Where's Cammy?

GA checked the Bureau of Prison's (BOP) inmate locater for anything on the whereabouts of Peter Camarrano III.

Here's what I got:

This is as close as Google satellite will allow- no street view.  It's adjacent to the Gowanus Parkway, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues on 29th Street.

It seems this Community Correction Center is strictly administration. Here's the CCM's contact info for questions about a particular inmate. 

Phone:  718-840-4219
Fax:  718-840-4207
E-mail address:  CNK/CCM@BOP.GOV

Here's what the BOP site says about the Community Corrections system:

What do we know?  Our former mayor resides at in undisclosed location administered in Brooklyn.

Where a tree grows.


  1. He's right here? With me? We're reading Voltaire together and the Pentagon Papers? And buying vowels?


  2. blu? I've missed you? Ground anyone to powder lately?


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