Saturday, June 30, 2012

Earwitness News: Branco's Choice

Never a dull moment in Hoboken politics, folks!

It's official:  Hoboken bar owner and HHA-aspirant Joe Branco has thrown in with the Dark Side as Campaign Manager for Pupie Raia's  BoE ticket!

Fresh from GA's Inbox, this Earwitness Report:
found out yesterday that Joe Branco is the campaign manager for Markevitch and (Oland).  So much for the great reformer... LMAO

it seems that they all met at Momma Russo's mother's house on Madison street Tuesday night, I guess it was for a strategy session. Fran and Peter, Pupie, Holmsie, T Burns etc. were also present.

I believe I heard (Oland) didn't show up. 

An entire Dark Side constellation aligned for the Kids First opposition ticket:  Raia, Russo, Secaucus import Theresa Burns, 2 sitting School Board members: Frances Rhodes-Kearns and Peter Biancamano!

That's quite a statement from Branco, no?

After flirting with everyone at the ball, he's finally chosen. Like the saying goes: you dance with the one that brung you.  

And from Joe's POV, what's Reform done for him lately?

 Bupkis. No City Council seat, no HHA seat.  So I suppose that's what this is about. Not a governing philosophy.  Not principles. 

GA  wonders if Branco knows how his friends used BoE cash as a slush fund. Just in case...

Joe, here is your BoE Corruption Starter Kit:

Got that, Joe?

That's just for starters.

You have chosen to represent these folks and this what you will have to defend.

Welcome to the BoE race!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Note to LaMarca

GA just returned from a fabulous day at Sandy Hook beach with Little Avenger (LA) and friends to find a spate of bizarre postings from 'zimmersbroomstick' on Patch- accusing others of being me, then threatening to email Stephen LaMarca from The Hoboken Reporter with... I have no idea.

But as a pathological liar who has been caught feeding The Hoboken Reporter falsified documents and fabrications against yours truly, serial failures have not diminished his will to keep trying.

After reading Barracato's allegations and threat to contact The Hoboken Reporter,  GA had no recourse but to contact LaMarca myself.


I just got back from a lovely day at the beach with my daughter, a neighbor and her 2 kids to find myself attacked in a bizarre series of posts on Patch by James Barracato, posting under the moniker 'zimmersbroomstick'.  It appears he is accusing me of being other persons and making wild allegations. 

I am contacting you because he has posted that he is "emailing Stephen LaMarca" with G-d knows what spurious nonsense.

 I have attached a screenshot of this for your information.

I suggest you look at the sheer volume of very strange postings he's made in the past couple of days under this moniker.

It appears Barracato is having some kind of mental breakdown. Indeed I hope he is not dangerous, as he seems obsessed with me, obsessed with my zoning board service. 

 I do hope you look at his Patch postings to understand the kind of immature, unstable individual that your paper has been using as a source. Malicious intent underlies his infantile online behavior- and threatening to "email Stephen LaMarca" is an example. 

It appears Barracato feels he has some hold over you, over your paper, over what you write. It appears he feels comfortable sending you the products of his derangement as 'news'. It appears he believes you will publish his nonsense, so thus threatens 'enemies' with "emailing" you. 

I am resigned to the fact he will be pelting your paper with this kind of spurious nonsense- made-up Nazi tales, made-up online adventures- until he finds a steady job. ( Perhaps his downward spiral began with getting caught submitting falsified information and photoshopped screen shots to your paper. I hear he was furious that his 'Nazi'-tales were not published by your paper and screamed at upper management, something about "not getting his money's worth".)

Based on his online mental collapse, I assume he has pushed (or will) another fabrication on your paper about myself, and perhaps other administration supporters. 

So, to protect myself I request that should your paper deign to take anything from this odd duck seriously with respect to me, that you come to me first. I assure you that false and defamatory information published about me will not go unanswered. 

I've been impressed with your work recently and it appears to me the influence of this malevolent weirdo- a pathological liar, in fact- on your paper is diminishing. 

You can contact me anytime you like. 

Best wishes,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poopie KOs FinBoy© on Patch

 As if the discourse on the Patch message boards hadn't reached new depths of idiocy...

Introducing in the left corner, zimmersbroomstick (disgraced Hudson County operative James Barracato a.k.a. FinBoy©)...

 And in the right, introducing poopie (unidentified)...

Are you ready to rumble?

Round 1: 

zimmersbroomstick leads off with a weak left lobe... his jabs are slow, dull, idiotic... so moronic and offensive they fall way off his target and land in the ring with a barely-audible thud...

zimmersboomstick tries an upper cut with his right hemisphere, but it's just as slow and dull as his left one, possibly worse... 

zimmersbroomstick's synapses are firing slowly... at each other...  he's so dreadful he can't get out of his own way... and lookout!  Here comes poopie!

poopie lands a hard right to zimmersbroomstick's already wounded reputation with his nimble wit... and pounds the imbecile with clever attacks from left, right and center... and it looks like the slob from Weehawken is no match for poopie...

but wait... zimmersbroomstick attempts a comeback with a gratuitous and offensive reference to the mayor's Passover seder... is our flabby fighter injecting antisemitism into his rancid rantings?

just for that poopie comes out swinging...

his deft pummeling of zimmersbroomstick's limited cerebral function and infantile online behavior reduces his opponent to a quivering fish filet...

zimmersbroomstick is no match for poopie...  


If you'd like to join the poopie for mayor Fan Club, you may send your fan mail to

As for the battered Weehawken Fish-stick (get it? battered fish-stick? haw haw) he'll be back, with the same old brand of stupid marketed under a new screen name.

Easy Come, Easy Go- UPDATED

GA loved that old show with it's hunky crooner, Bobby Sherman (who's not dead yet).

Bobby wore tight pants, remember ladies?

