Dr. Shrill, Psycho-Therapist: Hoboken: The Little Hotbed of Hotheads

Whew, Hoboken!  At “Denial,” we really needed a respite to “curb our enthusiasm “ & regroup .  (I even felt the need to have “Denial’s” Shrill-Shaman “smudge” my couch & feng shui the office to balance all your negative Hoboken energy with the renewed “auspiciousness”  of “Denial’s” mission.)

Still, it was SUCH an exciting week for “Denial,” with all your psycho-dynamic activity.  “THE LITTLE HOTBED OF HOTHEADS”We’re playing with that one, as the inaugural season’s subtitle!  A bit less clinical than “histrionic,” but still captures the zeitgeist & keeps that nice alliteration with “Hoboken.”
Actually, we decided our working title, “Seriously Impaired Mile Squared,” (“SIMS”), just wasn’t sexy enough & might confuse branding with that computer game.   (In case we want to expand product---we do believe there may be a BIG market for “The Game of Denial.”)  Moreover, as we’re getting to know you better, some of you just don’t present with enough symptoms to qualify for full-scale, DSM Multi-Axial Diagnoses.  We’re SO thankful for the many of you that do, though!

However, some of the saner-seeming among you DO present with decidedly obsessive-compulsive features regarding your sociopaths in politics.  Not to worry---that IS consistent with the whole cleanliness fixation of the disorder.  So far, we’re grateful for your hyper-vigilance.  But as hyper-vigilance is also a major symptom of PTSD, we WILL want to meet YOU for the planned episode, “Survivor” (not to be confused, of course, with that other show).

Meta-Psycho-Scout (who just loves social psychology research), is also struck by the apparent significant apathy of many in your town.  Defensive dissociative phenomena, perhaps.   So many seem to have completely disengaged from the bio-psycho-socially-corrosive political dysfunction in your midst.  Especially detached-seeming, your post-adolescent demographic, which now apparently comprises a significant population percentage.   

They often appear to maladaptively manage distress via self-medication with alcohol, enabled by your plethora of non-descript drinking establishments.  (Dr. Drew, take note.)  Indeed, the whole civic  issue of “franchise” has apparently been abandoned by this same large segment, save for its retail manifestation on your main street, involving small, self-gratifying gestures of the carb/sugar/fat addiction-connection (e.g., ice cream), as well as body adornment for women, especially manicures/pedicures.  

A curious phenomenon, as this “escape “can be seen not only  as self-absorption, but also as a certain abandonment of  you “Reformers” (“good”), as well as a passive-aggressive alignment with those very dysfunctional politicians (“evil”), the “abandoners” apparently seek to avoid.   In our brainstorming sessions, my staff and I refer to this group as the “Void-Droids.”  (Nice branding for our possible pitch to the SyFy Channel!)

Audiences everywhere will surely be THRILLED with Hoboken!  Here at “Denial,” Schadenfreude is our mantra & “manifest agenda .“  (Voyeurism is our latent one!)

Speaking of latency, another Psycho-Scout, (I’ve nicknamed him“Webster"), has been busily researching your blogs .   The name “Lane Bajardi” keeps emerging , as an apparent “friendly advisor” to your Ms. Mason.   We LOVE his apparent anger-management issues, which seem to oscillate on a broad spectrum of passive-aggressive expression.   Especially around gender issues.  (We also note the emergence of this idiosyncratic designation, “Lenzbianism,” somehow associated with Mr. Bajardi.  Loaded, that one!)  Perhaps indicative of some cognitive frenzy rooted in apparent unresolved, unconscious primal rage toward women. 

We’re continually fascinated by his apparent idealization of Ms. Mason, in contrast with his apparent demonizing of your Mayor.  Also, his apparent abject hatred of Ms. Grafix Avenger, along with the attendant elaborate, systematic efforts to “destroy” her.   There also appears to be some fixation on another in your Hoboken blogging community---someone who anthropomorphizes a horse-?

All of this, apparently more borderline splitting.  (Statistically interesting:  splitting---that primitive defense mechanisim--- appears less frequently in men.)  

