GA Consults a Higher Power

 GA just got off the phone with my own personal hotline to the Almighty a.k.a. my (former) rabbi from Queens.

The Holy man and I stay in touch; he reads Grafix Avenger.   So he called me moments ago to discuss whether I really wanted that pound of flesh so badly as to engage such a character, Lane Bajardi, on his level. 

Yes, he said, he's orchestrated a number of extremely vindictive, nasty campaigns against you on behalf of his political mistress,  Beth Mason.  But for your spiritual health, shouldn't you stay on the high road?

Hmm... the high road. 

Well,  yes.   That's where I want to be. I suppose that's a better place than rolling in the gutter with a gutter-dweller.

So I've washed myself off, changed into something stylish, and left my Earwitness News post on the other road to take the one that leads to... where does it lead?

All I can say is that the road paved with malice and lined with Mason dollars, G-d willing, leads to a holding cell in a federal courthouse in Newark.


  1. Well said, GA! IMHO, a wise channeler of a HP, your rabbi.

    Imagine the awful torment in their inner lives, given what they project onto others! (It's my guess they are quite "democratic" in that regard.) Such deep suffering is ultimately in need of compassion. IMHO.

    But the consequences for their unacceptable, destructive behaviors still apply. I hope that reckoning process begins soon.

  2. This happened a number of times. I can remember when I just learned to drive, if someone would cut me off on the highway and zoom on past, I would get into a twist trying to catch up to them and "return the favor" dear old Mom in the passenger seat would calmly say "You're better off with him in front of you where you can keep an eye on him".

    Or as someone else once told me "don't let their unhappiness make you unhappy".

    Here's hoping that now he has "better things to do with his time". 'Nuff said.


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