And a peek-a-boo, button-downed shirt- with fringes.

Didn't you want to swap places with Candy Pruitt (played by actress Bridget Hanley) so you could make out with him, too?  Fess up.  And  I'll bet more than a few of you fellas out there did, too.

So true, Bobby Tight Pants Sherman!  Easy come, easy go.  Here today and gone tomorrow.  Or as  that great 70's rock band Kansas put it:

Well, this is all a giant non-sequitur.

GA was thinking about Seattle because of an email I got yesterday.
there were some hha commissioners that were in AC. 

records were checked and he wasn't scheduled but it seems Mr. Garcia is at a conference today in Seattle.

Carmelo Garcia, Executive Director of the HHA, was at a conference in Seattle on Wednesday?  

GA's been to Seattle- it's a 6 hour flight from Newark.

Wow.  A pretty long cross-country flight.  Then add on check-in time, travel time to the airport (and from), getting settled at your hotel and you've got quite a long day of commuting before the conference even begins.

Poor guy.

Because as we know, he was stricken with a debilitating virus that kept him home from his BoE meeting on Tuesday night.  That was the night before his Wednesday conference in Seattle. 

The reason we know that BoE Trustee Garcia was home with a virus was because told President Rose Markle to announce the sad news at the meeting.  Which she did.

Viruses are awful things.

They come on swiftly without warning; like a tornado traversing one's gastrointestinal tract blowing matter out of both ends.  Yuck.  Let's just say the about one GA had recently: it came on so quickly that my midnight sprint to the bathroom fell short by about 5 yards. 

Want to hear more?  I didn't think so.

Viruses usually pass in 1 or 2 days, but leave one feeling weakened and not in-the-mood for a cross-country flight and conference.

So I have to hand it to Carmelo. Riddled with a virus at home Tuesday night and at a conference in Seattle on Wednesday.

How did he do it?  

Not Seattle!

(Updated, 11:30 am)

HUD is holding a conference for Housing Authorities today (Thursday, June 28) at 9 AM in Spokane, Washington Not Seattle.   From Hoboken, that means a day of travel on Wednesday for an early morning conference on Thursday.  Phew, that makes more sense.  Did Carmelo make it, virus and all?  After resting at home instead of attending Tuesday night's BoE meeting, one hopes he did.

It looks like a must-attend conference for any Housing Authority member undertaking a large, public housing construction project.

Here's the training handbook for the HUD conference. It a covers federal guidelines for wages, labor standards, contracts, contractors on HUD-funded public housing construction projects.

Says registration is free.  Not travel, hotels- GA supposes that's from the HHA's budget.

Event Duration: June 28 2012 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Event Description: This class will cover labor standards and payroll requirements of the Federal Davis Bacon Act prevailing wage rules and regulations. A key topic will be the new 1344 Handbook.  Topics included will be: Wage Decisions, Reporting Requirements, Work Classifications, Additional Classifications, Documentation Requirements, Investigations, Wage Restitution, and Much More …Registration is free and open to the public. Who Should Attend: This training is for Public Housing Authorities, Tribal Housing Authorities & Tribally-Designated Housing Entities responsible for administering and enforcing Federal labor standards compliance on HUD projects subject to Davis-Bacon prevailing wages.
Training Materials: You may review the new handbook at and the updated Contractor’s Guide at

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The BoE Congregation

Curse of the Empty Chair.

'Action' was the word last night on both ends of town: a Special Meeting of the ZBA and a very 'special' meeting at the BoE.

What was so special about the BoE meeting?

Well, only two paltry Mason operatives showed up at the ZBA: Tim the videographer and Not-Perry,  arriving and leaving separately, sitting apart.  (How are those guys paid?  Not from her 501(c)(3), The Mason Civic League, Inc., like Matt Calicchio, we hope.  Does the I.R.S. know the answer?  Since the Feds read GA and MSV, maybe they can find out?)

While the BoE had a Dark Side hootenanny.

Team Carmelo: Joe Branco, Brian Murray were there together,  Liz Markevitch, BoE candidate, was sitting next to Theresa Burns.  Nick Calicchio tried to sit up front with Branco but ended up solo in the front row.

And who else came?   

Perry Belfiore my friend, with hair of woven silk like a silver possum napping up there.   (Mind you, it is a one-sided relationship.  Perry runs from me on sight like I'm the Anthrax deliveryman)

How come they get the real one and I get the decoy?  Can we trade?

left: Perry Belfiore, right: Not-Perry, his decoy

It was a rather subdued night.  Until a closed session discussion at 8:30 pm prompted a Dark Side exodus, my source described the atmosphere this way.

Like a roomful of church pews, the Dark Side (Forces of Satan) sat on the left, the Forces of Good and Support for the CHILDREN of the Hoboken District (Divine Accountability) sat on the right. But evangelist Carmelo Garcia, a gifted orator who preaches from the dais often on issues that (GA is told) have been discussed in Committee meetings he's missed was... missing. 

Where in the world was Carmelo Garcia?

Here's where.

Carmelo had contacted BoE President Rose Markle before the meeting and requested she announce that he was "home with a virus."

Yikes. I had one recently- not fun. You know, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.  And the weight doesn't even stay off.   All that vomiting might be worth it if the pounds wouldn't come back.  All I can tell you is my last virus was hell.

Poor Carmelo.  GA wishes him a speedy recovery.

Can I make a confession?   

GA's inner skeptic thought at first he might be off scrambling to expedite approvals on his HHA proposal since it's recent exposure to public scrutiny. 

Does that make me a bad person?

Just because I was imagining Carmelo frantically making phone calls or running to meetings to expedite approvals or do damage control instead of stricken with a miserable virus at home, too weak to eat or drink, perhaps running a fever?

And here I am, thinking he's missing yet another BoE meeting for his own personal agenda.

Shame on me.

