Who knew that a simple inquiry to find out who'd OPRA'd a document, the July 8th QSAC letter to Superintendent Toback, prior to it's distribution on August 16th by an audience member, Secaucus resident Theresa Burns,  would be like poking a hornet's nest!

It's only 8:25 am on Saturday, and am left to ponder whether or not I am "classy".  

Do you think so?

How can I tell?

Well, for the record, I don't believe that Ms. Burns "stole" anything. But who cares what someone whose classiness is in dispute thinks?

Now were I a classy kind of broad, you'd be taking notes.

Wouldn't you?

I speak the Queen's English, by the way. Does that make me classy?  Um, that's Queens, NY. 

Not this Queen:

Or this Queen:

This episode, which I will name in a most uncreative and classless way, "OPRA-gate" is quite simple.

GA found that a letter to Hoboken's School Superintendent was not OPRA'd prior to it's distribution.  There may be 100 perfectly reasonable explanations for this or none.  I haven't proffered my opinion yet. I'm not even sure what it is.

But others have.  

Are they classy or classless for doing so?

Who knows.

The best way to calm the hornets would be for the person (or people) who know how the letter came to the hands of Ms. Burns to speak up.  There are others, and it is unfair to leave Ms. Burns twisting in the wind.  Not classy at all.

My 2 cents.

Oh, yes.  I didn't (and still don't) wish to disclose who made the August 17th OPRA request- a pretty classy move on my part.  I would if it were a public official or a featured player in the Hoboken political arena.

Nope, never heard of this person.  But I did ask around, and got some information which I will decline to publish.  Except for this, which  I heard from several sources, not just one:

(redacted is) ver>y good friends with Fran and Russo

Fran is Frances Rhodes-Kearns, BoE member.  Russo is... not sure which one.

(Update,10:07 am)
Just got word, that's Mama Russo.

As I heard it: "very, very good friends".


  1. The old adage is that people who talk about class tend not to have any.

    As my brit friend Dave would say, she's really made a meal out of it. She's incapable of giving a simple explanation for how she came to have the document. If she could, she would. She wants to talk about what's in it, not how she got it. Clearly - very clearly - she cannot explain it in a way that is not embarrassing to herself and others, so she refuses.

    But bottom line, in a smaller way this is fully analogous to what the FBI is investigating. Namely, rats on the inside releasing information to rats on the outside. And like the FBI investigation, it is not about the single incident under review. It is about the ongoing behavior. Suffice it to say that if they did this once to get their mitts on this document, they did it many, many times. THAT'S the problem. And that's why she's not admitting it.

    Unfortunately, she's doing it in a ham-handed way. This is a woman, who, unlike many of her peers, is not accustomed to lying. So she's using lots of misdirection instead. But you'll never see a flat denial. They got this document because they abused access. And they got lots of others the same way. Nobody steals once.

  2. It's possible and maybe likely the OPRA on the OPRA is inaccurate and the coverup is not the document being obtained but the conspiracy of out of town politically motivated operatives to do so.

    Obtaining the document by OPRA and then passing it around to make it out to be a matter hidden although Superintendent Toback noted the intention to have it on the next BoE's meeting agenda.

    But then the out of town political operatives working on behalf of their own vendetta and in support of Frank Raia wouldn't get as much headway with it.

    They have but not the kind they wanted.

  3. So I understand that the person named on the after the fact OPRA request works for BOE (teacher) and is a resident of CT. And no, I did not get that info from GA. I wonder what her household income is and why she qualifies for subsidized housing? Another piece of garbage ripping off the residents of Hoboken. But then she is besty with Ma $5 a Tow. What could you expect?


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