Say it Ain't So!

Oh, no!

Did you hear the news? In yesterday's Jersey Journal:
The state Attorney General's Office has issued subpoenas to Union City Mayor Brian Stack's office, Police Chief Charles Everett's office and the Union City Board of Education in its investigation allegations that Everett was paid for work that he did not perform, a source told The Jersey Journal.
This is terrible!  If he goes to the Big House, who's going to send me a birthday card?

Do you know Brian Stack (BS) always remembers my birthday. And that's important to me.  In fact, I've saved all  his cards; I have a whole shelf full of BS.  The BS keeps piling up.

I can't imagine not getting another piece of BS in the mail this year.  The only people who send me "Happy Birthday" greeting cards are my Mom and sisters. 

Them and the BS from Union City.  That's why I'll always vote for him, because he remembers me.  I'm not kidding.

I'm still waiting for a reason to vote for Dawn Zimmer in 2013 (hint: my birthday's in June).

Get with the program, political-people.  You wanna get, you gotta give. On my birthday.  Bonus points for an extra language (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.)

In the meantime, I'll be praying for the mayor of Union City.  He's a good guy, and couldn't have done anything wrong. Except occasionally send my card a month early.

But that BS always comes.

Paula (Dow, NJ Attorney General), can we take this as a sign you're closing in on Hoboken?


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