I do hope he feels much better today. 

Electrolytes, Carmelo!  Drink one of these:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

(Another) Finboy© Misfire at the Hoboken Reporter?

We all remember the incident back in April when James FinBoy© Barracato attempted to plant faked Nazi-discourse accusations against reform bloggers in The Hoboken Reporter, but was caught with his electronic signature on a Photoshopped 'screenshot' from this blog.

Barracato, a Mason political operative, is a Trustee of Beth and Ricky Mason's 501(c)(3), The Mason Civic League, Inc. This 'charitable organization' carries an 'Unconditional Exemption' IRS code and purports to run Gallery1200, though it does under an alias (The Mason Family Civic League) and employs political operatives: Matt Calicchio, Tania Garcia, and perhaps others- such as Tim the videographer, Not-Perry, and Ryan Yacco.

Needless to say, this appears to be a federal crime.
26 U.S.C. § 7201 : US Code - Section 7201: Attempt to evade or defeat tax  Any person who willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall,in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $100,000 ($500,000 in the case of a corporation), or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution. 
Since the Mason Civic League, Inc. is a corporation, if prosecuted for tax evasion the $500,000 penalty would apply.

What would Finboy's© liability be, as a Board Trustee?

I imagine the IRS would grill him like a shark kabob. Or an anchovy?

Finboy© may wish to reconsider his career options; his recent 'covert' activities have been exposed to all of Hudson County and his efforts to seed The Hoboken Reporter have combusted. KABOOM.  

So with this background, a friend of mine remarked about this weeks HR cover story, "FBI Investigation continues, but no new subpoenas"
HR story on e-mails was funny. Think fin boy pitched story that investigation was over but when HR contacted US attorney they said  that investigation is ongoing so that's the story that got written. i doubt the HR went there on their own so that leaves fin boy.

My goodness, that makes perfect sense.

Speculation, of course but FinBoy© barrages their reporters with spin... and Lord knows his employer would like to close that chapter.  So, why wouldn't he pitch a story to LaMarca that the FBI had wrapped it up here?

And if that's true, do you know what the result--an article which declares the opposite of what he would have wanted, which refocused everyone's attention on the F.B.I. cloud still over our City- do you know what this result shows?

It shows Barracato's diminished influence over there- since his 'Nazi-gate' bomb.  But more importantly,  it shows the limitations of Mason money to 'buy' news.

Because LaMarca wrote a good piece, calling the U.S. Attorney's office, vetting whatever the Dark Side may have pitched.

They're wising up.

Timmy: Reform Superstar

Folks on the Dark Side: do not congratulate GA for yesterday's post- the one where informant Deep Uvula (DU) spilled the beans on a covert plan to turn the HHA into an Old Guard ATM.

To be frank, I had nothing to do with it.

This is the fellow you need to thank:

Without him, none of it could have happened.

Timmy, take a bow!

Because after his behavior at the City Council last Wednesday, tongues were wagging all over town: what the hell was THAT about?  A performance of that magnitude simply couldn't be over one old lady.  Or one HHA seat.

Tim's over-the-top histrionics, nastiness and provocation of Mello to nearly to blows, storming off the dais and out of the room muttering aloud... cheesy drama-queen theatrics performed for constituents or... WHO was his target audience?

Tim's behavior was outside of the spectrum of usual (grandstanding, sometimes raucous) City Council opposition discourse. It was head-scratching weird.

Something must be UP.

Occhipinti's smorgasbord of drama made even casual observers wonder what was really at stake over this ONE HHA seat.

EVERYONE was talking about the Occhipinti meltdown.  It even inspired The Hoboken Reporter's Steven LaMarca to ask 'Why?'

And since Wednesday's seeming over-reaction to the loss of one HHA seat provided by Tim Occhipinti, the 'why' question has been hanging over our city, the subject of gossip among politicos.

That question hanging out there what in G-d's name got into Tim Occhipinti, WHY, WHY, WHY did he DO that-- is why GA was contacted by Deep Uvula, who is-at heart- a gossip. DU couldn't wait to share the dish with yours truly.  Who couldn't wait to share it with YOU.

And so, because of Tim Occhipinti, we all found out that the HHA seat was Old Guards insurance policy to cash in on a multi-million dollar razing of the HHA.

Dark Siders: imagine all those millions of dollars in real estate commissions and contracts (perhaps) LOST thanks to Tim Occhipinti. 

That's why GA calls Tim our Reform Superstar a.k.a. the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

And, if you want to want to know what Timmy City Council strategy will be TOMORROW, don't forget to read his Facebook page TODAY!

So, my pals on the Dark Side.  Now you know WHO to thank, and it ain't me.  He's ALL yours.



Monday, June 25, 2012

Deep Uvula: Below the Radar- UPDATED

The Hoboken Reporter asked this week: why are political factions wrangling over one housing seat?

In fact, the battle to keep the Hoboken Housing Authority under Executive Director Carmelo Garcia's control started weeks ago, when none other than a Russo intervened to stop Jake Stuiver from becoming Chairman.  Yes, a Russo.

Russo's behind-the-scenes machinations to keep Stuiver off the levers of HHA board control were intense, and this was before anyone knew about Marianne Camporeale's removal by the DCA. Which begs the question, why would the Russo's want to stop Stuiver from chairing the HHA?

Then the lid blew off this simmering pot last Wednesday when the Old Guard unleashed mayhem at the City Council- and don't believe for a moment that Camporeale (lawyered-up, claiming her civil rights violated under the ADA) wasn't told to be there.  Of course, she was.

The entire spectacle was a well-coordinated Hail Mary pass to keep her ON the HHA- but it went awry, over-played by petulant Prince Occhipinti, who had warned us of the Old Guard strategy the day before on Facebook!

Which brings us back to The Hoboken Reporter's question: why the "wrangling" over one HHA seat?

