Moms vs. Occhipinti

So, Moms of Hoboken... what's Timmy Occhipinti done for us lately?   Let's see...

He voted AGAINST bonding for a traffic light at 16th Street and Park.

Tim Occhipinti voted against bonding for a traffic light at this dangerous corne

Occhipinti would say, "It's not  in my ward!"

Timmy knows that 4th Ward Moms never venture outside it's boundaries with their kids. In fact, Timmy knows 4th Ward children will NEVER use a park in the 2nd Ward, like 1600 Park.  Fortunate, since he voted against opening it since he knows the park can't open without that traffic light.

Who else helped kill the park opening, the light, and possibly the person(s) crossing the unlit corner at 16th and Park?

Terry Castellano and Mike Russo.   That's OK, because the 1st and 3rd Ward kids would never cross a street or play soccer in the 2nd Ward.  

No, that's the domain of Beth Mason. Curious that she voted AGAINST a traffic light at an unlit corner across the street from a new park in her own ward.   I'll bet her constituents are thrilled that she chose to protect them against a new park and a safe street crossing.   Just like she's trying to protect Hoboken from having a hospital, from 1,200+ people keeping their jobs, from taxpayers affording to live here.

 Well, back to Timmy.

He's a busy guy.  I hear he washed down a couple of beers with Ruben Ramos at the Pilsner Haus when the 4th Ward flooded in mid-August, then when Hurricane Irene left the 4th Ward underwater, Timmy was AWOL- at bachelor party in Boston.  Busy, busy!

Well, here's what one member of the Hoboken Moms Yahoo group posted, with regard to the playground at the Boys & Girls Club which is STILL a construction site; unusable for the B&G ALL SUMMER and now for both B&G and HoLa.
I reached out to Councilman Occhipinti who represents the Fourth Ward. His response is copied here:
I have pushed and pushed for this since taking office but the administration moves at its own pace. I asked and we are supposed to award the contract at the next meeting.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 5th.
"Pushed and pushed"?  Really?

Has anyone SEEN or HEARD Timmy "pushing and pushing"  for restoring services and facilities for the B&G Club kids, even though he used to serve on their Board and it's in his ward?

Here's what we've heard from Timmy:

As I see it, here's what the 4th Ward Councilman has been "pushing and pushing" for: killing a traffic light at a park corner,  killing our new park from opening, killing the only viable offer to buy our hospital, killing the hospital's 1,200 jobs, killing Hoboken's credit rating, dumping $52 million of debt to be paid this year on Hoboken taxpayers... 

While he's said and done NOTHING for the kids of the B&G Club as their playground has been rendered unusable for months.


  1. Does anyone actually think that a CC person who needs to pay people to vote for him cares what his constituents think? The group of people who voted for him didn't care about anything other than the $ when they voted for him then, they won't care next time around either. You want an advocate, help elect someone who doesn't need to bribe voters into voting for him or her. Find someone you want to vote for b/c you know they will be your voice on the CC and they will promote what is best for you and the rest of this community. Find someone who doesn't need to pay people to support him b/c his ethics, intelligence & stance on issues isn't up to snuff. Find someone besides Tim and until then reach out to someone besides Tim for help. Tim won't help you b/c he is too busy helping himself and the people who bought & paid for his CC seat.


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