HR Does Mason a Favor


The Hoboken Reporter SCRUBBED  their actual most-commented post from its "Most Commented" list after just 5 DAYS.    GA noticed it gone yesterday.

This one:

 Which has almost DOUBLE the number of comments as the top one there today: 


The Masons called in a favor. What else?  

GA checked the page source; the "Most Commented" is not a widget but HTML code which is easily fiddled with. 
    <div class="pt1_pane">
   <div class="pt1_pane_heading">Most Commenteddiv>
   <div class="pt1_pane_body">
    <div id="push_home_Most_popular_container" align="left">  <div style="" class="">
    <div class="even">
        <div class="story_item hnews hentry item">
 <div class="story_item_headline">
          <a href="/view/full_story/15571993/article--Debate-continues-over-political-blog-in-Hoboken-?instance=home_Most_popular" class="entry-title"><b>Debate continues over political blog in Hobokenb>a>
Because Ricky's letter backfired BIG.

Part of a larger strategy, first sinking the hospital deal, then clearing a Zoning Board seat (mine), the letter was supposed to sway public opinion, painting themselves 'victims' of some perceived threat- the Twinkie-baking blogger-mom.

It didn't sell.

His letter was quickly buried under a heap of ridicule, becoming the butt of jokes across the Hoboken blogosphere, and  of course, here at GA.   

But more than that, his latest drink at the well is a tipping point. You'll see.

So, witnessing the massive stink-bomb the letter had become, GA believes either Mason or a representative asked the HR to 'disappear' it on the home page. To date, it's gotten over 1700 views.  For comparison, the other Hoboken letters published the same week got 220, 310, and 32 views respectively.

How ironic that trading on his gravitas as a law partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz to jump into the cesspool of his wife's political shenanigans, he turned his name into a punch line.


  1. it's funny...he uses "richard" in his professional life but decided to be "ricky" for this HR letter. wonder if he made that choice so clients and regulators wouldn't find the letter in a google search.

    things that make you go hmm...

  2. Yo JAM, word. Things that make you say "evil".

  3. truly pathetic that this is what they have to do in order to not look like complete fools. makes them look all the more like a fool

  4. JAM - He can call himself Ricky, Richard or Rick, but to most of us he's simply that Rich Dick, having used his Wachtell Lipton over-compensation with extreme corrosive effect in Hoboken. Nice legacy to leave his kids who probably can't wait to get the helm away from the pathological parents, not that they'd notice.

  5. GA said: "But more than that, his latest drink at the well is a tipping point. You'll see."

    GA, do you care to elaborate? Are you hinting that the sound of handcuffs clicking will reverberate through town soon?


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