Well, you will never guess WHO got in touch with me this weekend with the answer: Deep Uvula (DU).

GA and Deep Uvula meet in the Midtown Garage
Do you know why GA calls this informant Deep Uvula?  See above.

And the dish I get from Uvula is unique because this chatty appendage is firmly, deeply ensconced in the other camp- still is.   

DU first showed up on  GA in March 2011 to dish about the Dark Side's Ian Sacs-o-phobia and their rules of engagement in Hoboken political life.  And that pink, fleshy blabbermouth didn't stop dishing until... the Feds showed up.  Then he/she went quiet.  More or less.

Since uvulas are not beer kegs to be tapped at will, one waits for their uvula to come back.  

Well, quite out-of-the-blue DU, who is one of many closet readers on the Dark Side (I've heard) who  like this blog, wanted to talk.   Here it is:
Been a while since we last spoke. Kind of spooky and people are still jumpy. Still not supposed to talk about any of that, so cant give you any details. Everyone knows that there is going to be some damage from the Ricciardi thing. Now it’s all about trying to contain the damage.

Things seemed to be going okay, with folks making plans for what to do after the Feds get done with this mess. Most thought that the HAA was safe and under the radar for a while and would let things get done without too much notice.

But then Camporeale had to screw things up by getting bounced off the HHA. Nobody gets how Carmelo could have fucked up so bad on this one. Just get her to the damn classes – we all remember what happened to Ruben. She had one job to do and screwed it up big time.

For a bunch of reasons I’m not in line to get anything out if it, so I could give a rat’s ass about it now. She was supposed to keep the HHA seat to allow Carmelo time to push through the plan to rebuild the HHA, or at least get it so far along that it couldn’t be stopped. Bet you haven’t heard or seen those plans. You don’t have to look too hard. Ask the One Eye guy.

This was supposed to be the last big grab for money in town before all you Yuppies take over and shut everything down. Hundreds of millions in construction fees, real estate commissions, insurance premiums, points – everyone has been slobbering over all the dough to be made.

The trick was to get the plans so far down the road to approval that Zimmer can’t do nothing about it. That is why it has been under wraps. But now that idiot old bat blew it.

A new guy on the HHA like that Lincoln guy changes the whole thing. He won’t just take what Carmelo tries to sell him. He and that Mello guy will probably ask too many questions about who was getting what. You should check the plans – no parks, shows the Pino site as a garage, and wall to wall buildings. A builder’s wet dream.

You wondered why everyone was screaming and yelling last Wednesday – had nothing to do with that old bat – she is as tough as nails. Always was. It’s all about jeopardizing the money that everyone plans to be making. 

Occhipinti acted like a fool. Even Mike realized he was out of control and had to step in. He and the old bat forget that this stuff is now on video and they just made a bunch of commercials for the Mayor’s re-election campaign.

Hear that folks are starting to think he has some serious limitations and that he is believing that he really is the whole bag of tricks. But the kid can’t think on his feet for nothing. Nobody is too happy about what happened Wednesday. They lost the seat and acted like morons. The whole lot of them.

There are plenty of pissed off folks behind the scenes. That is why you saw the ones that are out in front so desperate – this could get ugly.

Gotta love the excuses about her being a poor old disabled lady. And Russo said that crap with a straight face. Pretty impressive.

You thought 300k for new floors in the elevators was wild, that is peanuts compared to what people are planning to take out of the tear down of the HHA. That is what last Wednesday was all about. 

Sure the votes had something to do with it as well, but the idea is to keep just enough HHA units spread out in the new buildings to keep the lock on the fourth ward. But it may not be for Occhipinti if he doesn’t calm the fuck down.

And everyone is laughing at what idiots you made out of Beth and Barracato. Nobody really cares about that Jewish shit Beth tries to pull on you or if she is in hot water over that charity. Nobody cares where the money comes from, just that it shows up and the rest is her and her husband’s problem.

People try to tell her to leave you the fuck alone for her own good because she just keeps getting her ass kicked every time she tries another dumb stunt. She don’t listen. But it is good for laughs.

GA assumed the hideous bleating from the Dark Side was about protecting their Vote-by-Mail (VBM) harvest.

Not a grand scheme to reap millions in razing the HHA.

One wonders what's been happening below the radar to make this happen.  One can imagine the promises made to a whole 'gang' of beneficiaries: from politicians to their friends and donors... use your imagination.  

The kind of scrutiny Reform leadership brings throws a bucket of water on such a scheme, truly making it a "wet dream."

DU's explanation for the desperation of this fight for ONE seat to keep the HHA levers of power makes perfect sense to me.

One Eye, can you look into this?

(Updated, 10:06 am)
This is stunning. GA just got this email from an attendee at the last HHA meeting: 
At the last HHA meeting, there was a vote to continue the redevelopment plan.

Mello wanted to ask questions and hold the vote off until next month, but qualified by saying something like, " If it's already too far along, I won't challenge it but..."

Carmelo interjected (on the microphone set to 11) "Yes, we are already very far along and have worked on it for over a year, and it will slow down progress..."  

Then Mello backed off and they voted for it. I'm not sure of the impact that vote had. If Camporeale's vote is not valid, I hope it can unravel some errant voting in the past for this redev project. I don't think any of the board members fully understood what was going on. 
Wow.  Now doesn't that validate everything DU said.

(GA was at that meeting, but frankly left early because Little Avenger (LA) was bored out of her skull.)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Data Smuggling at the BoE: Whodunit?

And you thought City Hall was the only place the Old Guard was trafficking in unethically-obtained confidential information?

No, it is not.

Patrick Ricciardi,  free on $100,000 bond, faces 3 counts of  intercepting wire and electronic communications punishable by 5 years imprisonment for each and a $250,000 fine.   These are criminal charges.

