GA - RG (GARG) Joint

GA is delighted to present a short film to you this morning.  It's a collaboration between myself and   Reformerus Giganticus (RG)- or as  Spike Lee would call it,  A GARG Joint.

Here's how it came about.

A blogger who calls himself Hoboken Questioner (HQ) and sounding remarkably like the 12 or so other online incarnations of a certain not-paid-for-friendship City Council Easel-Toting Weasel, showed GA a little love this morning on Patch:

Wasn't that sweet?

So you want to know how come I'm so sure it's that guy?  Who else would say this:


Patch blogger Eric thought that was "lesbianism", then decided it was a combo: "lenzbianism" which GA assumes means girl-on girl-on-Lenz 'action'.

GA was touched at HQ's sentiments so wrote him a heartfelt, tender limerick.  Which I sent off  to my buddy, RG, who likes that stuff.  (You did know he's the Bard of Hoboken) 

Guess what?

A few minutes later, GA got a YouTube link from RG; he'd turned my poem into a movie!!


So here it is, a Grafix Avenger -Reformerous Giganticus (GARG) Joint, the first of what I hope will be a long and fruitful creative partnership.

Thank you, Hoboken Questioner, for making this Joint possible.


  1. As a result of these incantations, my 6th grade English teacher is rolling over in her grave, but I'm splitting a gut over here and am willing to continue. You must know by now how I feel about poetic justice. My only concern is that "Hoboken Questioner" may have serious issues and should consider professional help, so in that way it's not funny. I'm off now to Dunkin' Donuts, anyone want a Napoleon?

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  3. I'm not a lawyer but I think that a defamation suit could be very interesting. If the lawyers look at some of your posts about why they may bring the suit as retaliation for statements about their record, maybe there would be deposition questions requiring Beth to support her resume or ELEC report.

  4. p1y: Stating the obvious, satire allows for catharsis of some of the anger & frustration. And when people (healthy or otherwise) choose to put themselves in the spotlight, they also implicitly accept the possibility of public scrutiny. (Truman's temperature-in-the-kitchen quote....)

    I wholeheartedly agree about certain peoples' "serious issues" being very "unfunny" (potentially dangerous to themselves & others, even). But I would also suggest the entire system itself is sick & all too often supports and rewards the "disease." Look across the political spectrum---the pathology is everywhere, irrespective of party affiliation or level of government.

    And most media tend to feed that. There's a lot of sick symbiosis at work.

    There is surely a sad, sick cast of characters in Hoboken. Imagine, if all the money spent on various delusions of grandeur, schemes for personal gain, "vendettas," etc., were instead spent on good efforts toward genuine health?

    It seems it's only when publicly "outed," along with possible legal consequences, the hubris & lies & denial may cave to humility & acceptance & healing. Sometimes. Then maybe, appropriate help is sought & used effectively. Then maybe, lives go on with some semblance of health.

    Too often, it's only when a pol is arrested/convicted, s/he gets labeled a "corrupt politician." But the whole system fosters unhealthy ("corrupt") behavior if one is to get ahead. IMHO, there's also a certain constituency cynicism & fatalism about that phenomenon---and how sad (& sick) is that? Perhaps that explains some of the long-standing apathy in Hoboken, along w/the historic transiency of the population.

    IMHO, "corrupt" behavior can be seen as a collective mental health issue at core. It shows some deep disconnect/lack of empathy for other human beings, starting with the individual's own relationship with him or herself. (And there's the ultimate personal tragedy.)

    The case could be made that politicians (& their associates) as a whole have certain characteristics that point to a certain form of mental illness---the drive for/addiction to power, prestige, attention, money, etc. So often, that far outweighs any authentic commitment to collective public welfare through service---one manifestation of empathy. (There are exceptions certainly. IMO, Paul Wellstone would be one.)

    What has become "normative" and accepted is very sad. At almost every level, the whole system is very, very broken. Honestly, anymore, what may be fixable & how to approach the fixing---the possible solutions seem more & more elusive to me. So I suppose I've become fatalistic too. But I do believe it matters that people register to vote & exercise that right in an honest, well-informed way.

  5. MBB, as always, your eloquence is only surpassed by your insight. Take heart, for while it is an imperfect universe we inhabit, after all is said and done, to quote Paul McCartney, "I've got to admit it's getting better".

  6. Lenzianism? I'm embarrassed that I used to think that guy was clever - within the context of being totally repugnant. Live and learn, live and learn.

    Re: deeper issues. I have been an advocate of metal detectors at city hall for over a year. Fin de siecle violence is no laughing matter. And this is the fin for many.

    Think of the south in 1866. Think of Harvey Milk. What you're witnessing plays out as politics, but it's hate. And when politics finally fails, the hate will remain and have no outlet for expression.


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