaranty, have negatively impacted the City’s credit rating. If the sale of the hospital to HUMC Holdco is completed, these risks will be removed, and we are confident that Hoboken will be in a strong position to not only have the credit watch removed, but to have the City’s bond rating upgraded.”]

Here's WHY  MORT screwed 1,200 families out of an income and our city of 50,000 out of a hospital, according to Patch:
The minority council members—Tim Occhipinti, Theresa Castellano, Michael Russo and Beth Mason—voted against the ordinance, they said, because they need more information as well as a guarantee that the hospital will stay open for at least seven years, by way of a seven year deed restriction on the property.

Among other reasons, Russo said he voted against the bond ordinance because it would not guarantee that the creditors would accept that deal.

After a three hour closed session during which the council was briefed on the matter by its bankruptcy attorney as well as the mayor, members of the council minority berated the mayor about the deal, with Russo calling it "shady."

"You want this bond?" Russo asked, as he looked Zimmer straight in the eye, "I want all the information."

Disgraceful, disgusting.

Playing politics with our city's health care services, the families of those soon to lose jobs and the TAXPAYERS of Hoboken.

Even if some 11th hour miracle DOES save our hospital,  NEVER vote for these people again.


  1. Beth's hatred of Zimmer and reform and embrace of anything but anything that seems not positive for Zimmer and reform has at last played out to its logical conclusion. Total destruction.

    I am not a fan of recall or other petulant citizen actions that can so often be traced to discontent at a passing cloud of some sort. But in this case, I'd make an exception. The 5pm media blitz yesterday with outright lies released in 411, the Ledger, was quite a warning shot and indicated that the fix was in as Smarty advised. And then they voted to hurt their fellow citizens in more ways than we can even count at this time just to undermine the mayor who is merely cleaning up the mess that was on the desk when she got the job.

    Enough already. Recall Beth Mason.

  2. Expect whatever funds we need to fund the settlement, let's say $5.5 million will be taken from part of the surplus and layoffs to city personnel, plus a smaller tax rise. This is what MORT has given us.

  3. Overheard: "We once killed a hospital in Hoboken, just to watch it die".


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