Could he be sued by victims later in civil court?  I'm pretty sure, but I'll check with Not-Stempler (GA's $850/hr legal department- pro bono for me).

What recourse does a victim of a CONSPIRACY to traffic information from CLOSED SESSION BoE meetings have- with at least two parties involved:
  • CONSPIRATOR A: An elected official on the School Board who has smuggled closed session discussions about a teacher to a political operative to dump online. Conspirator A's goal is to: IDENTIFY the teacher by  name, DAMAGE the teacher's reputation and character in allegations that CANNOT BE ANSWERED because closed-session facts are CONFIDENTIAL, and most of all, cause COLLATERAL DAMAGE to the teacher's allies on the School Board and the Hoboken Housing Authority.
  • CONSPIRATOR B: The political operative who posts online under many different monikers, but mostly as Curious Gal and prosbus, and has never denied she is Kim Cardinal. Cardinal is the current (or former) wife of 1010WINS cabby-crooner Lane Bajardi.  Cardinal has not denied she's moved out of Hoboken to a waterside development in Edgewater. Curious Kim has been the Energizer Bunny of this conspiracy to seed Patch with closed-session allegations- which cannot be debated or refuted because they are closed session. This is Cardinal's modus operandi- planting ugly rumors online, lies and spin, against those she perceives as 'enemies'.   All disturbing, and in his case, her victim is an African American. The vigor and venom with which Curious Gal has pursued this individual with unethically-obtained information NOT AVAILABLE BY OPRA REQUEST suggests a very dark motive driving her animus toward this African American professional.
It looks like we have a WHODUNIT on our hands. 

We know the identity of Conspirator B, but WHO leaked the closed-session information to her?

GA has confirmed the following elected officials are NOT involved in this data-smuggling conspiracy against this African American teacher: Theresa Minutillo, Ruthy McAllister, Leon Gold,  Rose Markle and Irene Sobolov. These BoE members are in fact horrified that one of their colleagues has betrayed their oath by participating in such unethical conduct.

Which leaves the question.

WHO is Conspirator A?

WHO would have the MOTIVE and OPPORTUNITY to leak closed session information to Conspirator B for the purpose of harming the person's allies on the HHA and on the School Board (Kids First)?

Who hates Kids First enough to attack this teacher to damage Kids First by proxy?

Who has a history of leaking and publishing closed session information online in violation of their School Board OATH?

Your guess is as good as mine.

That's the WHODUNIT, folks.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Truth about Timmy: Attack on Mello & the HHA

GA called Councilman Dave Mello yesterday to discuss this report in
But even though the vote was over, the issue was still hot during a five-minute intermission to allow members of the public to leave. Council members Occhipinti and David Mello, who is a newly-appointed member of the Housing Authority, continued the debate, yelling at each other in close range, even pushing against each other before police came to intervene and Russo pulled Occhipinti to the side of the court chambers. 
Dave told me what happened. But first, check this out.

We all see Timmy twitching and gesturing oddly on-camera during meetings. But, did you know...

GA found out that Councilman Occhipinti mumbles non-sequiters to his 'neighbors' both on the dais and off- Corporation Counsel and other professionals- throughout the meeting.  He does this quietly enough so that it will not be picked up on the cameraman's equipment but loudly enough to be heard by those in close proximity.

The kind of mumbles that spill from this idiot are the kind of non-substantive jabs that were overheard by bystanders Wednesday night.  Such as "Are you proud of yourself?" to Ravi Bhalla.  To Greg Lincoln (after his appointment) "You've never been to an HHA meeting".  And so on...

It's true.

Like blasts of steam that escape a lidded pot of boiling water, non-sequiters burst from Timmy's boiling brain through the opening in his face.  Unfortunately, these idiotic bursts distract and annoy those around him who actually listen and engage themselves in the proceedings.

Not Timmy.

He is purely reactive- a reaction machine.  He comes to meetings wound up with talking points provided by handlers and sits there ignoring or uncomprehending the discussion around him.

Tim's got no interest in governing, doesn't pay attention, is too lazy to look up the correct spelling of a name ('Camparelli').

On Wednesday, he sat through the hour-plus discussion where Corporation Counsel Mellissa Longo explained ad nauseum how former HHA Commissioner Marianne Camporeale had triggered the statute to remove her on January 21, 2012.

And sat through Bhalla's reading of the June 18 letter from the DCA- the one he'd Facebooked about:

"Council President Bhalla cannot produce the evidence by the Dept of Community Affairs formally informing the Commissioner of her removal"
-Timmy Occhipinti

Yes, he DID.

Didn't matter a whit to the Witless.

Tim saw the letter, heard he letter, heard the Corporation Counsel.  Then sprang his canned schtick as though all he'd been washing down pints at the Pilsner Haus all night instead of sitting in the room.

And what a SCHTICK it was.

Timmy gave a song and dance about mistreatment of the ELDERLY... how Zimmer doesn't CARE about an old disabled lady, how the MAYOR tried to "take her out" ('whack' her) pleaded for  the rights of a "79 year-old disabled old woman" and THEN...  

TIMMY VOTES 'NO' on 5 new HOP buses primarily used by OLD PEOPLE.  

You get this phony grandstanding idiot? Well, he really DOES care...

Timmy cares about ONE old lady- former HHA Commissioner Marianne Camporeale

It's the REST of Hoboken's old ladies AND old men he doesn't give a rat's ass about.

The one's that don't control the HHA, source of Timmy's $40/vote harvest.  The ones that depend on the HOP for transportation.

Like my friend's 87 year-old father who lives in Church Towers.  He's got kidney disease which has weakened him, and uses the HOP to get around town.  GA sees so many old people riding the HOP- it stops at the A&P across the street.