Mr. Bajardi appears to present a history of paranoically-rooted, symbolic annihilation fantasies---often of a rather ritualistic nature, via media-focused schemes & vendettas.   There appears to be a nearly constant desire to be “on camera,” via a myriad of sometimes novel approaches to attention-seeking.   This is evidenced by his ritualistic behaviors with certain “props.”  The attachment to certain objects---in particular, an easel.  One might postulate this is a symbolic “stand-in” of sorts.  A “security blanket,” if you will, e.g., a “transitional object” that offers some sort of self-soothing.  This may in fact offer some “solace” for Mr. Bajardi, not unlike thumb-sucking & hair-twirling behaviors, so common during the Oedipal Phase. 

Co-related, are his increasingly transparent, failed attempts to apparently mimic Multiple Personality Disorder on your local blogs.  For Mr. Bajardi, these strivings only seem to have resulted in further public humiliation, which could in turn be speculated  only serve to further fuel his narcissistic injuries and rage. 

From what has been Psycho-Scouted as “general public opinion,” your Mr. Bajardi now seems to display a rather fixed pattern of negative attention-seeking, again pointing to impaired reality testing skills & histrionic self-defeating behaviors.   All seemingly parallel behaviors to the object of his apparent idealization!   

One wonders, just how much power does this woman wield over this man?    It certainly does not seem like a libidinal attachment (certainly, in some wonderfully pathological ways, Mr. & Mrs. Mason do seem so very well-matched as a couple).  But as for the Lane-Beth dyad, we here at “Denial,” are also very cognizant of the often obsessional connection between money & power.  

(We admit even WE appropriate it sometimes!) 

Because of his fa├žade of glibness, it would seem that Mr. Bajardi initially presented a veneer of pseudo-credibility.  Again, an unscientific Psycho-Scout survey notes the sound of his voice (separate from content) is preferable to Ms. Mason’s---particularly during heightened emotionality.    One Psycho- Scout has provided results of an informal survey:  words like “resonant” and “sonorous” are associated with Bajardi, while “grating” for Mason.  (“Shrill” was also repeatedly mentioned, but of course, “Denial” has exclusive rights to that.)

All of this, again quite disturbingly wonderful for “Denial’s” purposes!  But in contrast to the baritone of his voice, given the tenor of his rage---so apparently steeped in profoundly bitter resentments/fears of some apparently deep, inchoate source--- we’re concerned enough that we consulted our own advisors, regarding the possible implications of the Tarasoff Decision.   

As you know, “Denial” is not filming in a “controlled environment” ---though we DO love that Hoboken seems so out of control!   “Denial” is not a closed set, a la Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil or those cushy digs of Dr. Drew’s “Celebrity Rehab.”  Thus, we must take care to cover our proverbial you-know-what’s, about the possibility of someone decompensating to the point of “physical danger to self & others.”   Despite how much we love full-on meltdowns, it is SUCH a tricky balance from a liability standpoint!  

From past history, we understand “Denial” cannot presume the reliability of anything falling under the aegis of “The Authorities.”  But as you know, we ARE planning for the possibility of your “continuing saga” in venues such as jails & institutions!  (Just to move that along, we have conceived a short, animated dream- sequence, involving the FBI & electric cattle prods.)

 Just to be on the safe side, I have made the creative decision to call in a favor from Duane “Dog” Chapman, should we need him for protection.   (We think he did SUCH a great job with Charlie Sheen!)    Just imagine the psycho-dramatic potential:   That hulking, long-haired biker blond in black leather, possibly subduing your compact, darkly handsome, nattily-dressed Mr. Bajardi!  

That’s Entertainment!   We just love your primal stuff, Hoboken.  Primal = prime time!!   We hope you say:   BRAVO!  We LOVE the psycho-speak of “Denial”!


  1. Brilliant and chilling. Here's what you must believe to still be "with Beth."

    1) Everyone who was once with her sold out. Cohen, Holzman, Stuiver, you name it. All of them, as if under mass hypnosis, completely lost their ethical compasses and became bad, truly bad people. People who deserve the vicious write-ups that Lane did in 411.

    2) Everyone who was once her natural adversary was converted to good government. A second bout of mass hypnosis perhaps. The Russos, Castellano, Occhipinti, the entire leadership of "the old ways." Thus she was able to join forces with these re-made stalwarts.

    Only money and insanity can make you accept all that. With some, eg, Jimmy B, you can tell it's just the money. Basically lazy and looking for an easy paycheck. What does he care whose ass he has to sniff as long as he doesn't actually have to break a sweat. With others, money isn't enough to explain their ardor for the work. The Doctor has delineated that ardor beautifully. A patient etherized upon a table.

    But don't be there when the ether wears off.


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