Good News from the Boys & Girls Club

GA got this update a couple of days ago, but the drama surrounding the hospital sale (among other things)  wiped it off my serving tray.

Well, the HUMC deal hasn't wrapped up yet, but I think it's time for some good news. Don't you?

It's from the Boys & Girls Club.

Now, for everyone out there who says the blogs are just a big rubber room in cyberspace for a handful of geeks to bitch and moan- or as Tom Bertolli once wrote to GA: 
you all do realize these Blogs and chat rooms are all the same thirty people circle jerking each other.
I saved that not because I was offended, or because he's a handsome devil, but because it was funny.  Was Bertolli right?

Well folks, here's an example where sunlight from the blogs has demonstrably helped, been a catalyst for positive change- or so says my source at the B&G Club:

I just got off the phone with (name redacted).

She said so far it's much better in dealing with Hola. She said that they are more separate and they're not encroaching on them so far.  

She said that there are actually more kids at the B&G club this year than last year at this time. She said that when the weather gets colder, more kids come. She said they now have an in-house zumba class for the b&G kids.  

She said the blogs have paid off in making George (the director)provide more for the kids.  They said they are re-activating the anti-gang/leadership program.  The program was very poorly attended last year.  She said the guy who was in charge of it was told he has to get it active again. 

She said things are much better there.

She said that Hola gave the B&G club another classroom upstairs, so they have some more room.  She said that it isn't really their classroom, it's B&G's, but at least they are getting more space for the kids.

We only spoke for about 2 minutes and she had to go.
Well, that sure is good news.

Of course, the HoLa program is designed to grow by (I believe) 2 classrooms per year, which translates into larger ancillary space requirements ahead for them in the future.

What does this mean for the B&G if HoLa stays? Their Charter states expectations of using the B&G space for 2 years. Well..

For now, the B&G Club is doing better by the kids, and that's what it's all about.

GA is curious whether the B&G ever submitted their  annual business report to Business Administrator Arch Liston, a lease requirement Da Horsey noted back in August?
As part of a 50 year agreement, the building at 123 Jefferson Street is leased annually from the City of Hoboken for $2.

The terms to the Boys & Girls Club specifically mandate it demonstrate in an annual report to the Business Administrator how it has complied with requirements using the building, the value and cost of its use in its activities along with the continued demonstration of tax exempt status.

The City recently learned the reporting mechanism is missing with the Boys & Girls Club and is comprehensively reviewing the terms of the lease.e circle jerking each other.
Does anybody know?


  1. Good news? Really? It looks to me like they threw the B&G children an already been chewed bone. No one has been held accountable and the B&G will continue to lose out as HoLa expands. Why is HoLa giving something that was never theirs in the 1st place (and that used to belong to the B&G children)? Looks to me like SNAFU once again.

  2. tempest, this wasn't written as a 'happy ending' if you understood it that way. Or to let anyone off the hook.

    It IS good news that services are better for the kids, that they're not being shuttled around for classes, and that they aren't being squashed. Of course, they felt the pressure of sunlight. Which will continue.

    HoLa wasn't supposed to be there beyond 2 years, and the B&G owes the City a financial report to see how their money's been spent per its lease agreement w/the City.

    You're right that no one's been held accountable. But that may not be the case when the books are examined.

  3. I hope you're correct GA. Call me jaded.

  4. tempest, it's easy to be jaded about the City of No Consequences.

  5. Especially when I hear that Raia who sits on the HoLa board also has the construction contract for the HoLa expansion at the former B&G Club and now HoLa school. It still appears to me that the B&G children are the very last to benefit here.


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