So this PHONY who pranced out of the Council Chambers like a pissy fairy to demonstrate disdain for the treatment of his 79 year-old TICKET to HHA POWER, said "NO" to my friend's POWERLESS 87 year-old sick Dad, and ALL of the other OLD people that would be served by the new buses.

But Timmy said "No way,sick, disabled old People!  You can WALK!"

"You do for me, I do for you"

Actually,  the expansion of the HOP was the Mayor's way of showing Hoboken's older population that she CARES and HEARS their demand for more HOP service.

Timmy's vote was his way of saying: "F*** YOU, old people!" 

That's what I heard.

Back to Tim's attack on Mello.

During the break, Timmy snarked this to Dave (not verbatim):  Maybe you can show up at some events and act like a real Commissioner.

Occhipinti was referring to the HHA-sponsored 'bike rodeo' for Dads which took place the previous Father's Day weekend.

Without betraying Dave's privacy, all I can say is he and his family spent their father's Day weekend with an 'old person' (the kind Timmy pretends to care about).  That's Dave's own Dad.   And the rest is nobody's business.  Including mine.


Who the hell is that needling, nasty SOB to get into a colleague's personal life?  Dave is a family man- has a wife and 2 daughters.  It's none of that little pissant's business where  Dave spent his Father's Day weekend.

Therein lies the difference between the two men.


Tim TALKS about caring for old people, then votes NO to give them transportation.

Dave doesn't talk, he votes YES for more HOP buses to help old people get around and be independent.

So how DARE that squirt comment on Dave's private life and use a photo-op to measure whether he is a 'real Commissioner'.

Dave felt the same way.  And told him so.  In colorful terms. Called him an "S.O.B."  Told him it was none of his damned business what how he spends his personal time.  While doing so he placed his hands on Tim's shoulders then Timmy yelled "Get your hands off me!  Get your hands off me!"

What a p**sy.  (I meant 'pansy'... *wink*)

Here's the HHA that Timmy is really fighting to keep- the one that protects politically POWERFUL old people  (like ones on the HHA) but doesn't give a DAMN about POWERLESS old people (the ones who ride the HOP ).

GA's heard about one old man who has languished on the HHA list for YEARS, and has gotten the run-around, been skipped over by others.  I redacted details which would have identified this gentleman for fear of reprisal, and make no mistake: a sword hangs over residents who speak out against the leadership.  
I met with my friend, (redacted) yesterday.  He is a senior citizen and registered for an apt with the HHA years ago.  Said he was jerked around the HHA and still doesn't have an apartment. (redacted)  WTF?  But, he does not want to get involved because it could jeopardize himself in getting an apartment.  He said he's been told he's #1 on the list on a building near the (redacted).  Is the list by building or is it any building?
Don't worry, Sir.  There's a new game in town.  

GA expects fairness to be instituted at the HHA because Reformers are about protecting the public good- which means ALL old people- on HOP buses and on HHA waiting lists- not just one with a swing vote on the HHA.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Timmy's Letter to Santa

Unhinged at the City Council

Folks, GA needs more time (and sleep) to make... um, sense of what unfolded on the City Council stage last night.

Where to begin?  

Anticipated drama between HHA applicants Joe Branco and Greg Lincoln was snuffed out by the  stunning pyrotechnics that preceded them. 

In fact, both men seemed sedated as they approached the mic, tentative about whether there was even a vacancy on the HHA, uncertain if they were being presumptuous by assuming there was!  Branco even offered to "drive Camporeale" to "take her test" so she could serve out her term. 

What knocked the wind out of these two spirited men?

Take a look.

video courtesy of MSV

Wow.   And that was for starters.

Former HHA Commissioner Marianne Camporeale heckled loudly from her front-row seat as though she were at a Madison Square Garden wrestling event instead of a public meeting, offering the City Council President at one point to  "wrap that gavel around your neck". 


I don't doubt for a second she could and would do it.

Just like I don't doubt for a second she could and wouldn't attend the classes she needed to remain on the HHA.

Camporeale is one of the 'rules are for other people' crowd.  In fact, word on the street is that she didn't like the classes so stopped going.   Which means transportation was not the issue- ask her how she got to the 3 classes she DID take.  Ask her.

Any number of people would have driven her to those remaining 2 classes had she asked.  She didn't ask.  

And Camporeale knew they were required.  What does THAT tell you?

And then, this iron-willed gal with balls-of-steel has the chutzpah to use her age and 'disability', as an excuse for lack of due diligence.   

Anybody buying?

GA's 80 year-old mom is disabled by Camporeale's definition.  Mom's legs are twisted (literally) and she gets around slowly with a walker, but that doesn't stop her from going to classes and activities at her assisted living facility.  And I can give you a list of maladies she's 'survived' including a car wreck that shattered her ribs and nearly killed her, a fall that left a metal pin in her wrist, another that left one in her ankle. 

Through all of that, I have never heard Mom complain about her age or infirmity or use it as an EXCUSE to duck her duties.  Never.

I love you, Mommy!

GA's mommy at age 13.

So last night, in one fell swoop Camporeale proved herself both the antithesis of a helpless, old woman AND in the words of Council President Bhalla:

"Your conduct is demonstrating your fitness to serve."

After the Camporeale's tour-de-force no one in that room believed that she was a woman NOT in absolute control over what she was doing.  And what she DIDN'T do.

So it came as no surprise to GA  (it was announced) that Camporeale was lawyered-up.

Just as Timmy promised us on Facebook!

Yep, the man who washed up on Hoboken's shores in a tsunami of HHA $40 votes, barreled through  Bhalla's reading of the DCA letter confirming Camporeale's removal AND Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo's explanation that the only recourse for Camporeale was to finish the courses at her own expense then re-apply for the position, like an armored truck, undented and undaunted.

Timmy had a script and he was sticking to it.

Because he OWES the HHA and NEEDS 'his people' to control it.

