Letter from Julie Steinberg

Dear GA,

I am writing to request that you post this letter, which is being sent to inform you and your readers about an exciting new initiative in Hoboken. We are starting a new community for Hoboken parents with children in the public pre-school. The Hoboken Association for Pre-school Parents (HAPP's) mission is to keep the parents of children enrolled in the Hoboken public early childhood program informed on all relevant matters, meetings, and events.

HAPP's is starting as a google group; once members are admitted, they will receive email notifications from the group.  Anyone can join and everyone is welcome.  So far, nearly 80 parents have signed up, with representation from all the various early childhood program sites and grades.  We encourage you to share this information with any friends, family, neighbors, etc with children in the early childhood program; our goal is to have more than 200 parents in our community by the end of September 2011. 

There are two ways to join:

1)  If you have a google account, visit our website at  http://groups.google.com/group/hoboken-association-for-pre-school-parents-happs and select 'Join this group'

2)  If you do not have a google account, visit our sign up form at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGYweFpZaWhkUzlhc3ZmUnRialY4dnc6MQ and complete the form.  You will then receive an email notice from HAPP's google group asking you to accept an invitation to join. 

Thanks for posting, and best of luck with your new endeavors on patch.com!


Julie Steinberg