Rock Star

That's the greeting that my daughter's teacher got this morning on the FIRST day of public school; a rush of kids encircled her with big grins and  hugs. 

It was widely reported that yesterday, Tuesday, was the start of the school year. And technically it was- for teachers. The children returned today.

Me, I love that milieu.

Surrounded by adult-friends, fellow stakeholders in this public institution we've delivered our most precious possessions to... and their children (and mine) whose spirit makes the walls vibrate.

Yes, the ritual of return and catching up on the lives  of old friends certainly brightened the gloom of this rainy Wednesday morning.

While on the subject...

Check out the slammin'  re-designed Hoboken Board of Education web site!

Folks, GA the Internet Creature, is very impressed with this effort.  It's a one-stop venue for all of the 'stuff' we public school parents need to know.  They've even posted breakfast and lunch menus- here is Wallace School's September Lunch menu:

Content is still being added to the new site.  But the 'architecture' is there, and GA gives big props to our Board of Education members and Superintendent Toback for making this happen.

And I'm guessing a few trees will be saved in the process.


  1. Hopefully, you'll share some of your PS knowledge on your Patch column. The public schools are mostly fodder for pitched battles over there, and KZ doesn't really know anything about them. So there isn't really an outlet for talking about the schools from a parent's perspective; just politics, tiresome, boring politics.

  2. Thank God I'm not a kid anymore. I couldn't eat that crap if I was paid to do so!


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