So he ignored the DCA's letter,  ignored Longo, ignored the prevailing statute, and attacked Mayor Zimmer with the future-Plaintiff's claim of "discrimination", using the hit-man's metaphor, "taking her out".

Zimmer as hitman, get it?

Oy vey.

In fact, Timmy's um, 'outrage' was so manifest, he stormed off the dais and out of the chambers when the time came to vote for Lincoln.  And later bumped Councilman Dave Mello, and the police had to be called to the dais. 

Moments that will live on YouTube forever and come back to bite him in the ass.

Occhipinti is truly unfit for office, comporting himself like a petulant prince, lacking the temperament, dignity, maturity and intellect for his position.  And he's too arrogant to get it.  Which will be his downfall, mark my words. 

So the Dark Side went down ugly last night.  With promises that it's "not over": lawsuits, anti-Semitic snark (I didn't hear perennial victim Mason step up for Jake- did you?), picketers, robbing the kids' college tuition...

But make no mistake.  They went down.

And Greg Lincoln is the new HHA Commisioner for the remainder of Camporeale's term. 

Congratulations, Greg!  Let the games begin.

As for Camporeale's 'lawsuit', GA's legal department Not-Stempler weighed in on its merits yesterday:
"Considering the given the circumstances as you've described them to me, it would be a waste of time to provide you with any detailed analysis of a myriad reasons why her claims are utterly meritless, why they would not survive a motion to dismiss and would most likely result in sanctions being imposed against her and her counsel for filing a frivolous lawsuit. I would be deeply disappointed in any member of the bar that would encourage Camporeale's misguided and legally unjustifiable pursuit against the City." 
But GA doubts the Dark Side will let go of this one. I've got more to say but gotta run.  

For more on this story, check out  and Da Horsey.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Timmy's Latest Facebook Salvo!

Well folks, you didn't think Timmy could top his last addle-brained Facebook post, in which he: mis-spelled Marianne Camporeale's name, promoted a lawsuit against Hoboken based on his legally-senseless premise that the City had violated Camporeale's civil rights under the "American's" with Disabilities Act, accused the Zimmer administration of hating old, handicapped Polio survivors...

It doesn't get much better than that if you support reform.  Timmy is the gift that keeps on giving.

So even though he had a night to reflect upon his miscreant accusations, the damage he is doing to Hoboken and to repent this morning, THIS is what he does instead.  Doubles-down on Facebook. 

Hard to read?  It says this:
Margaret her term is not expiring. Zimmer is taking her out because Mary Anne did not support Jake Stuiver for chair of the HHA. This is a political power move against Mary Anne. This is about control and the Mayor should not be injecting her influence over a Federal autonomous agency.
Zimmer is "taking her out"!  Not the DCA.  Zimmer.

What an idiot.  

GA will say this about Timmy; when he digs a hole, he just doesn't stop until it's deep enough to cover himself from view.

Wishful thinking.

Earwitness News: The Marianne Tapes

HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver rocked the Hoboken political blogosphere this morning when he posted this on MSV:
I apologize if this contradicts Tim's "helpless little old lady" narrative, but Ms. Camporeale apparently holds me personally responsible for her predicament, and the night before last left me a series of threatening voicemails that included the phrase "You Jewish people." 
GA called Stuiver to get the story- and I did.

But, at Jake's request, GA won't publish Camporeale's invective because of his concern "it's a distraction" to the what is a legal matter between Camporeale and the DCA, not a personal one between Camporeale and Stuiver.

That is, the predicament of the HHA Board to review and perhaps void 6 months of decisions that Camporeale participated in after she was "deemed resigned" by statute on January 21, 2012.  Stuiver worries the incendiary nature of the voicemails would cloud the cut-and-dried matter of her removal from the HHA- an action which SHE triggered by not completing her training in 18 months.

But he will allow the following Earwitness testimony.

Camporeale's three separate voicemail messages- each several minutes- eviscerate the portrait of her as a victim. And the 'fight' Tim Occhipinti promised to bring to the City Council tonight on his Facebook page with associated threats of a lawsuit claiming civil violations under the ADA was clearly coordinated with her message.

The vindictiveness captured on tape not only undermines whatever she hopes may sway the sympathies of the public in her favor but contains inflammatory speech which GA believes would enrage many.  Stuiver sees no need to make the Marianne Tapes public at this time.

I asked Not-Stempler about her possible threat of a lawsuit under the ADA, and he replied,  "Considering the given the circumstances as you've described them to me, it would be a waste of time to provide you with any detailed analysis of a myriad reasons why her claims are utterly meritless, why they would not survive a motion to dismiss and would most likely result in sanctions being imposed against her and her counsel for filing a frivolous lawsuit. I would be deeply disappointed in any member of the bar that would encourage Camporeale's misguided and legally unjustifiable pursuit against the City."

As he put it, "Unfortunately I've been disappointed before."

Timmy Defends "Camparelli" on Facebook

Hoboken's Dumb-inatrix strikes again.

Still unconvinced that the 4th Ward Councilman is the mental equivalent of a cabbage?

The following is NOT a PhotoShop, it's the REAL thing.  Yikes.

Posted on Facebook yesterday, here is what Timmy has to say about Marianne Camporeale, or  "Mary Ann Camparelli" and his plans to "fight" tonight at the City Council.

Oh, Lord. Where to begin?

Let's ignore his unfortunate spelling. Here is what Timmy is peddling to the low-information crowd:
  • The Zimmer Administration hates old, handicapped, Polio survivors.  
  • The ADA overrides the statute which deemed Camporeale "resigned" on November 3, 2011. 
  • Timmy lets slip that Camporeale is going to file a lawsuit (GA believes this is true, but it will get laughed out of court.)
  • The burden is on "Bhalla" to produce "evidence" that Camporeale has been removed- for exactly the same reason Ruben Ramos was removed in 2003 and Father Micheal Gigliemelli in 2001.  As though anyone- including the DCA- has jurisdiction over the STATUTE.
  • Timmy is the champion of the (false) premise that Camporeale is being "attacked".
GA's general policy is not to debate morons because it elevates the moron and his argument to the level of being debate-worthy.   I'll make an exception today.

