Remember this?

HHA residents searched high-and-low for their Councilman, Tim Occhipinti, the weekend of August 27th, when Hurricane Irene devastated Hoboken's 4th Ward.

The residents struggled with flooding, raw sewage running through the streets and power outages.  Thank goodness, the Mayor, National Guard, HPD, HFD, OEM, CERT,  EMS, Carmelo Garcia and Joe Branco were on the scene with supplements- extra food, water and ice, and support for  the distressed 4th Ward residents.

Other members of the City Council were on hand, offering comfort to the victims of Hurricane Irene in their respective Wards.


But Occhipint was nowhere to be found.

As reported in Patch:
Councilman Tim Occhipinti, who represents the area in and around the Housing Authority, made the flooding problem one of his main campaign issues.

On Sunday afternoon, agitated because of the situation, longtime HHA resident Margie Biart wondered where the councilman was during the storm. "I haven't heard from him," Biart said. "He should have been here with us."

Occhipinti did not respond to multiple attempts for comment.

The question "Where Was Tim?" was asked not only by GA, but resonated on local message boards in posts like this:

That was representative of the sentiments expressed by numerous members of the public about Councilman Occhipinti's performance during Hurricane Irene.

And even in the aftermath... silence.  No public statement from Occhipinti explaining his whereabouts. 

Now GA knows why.

Over the weekend the answer to this most perplexing riddle arrived n my Inbox. From a most reliable source. 
Tim spent Hurricane Irene at a bachelor  party in Boston.

Enjoying good times with friends while the 4th Ward floods in mid-August


  1. I wake up every day and check to see if TImmy has been taken away.....until then at least David Mellow has been keeping the 4th Ward up to date on what is going on.......

  2. Wow, if this is true, then he owes everyone a major explanation and apology

  3. My Neighbor was singing Mello's praises to me on Friday because he needed help moving a large family heirloom from the ground floor of his house, everyone out of town so he called Councilman Mello, Dave came right over and helped him.

    Zimmer showed outstanding ability to run an entire city emergency operation under severe conditions without any problems

    It's a shame the dinosaur political columnists have to create bullsh*t conspiracy theories with the Izod center move.
    If she didn't move them, then they'd say she let them stay in a gym surrounded by water. Sure Union City had a shelter, but was it stocked and ready to go like Izod was?

  4. Why does this not surprise me? The people that picked him to run for CC probably found him at a bar so I am not shocked he is out drinking and having fun at a time when he might have been useful to his constituents. Way to be true to yourself their Timmay!


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