Mason Attacks Governor Christie

credit: Andrew Tavani

Just when GA  thought the Masons couldn't wreak more damage to themselves...

Beth Mason, enraged that her scheme to sink the hospital was ruined by Governor Christie, published this symphony of petulance yesterday in Hoboken411:
“Last night four members of the Hoboken City Council took steps to protect the long term viability of Hoboken University Medical Center by asking the Hospital Authority to impose a deed restriction in the sale contract. Furthermore, we asked for transparency in this extremely troubling and secretive process by calling on the Mayor and Hospital Authority board members to release their depositions. Now the Governor wants to support a backroom deal to sell the hospital to one of his biggest campaign contributors for pennies on the dollar. If the Governor wants to reward a campaign contributor he should pay for it, not the taxpayers of Hoboken. Clearly Mayor Zimmer just received a big payback for her early endorsement of the Governor Christie’s re-election.”

Oh, boy.

Now  we all know what's going on here.

The people rejected Beth Mason.  Twice.  Anyone getting in her way to destroy  the Mayor is just collateral damage.   Including the Governor of New Jersey..

Dr Shrill, are you out there?  We need you to analyze her statement.  Is it a cry for help? 

I am reading jealous rage in her dismissiveness toward Zimmer's influence; influence over the most powerful politician in the state of New Jersey, the Governor.  Mason is seething .  Her insistence that Klaussen post her words below Christie's reeks of "Look at me!  Look at me!  My statement is next to  the Governor's! I'm important, too! "

Sure you are, honey.  That's what you pay people to tell you. 

Would Christie take Beth Mason's call?  No.  He wouldn't even let his Lt. Governor swear her in on July 1st.

Could Assemblyman Ruben Ramos get this kind of help from the State?  As far as we know, he NEVER TRIED.  He is however, capable of issuing whiny press releases alleging the Mayor's incompetence to save the hospital.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  While Ramos was writing his Ode to Impotence  for Hoboken411, Zimmer was doing her ALL to save the hospital.

And she succeeded.   To get the Governor's ear.  And $5.5 million.  And this special bonus: Christie's repudiation of  City Council members Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry (MORT).  


So the Mason jihad on HoldCo: the mailer, press releases, stories planted in the media, hiring Perry Klaussen... it all blew up.  BOOM.

And Mason's great FOLLY in attacking the Big Man from Trenton?

He has Paula's number.   NJ Attorney General Paula Dow.

I'm pretty sure he plans to use it, now.

Of course, this may have been factored in the Mason strategy.  She may know or suspect she is 'going down' soon.  As a friend just put it she's not getting her way with the F.B.I., so the best defense is a good offense. 

So, from being the victim of GA satire,  she'll move  on to being the victim of the Governor.

Will framing a criminal indictment as a political attack from Trenton work?   She may think so.

Do you?


  1. You're kidding. She couldn't get that quote into our half-in-the-bag newspapers and had to release it through Perry? Wow, 411, by necessity, is having a big come-back. She's quoted them twice in recent mailers and designated them a "news source". Which is rather like calling a megaphone a "news source". But at this stage of the game with all the crap she's pulled that's probably splitting hairs.

  2. She wants HUMC to close to blame the Mayor and her Council allies. Beth has become a disease for this town. Ravi said it best "they don't want a hospital and they don't want parks".

  3. I don't want her to get her way. I want her to hit the highway. Get her out of this town ASAP!

  4. Even MORE public displays of intra-psychic disturbances! We at "Denial" are ecstatic!

    Psycho-Scouts are currently providing more data, but my quick "armchair analysis" (because if you must know, I'm sitting in one), suggests exacerbation of floridly histrionic, narcissistic-injury-driven, self-defeating behaviors, employing primitive defense mechanisms. E.g., "ARISE" ("Adaptive Regression in the Service of the Ego"), except given her now syntonic-seeming (e.g., chronic & intra-psychically well-integrated---very hard to undo, btw) impaired reality testing skills, ARISE, for Ms. Mason, is proving quite maladaptive.

    Unconscious fears of annihilation, etc. appear to abound. And that's about as primal as it can get! All that "fight or flight" stuff in full-tilt boogie---to put it in more lay terms.

    While researching, my especially meta-analytical Psycho-Scout has suggested a larger context for this, vis a vis the sociopathic system in which Ms. Mason is apparently acting out. Something about authority figure issues, involving your Gov. Christie & someone named Menendez-? Meta-Psycho Scout suggests something related to dichotomous projections as Zimmer:Christie ("Evil") vs. Mason:Menendez ("Good"). There's that borderline "splitting" again. Are we at "Denial" perhaps correct, with the splitting possibly extending to those two apparently paternalistic projections ("Good Father/Bad Father") & perhaps more Freudian implications of potency vs. impotency?

    If so, we might also take a look at the whole Oedipal/Electra Triangulation, as well. Ms. Mason does seem to present a history of acting out symbolic castration fantasies (or perhaps more accurately, clitorodectomy fantasies, vis a vis your Mayor). Further, I couldn't begin to speculate about any self-mutilation, real or imagined, but will share that particular behavior is a hallmark of Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Please be assured, "Denial" would NEVER plan to portray any real or simulated re-enactments of ANY of these sorts of fantasies on our show!!

    All so wonderfully, pathologically convoluted! Thank you again, Hoboken. We at "Denial" can't begin to tell you how much easier you make our jobs!

  5. This latest spin from the Old Guard puts a dervish to shame, but what goes around comes around.

    Ms Mason couldn't get her pitch over the plate in our Hoboken Little League, but she's willing to try to take the mound in Trenton and throw them a curve? She should have covered her bases before trying to steal headlines that way. As a matter of fact don't try to steal anything in that league, especially with Christie at the bat. Well anyway, that diamond isn't going to be a girl's best friend, as a matter of fact she'll be in the showers before the second batter's hit even lands in the bleachers. Who's the runner on first? Is that Paula Dow? This could be the big inning of something great for Hoboken.


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