New Reader Orientation

Welcome to GA!

I heard that one of GA's biggest admirers, Ricky Mason, has written a gushing fan letter to yours truly in this week's Hoboken Reporter... which is why you're here!

It always happens; my readership skyrockets each time the Masons launch a 'We Love GA' Jihad- this is the third one.   That's right, Grafix Avenger is the House the Masons built.

So this post is for YOU, New Reader: a 'Ricky-Sent-Me' New Reader Orientation.

Here goes. 

Lesson 1.

GA (the person) is an artist/blogger, GA (the  blog) is mostly political satire with a sprinkling of other stuff (investigative, personal).

Lesson 2.

Some folks love it here- like Ricky Mason, who's something between a  smitten schoolboy and a stalker.

Others hate it, so they don't read it.  Which is really what people who don't think it's funny should do. Not read it.

Not like Ricky.  He reads GA ALL the time.  Even on vacation.

I wonder why my biggest fan is pretending a simple vacation where he's reading GA on the internet and had a cell phone to call friends overseas, is the reason "he's not had the opportunity to respond publicly"  to a piece he read a month ago? 

Is Ricky telling us you have to BE in America to CALL America?   

Or that you have to BE in America to EMAIL someone in America? 

But...but... what about those shiny satellite thingies orbiting the Earth...

Anybody buying?

Not me!

I would hate to call my biggest fan disingenuous, or possibly even a liar-liar-pants-on-fire.  So you do it, go ahead.  

Then what is going on here?  

Beats me.

But if I had to guess, I'd say this is the kind of smoke you blow when you know the FBI is coming for your wife with a pair of handcuffs.  Real soon.  Perhaps his legal team fell short on negotiating a plea deal for the Mrs..  Perhaps Ricky knows it's over.

Da Horsey reported in this week's Premium Content that neither Beth Mason nor Timmy Occhipinti  went over to  meet the NJ Attorney General Paula Dow, who attended Hoboken's 9-11 service at Pier A.   A breach of protocol for an elected official.

Of course, Paula in concert with the U.S. District Attorney, green-lighted the FBI 's investigation into City Hall's data theft.   Mason appeared to be the beneficiary of  uncanny 'exclusives' containing confidential city information in her propaganda vehicle, Hoboken411.  And  a pile of criminal complaints  regarding 4th Ward voter fraud (Timmy's magic 500 VBMs) were handed up from the Hudson County Prosecutor to  AG Dow.  She's got them.

Now does it make sense why neither of those two greeted the chief law enforcement official in the State of New Jersey, Paula Dow?   

New Reader, have you followed that FBI story at all?   Let me break it down for you:

Got it?   

No?  OK, New Reader you'll have to go through my archives to catch up.

In the meantime, let me show you the REAL reason Ricky writes fan mail to the Hoboken Reporter a month after the fact.   He adores GA for exposing the truth about his dear one.  Take a look.

Here's your GA Starter Kit (recommended reading):
And there's plenty more in the archives.

Now you know why the Masons keep showing GA the love.

Hoboken's 4th Ward disgrace. Step it up, Paula!


  1. We have all seen 1st Amendment cases that gave us pause as we could appreciate, at least in some degree, both sides of the argument. This is particularly true in the nexus of art and religion, where faith and expression can and do collide. In these cases I will tend to side with the artist, but as a Catholic, I might well find a work troubling, too shallow to give such a potentially harmful message, further evidence of a culture in decline, etc.

    Serious business.

    I see none of that in the latest of 3 documented attempts by Mason & Bajardi to remove GA from the ZBA. The pattern is well-established. Bleach the humor and context out of a piece of satire and then feign offense at the whitened remains.

    A perpetually low estimate of the public's credulity drives these 2. As if people who actually feel their families threatened pursue their security by reading statements off their blackberries (or attempting to) at city council meetings, writing letters to the editor, and creating a infinite number of identically drawn breathless internet personalities. In all this they are playing to an imagined audience that is frankly and sincerely stupid. The kind of people one moves to Hoboken to get away from.

    What I resent more than anything is their attempt to gussy up yet another obvious political operation as something with the dignity of a 1st Amendment issue where both sides have a just claim which must be decided by a higher authority. We have nothing of the sort here, just the usual cynicism and spin from this agenda-driven duo.

    You will notice a 3rd aspect of the pattern. They never link to this website. Whether it is Hoboken411, Mason, or the many-faces-of-Lane on the internet - they never take a chance on letting the public decide for themselves. On some level they know that unless they separate GA's satire from its context, no educated or even uneducated person will reach the same conclusion presented in their spoon-fed spin and scripted blackberry diatribes.

    So to say, the Masons & Bajardi and their baffled cohort Occhipinti know it's total BS and expect the public will think so too if given a chance.

    So here's what I recommend for anyone replying to Hoboken411, Mason, or the many-faces-of-Lane on the internet. Provide the link and let the public decide for themselves. As they proved with their desperation to preserve low-turnout May elections and legalized wheeling, what they fear more than anything is letting the public decide.

    But do just that. Let the public decide. Just post this link.

  2. Thank you, dear Info.

    Mason's HR fan mail reeks of the flailing to create distraction that I wrote about.

    I'm unable to discuss specifics at this time. But I think it's clear that Ricky Mason's fingerprints are on this; there's no plausible deniability that he read the post the day after it was published and had the ability to coordinate the 'response' from wherever he was via telephone and BlackBerry. Obviously a letter to the HR wasn't the chosen political calculus of the moment.

    If Mason believed the stuff he's spouting in his month-late letter, he would have responded immediately.

    No, everything about those 2 reeks of political expedience. And that includes the swapping of religious symbols depending on the crowd you're running with.


  3. i could not have hoped for a better, more appropriate and more SLAMMING response to ricky's ridiculous letter. what he wrote alone is easy enough to slap down, but going the extra mile in showing the blackberry records really nails him.

    ricky and all of these local old guard politicos are accustomed to their money and "influence" getting them whatever they want. they aren't used to people who can't be bought, won't look the other way, or won't kiss the ring and fall into line. they aren't used to dealing with people who are smart, don't fall for their bull, and have the nerve to stand up and call them out.

    thanks for fighting the good fight.

  4. Thanks so much, JAM.

    The breathtaking stupidity of Mason's letter makes the response write itself.

  5. already some choice comments to the letter online (’-behavior-should-not-be-tolerated?instance=secondary_stories_left_column)

    btw, think your headline is missing an "r". ;-)

  6. GA, what a beautiful compilation of must-know facts about Ms. Abruzzese Mason! No Hoboken voter should be admitted to the voting booth in the next mayoral election without providing proof of having read your series of investigative pieces.

  7. Ricky is such a clown. I had no idea what a doofus he is. I used to feel bad for him being married to the queen of delusion. Now I know he shares them with her.

  8. I'm a little surprised no one is lifting a finger to defend him on HR. Not that the letter to the editor makes much sense. It's pretty stupid really, and I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't write it.

    But without Ricky's checkbook there's no 411, no Lane, no Occhipinti, no Beth's cc seat, no Beth's brief cc presidency - and no one can step up to the plate for the guy?

    I think I smell blood.

  9. Ricky Mason's letter is proof positive that one can succeed and acquire great wealth in our society and be a flaming horse's ass at the same time. Nobody with half a brain can view his silly letter as other than a self-serving and disingenuous screed.


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