Smart Shopper

Folks, have I got news for you!  Guess what I read in yesterday's MSV Premium Content?

According to a source of Da Horsey's, City Councilwoman Beth Mason is paying  Matt Calicchio (a.k.a. Matterina)  a salary of $400 per week!

Wow.  If true, that's a lot of money...  for dancing.  And yelling, "Bang! Bang!"  

$400  is a nice chunk of change.

But is that before or after taxes?  Does Calicchio file a W-4?  A W-9? Whatever it is, I have no doubt Uncle Sam is getting his fair share of that $19,200 annual income.

But if you know anybody else who might be stiffing the I.R.S.- you know, with unreported income,  then Form 3949A is just what you're looking for.  Because nobody likes a tax cheat.

And after  you rat out the bloodsucker, remember to send your completed form to:

So, if Mason really does have Calicchio on the payroll, do you know what that means?

He's her private dancer!

Which also means that the performance that GA and The Hoboken Reporter's Ray Smith enjoyed last night (which earned him the moniker Matterina, for his graceful circling around us and pretending his hand was a gun)  was actually PAID FOR by Mason! 

What a smart shopper!  

Oh, yes...

Do you have any idea what it costs to see a performance of the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center?

How about $225 per ticket for an Orchestra seat to see Balanchine's Nutccracker!    And none of those puny dancers yell, "Bang! Bang!", or simulate a gun with their hands while pirouetting. What a ripoff!

Now imagine $400 for a whole week of dance, 24/7- that's a bargain. 

I have to tell you folks that yesterday's post got heaps of traffic.  And reader response. One asked:

Who was the p*ssy behind the wheel?

(He was referring to whoever was hiding inside the big, black SUV that looks like the one Mason and Calicchio have been seen getting into)

Reader, I don't know.  Next time I'll take a look.  I'll even get the license plate for you!  

Thank goodness, now we know who's bankrolling all future performances by Hoboken's very own twinkle-toes.

And don't forget about Form 3949A!