Sleepover Cake

Today is LA's (Little Avenger's) birthday!

Number 9.

That's a big deal around my house. I could say even bigger than Christmas, but then you'd say "GA, you're Jewish."

OK, you got me.

Anyway, in honor of LA's big day, yesterday we made a Sleepover Cake  for her party this evening.

What exactly IS a sleepover cake?

You'll see.  She's wanted to make it since she got the "Kids' Cake Mix Fun" book from her aunt several years ago. Here's what it's supposed to look like:

Cute, huh?

I told her she could make it as long as no boys were invited to the sleepover.

So, for starters I baked a sheet cake, then LA took it from there and did the rest herself:

Yes... those are Twinkies.

LA adjusts the pillow. Don't you sleep on a marshmallow?
So far,so good. Except that last face...

...we called it Quazimodo.
The finishing touches...
So what do  you think?

Victim of gravity.
LA was absolutely thrilled with the whole she-bang.  Just for her, I'll eat it.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.



  1. Yummy! Looks like too much for a few girls to eat... Nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

    Have a great day. BOTH of you.

  2. Looks awesome she did a great job! Happy Birthday LA!!!!!!

  3. That was me "hbknprincess" my screenname isn't showing up, don't know why :(

  4. Well it's a special day in Avenger land and Da Horsey wishes to extend a very happy birthday to Mighty Little Avenger.

    Those first 8 years are pretty tough to beat. Little Avenger being in the stratosphere at the top of her class and all. That's one high bar you set there but I'm sure you will continue to rock your birthday and year no. 9.

    In honor of Little Avenger's 9th birthday, Da Horsey declares there shall be no use of the no. 9 by GA, and any desire to do a letter no. 9 is hereby bypassed to no. 10.

    No. 9 in the Avenger household shall be reserved for the exclusive use of Mighty Little Avenger.

    So let it be written; so let it be done.


  5. Have a great birthday LA! And send my regards to poor Quazimodo, he looks like he could use them :)

  6. Goody gum drops, look at that! Birthdays at your place really take the cake, and I'm glad you two could be party to such a good time. I was just thinking this morning, "Boy do I like Reeses cups!". When suddenly the thought was interrupted by another: "That's true p1ywood that's true, but more than anything else I really, really like Twinkees. Can't remember when I had a Twinkee. Kazaaam, I could really go for a Twinkee. How many are in a box? 12? But a person only needs four to make a cake. OK, anyway my birthday wish would be for a Twinkee. Than I thought, "wait a second, p1y, screennames don't have birthdays, do they? So how in the world could I get my hands on one? Or some Reeses cups for that matter? Boy am I hungry. And lonely here in (ahem) Hoboken. I wish I knew someone who had some."

    Well enough about my thoughts. Happy b-day Little Avenger.
    You only turn 9 once. But that's plenty.
    Wishing you many a happy birthday.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the delightful, bright, creative & wonderful LA!!! Nine is Divine!!!

    Such whimsy! You put that Cake Boss to shame!
    MBB is especially fond of the pillows ;-))

  8. Happy Birthday. What a good mom you are!

  9. We at the Reached-For Comment News Service wish to extend belated congratulations to LA on this mile stone.

    You know it was none other than Founding Father Thomas Jefferson who planned to say, "The best way to show your maturity on your 9th birthday is to give all your remaining Sleepover Cake to the Reached-For Comment News Service."

    Fine imaginary sentiments from the great statesman. Words to live by.

    So when should I swing by to pick up the cake?


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