First, note the fact that Timmy- who is supposed to be advocating in the interest of Hoboken and not AGAINST it- encourages and facilitates a potential lawsuit by positing a (false) argument that "Camparelli" is a VICTIM of discrimination!

Mr. Numb-Nuts doesn't understand that her employer is HUD- not Hoboken.   Consequently, she has already been removed by statute not "Bhalla" or "Zimmer"- read it:

Isn't that clear? She was "deemed resigned" when the clock ran out.  The DCA "letter" does not remove her, the FEDERAL statute DOES.

In this case, DID.

Therefore, if Camporeale deigns to sue, the Defendant is The United States of America's Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Not Hoboken.

No matter to Timmy, who pitches the notion of "another lawsuit", asserting the aspiring Plaintiff's claim she's been "attacked" for political reasons and is being "removed" in a "hostile" manner.  Do you people get it?

Timmy is working AGAINST the interest of Hoboken by peddling the viability of Camporeale's discrimination claim.

Ding dong!

Bringing me to Timmys next idiotic, false claim: that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 'protects' Camporeale from removal for failure to finish her study course in 18 months (per statute).

Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 " prohibits private employers, state and local governments, employment agencies and labor unions from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities in job application procedures, hiring, firing, advancement, compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment."

It's a long piece of legislation- take a look. In Camporeale's case, the "employer" would be HUD and/or the DCA who administers the federal grant money (Not-Stempler, is that right?).

In order for Camporeale to make such a claim of "discrimination" under the ADA she would need to PROVE:
  • her disability prevented her from  meeting the 18 months accorded by statute
  • she had notified her 'employer' that her disability required an 'accommodation' in the 18 month term followed by a negotiation of a 'reasonable' accommodation. 
Here is the ADA:
An employer generally does not have to provide a reasonable accommodation unless an individual with a disability has asked for one. If an employer believes that a medical condition is causing a performance or conduct problem, it may ask the employee how to solve the problem and if the employee needs a reasonable accommodation. Once a reasonable accommodation is requested, the employer and the individual should discuss the individual's needs and identify the appropriate reasonable accommodation. Where more than one accommodation would work, the employer may choose the one that is less costly or that is easier to provide.
Got that, numb-nuts?

Camporeale completed 3/5 of her training.  In the balance of 18 months, did she EVER notify her 'employer' at any time that she required more time due to her disability?  Even ONCE?  Did her employer ignore her pleas?  Did her employer refuse her requests?

Her 'employer' can tell us.  In FEDERAL court.

Camporeale may wish to think twice before filing a frivolous claim against the federal government.  GA imagines they like to make example of those who exploit a serious piece of legislation designed to enforce he rights of handicapped and disabled Americans.

Now Timmy, before  you make a complete jackass of yourself, understand the jurisdiction of the HHA and the limits of local government to selectively obey statutes. Did you read the statute?

Well, what else to expect from the stand-alone "NO" vote on the Mello-Giattino effort to update Hoboken's "Nuisances" Ordinance because he disagreed with restrictions on the public's right to spit.


If we put the statute in a Seuss book, then he'll read it?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lincoln vs. Branco

HHA bound?

That's the HHA match-up according to yesterday's MSV exclusive.

The two main contenders, a prominent Hoboken bar business owner and a prominent Reformer who took on Michael Russo in 2011's 3rd Ward City Council race, are vying for the seat vacated by the 'resignation' of HHA Commissioner Marianne Camporeale.

Joe is an affable guy, one of our community's 'go-to' fellas to donate his time and resources in a pinch or an emergency.  He never refuses but has always lent a hand.  GA believes not for any 'quid pro quo' from our mayor or City Council, but out of good will and civic responsibility.  That's why he was honored here with GA's first-ever Mensch Award.

So I hope Joe understands how his close personal friendship with HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia compromises his ability to act in an oversight position. 

Would Joe vote for an audit of the HHA books?  Or enforce the request for an employee list: names, positions, salaries, etc?  Would Joe take any oversight initiative which may make his friend uncomfortable?

Branco may say, 'Yes' but would he?

Even the appearance of potential personal conflict is unacceptable.

Not when there is an excellent candidate, without bias or personal relationship with Carmelo Garcia, Greg Lincoln,  willing to step up.  Greg's an impeccably honest and decent man, and took on the thankless 'job' of opposing Mike Russo for City Council.  There his mettle and integrity were on full display, battling that Goliath.  We know Greg's dedication to Reform principles is unwavering, and he scored an impressive 400 votes with his 'little campaign that could'.

So, for what it's worth here's my graphic endorsement:

Joe, there are many other volunteer positions in our City, so if you are not selected do not give up. 

If that happens, I'd take a cue from Lincoln, who seeing you getting knocked around on MSV had this to say:

I'd like to intercede here, with a plea for civil discourse.

While I am pleased to see support for me, I am very disappointed in the personal attacks on both Joe and Brian. I consider them to both be men who are active in the community, and while we may not always agree on everything, I think their efforts to benefit the community (through block parties, HobokenDads, etc.) are to be appreciated.

I've known Joe for awhile, and have a lot of respect for him. We are friendly towards each other, and I don't want that to change. Again, we may not always agree, but I hope there is at least mutual respect.

I hope people will stop trying to belittle one another. If you want to support one person over another, that is fine, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Greg Lincoln 
That's the man he is.  Not a bad word for you and a plea for civility.   All class.

Best wishes to all.