The Truth about Timmy: Attack on Mello & the HHA

GA called Councilman Dave Mello yesterday to discuss this report in
But even though the vote was over, the issue was still hot during a five-minute intermission to allow members of the public to leave. Council members Occhipinti and David Mello, who is a newly-appointed member of the Housing Authority, continued the debate, yelling at each other in close range, even pushing against each other before police came to intervene and Russo pulled Occhipinti to the side of the court chambers. 
Dave told me what happened. But first, check this out.

We all see Timmy twitching and gesturing oddly on-camera during meetings. But, did you know...

GA found out that Councilman Occhipinti mumbles non-sequiters to his 'neighbors' both on the dais and off- Corporation Counsel and other professionals- throughout the meeting.  He does this quietly enough so that it will not be picked up on the cameraman's equipment but loudly enough to be heard by those in close proximity.

The kind of mumbles that spill from this idiot are the kind of non-substantive jabs that were overheard by bystanders Wednesday night.  Such as "Are you proud of yourself?" to Ravi Bhalla.  To Greg Lincoln (after his appointment) "You've never been to an HHA meeting".  And so on...

It's true.

Like blasts of steam that escape a lidded pot of boiling water, non-sequiters burst from Timmy's boiling brain through the opening in his face.  Unfortunately, these idiotic bursts distract and annoy those around him who actually listen and engage themselves in the proceedings.

Not Timmy.

He is purely reactive- a reaction machine.  He comes to meetings wound up with talking points provided by handlers and sits there ignoring or uncomprehending the discussion around him.

Tim's got no interest in governing, doesn't pay attention, is too lazy to look up the correct spelling of a name ('Camparelli').

On Wednesday, he sat through the hour-plus discussion where Corporation Counsel Mellissa Longo explained ad nauseum how former HHA Commissioner Marianne Camporeale had triggered the statute to remove her on January 21, 2012.

And sat through Bhalla's reading of the June 18 letter from the DCA- the one he'd Facebooked about:

"Council President Bhalla cannot produce the evidence by the Dept of Community Affairs formally informing the Commissioner of her removal"
-Timmy Occhipinti

Yes, he DID.

Didn't matter a whit to the Witless.

Tim saw the letter, heard he letter, heard the Corporation Counsel.  Then sprang his canned schtick as though all he'd been washing down pints at the Pilsner Haus all night instead of sitting in the room.

And what a SCHTICK it was.

Timmy gave a song and dance about mistreatment of the ELDERLY... how Zimmer doesn't CARE about an old disabled lady, how the MAYOR tried to "take her out" ('whack' her) pleaded for  the rights of a "79 year-old disabled old woman" and THEN...  

TIMMY VOTES 'NO' on 5 new HOP buses primarily used by OLD PEOPLE.  

You get this phony grandstanding idiot? Well, he really DOES care...

Timmy cares about ONE old lady- former HHA Commissioner Marianne Camporeale

It's the REST of Hoboken's old ladies AND old men he doesn't give a rat's ass about.

The one's that don't control the HHA, source of Timmy's $40/vote harvest.  The ones that depend on the HOP for transportation.

Like my friend's 87 year-old father who lives in Church Towers.  He's got kidney disease which has weakened him, and uses the HOP to get around town.  GA sees so many old people riding the HOP- it stops at the A&P across the street.

So this PHONY who pranced out of the Council Chambers like a pissy fairy to demonstrate disdain for the treatment of his 79 year-old TICKET to HHA POWER, said "NO" to my friend's POWERLESS 87 year-old sick Dad, and ALL of the other OLD people that would be served by the new buses.

But Timmy said "No way,sick, disabled old People!  You can WALK!"

"You do for me, I do for you"

Actually,  the expansion of the HOP was the Mayor's way of showing Hoboken's older population that she CARES and HEARS their demand for more HOP service.

Timmy's vote was his way of saying: "F*** YOU, old people!" 

That's what I heard.

Back to Tim's attack on Mello.

During the break, Timmy snarked this to Dave (not verbatim):  Maybe you can show up at some events and act like a real Commissioner.

Occhipinti was referring to the HHA-sponsored 'bike rodeo' for Dads which took place the previous Father's Day weekend.

Without betraying Dave's privacy, all I can say is he and his family spent their father's Day weekend with an 'old person' (the kind Timmy pretends to care about).  That's Dave's own Dad.   And the rest is nobody's business.  Including mine.


Who the hell is that needling, nasty SOB to get into a colleague's personal life?  Dave is a family man- has a wife and 2 daughters.  It's none of that little pissant's business where  Dave spent his Father's Day weekend.

Therein lies the difference between the two men.


Tim TALKS about caring for old people, then votes NO to give them transportation.

Dave doesn't talk, he votes YES for more HOP buses to help old people get around and be independent.

So how DARE that squirt comment on Dave's private life and use a photo-op to measure whether he is a 'real Commissioner'.

Dave felt the same way.  And told him so.  In colorful terms. Called him an "S.O.B."  Told him it was none of his damned business what how he spends his personal time.  While doing so he placed his hands on Tim's shoulders then Timmy yelled "Get your hands off me!  Get your hands off me!"

What a p**sy.  (I meant 'pansy'... *wink*)

Here's the HHA that Timmy is really fighting to keep- the one that protects politically POWERFUL old people  (like ones on the HHA) but doesn't give a DAMN about POWERLESS old people (the ones who ride the HOP ).

GA's heard about one old man who has languished on the HHA list for YEARS, and has gotten the run-around, been skipped over by others.  I redacted details which would have identified this gentleman for fear of reprisal, and make no mistake: a sword hangs over residents who speak out against the leadership.  
I met with my friend, (redacted) yesterday.  He is a senior citizen and registered for an apt with the HHA years ago.  Said he was jerked around the HHA and still doesn't have an apartment. (redacted)  WTF?  But, he does not want to get involved because it could jeopardize himself in getting an apartment.  He said he's been told he's #1 on the list on a building near the (redacted).  Is the list by building or is it any building?
Don't worry, Sir.  There's a new game in town.  

GA expects fairness to be instituted at the HHA because Reformers are about protecting the public good- which means ALL old people- on HOP buses and on HHA waiting lists- not just one with a swing vote on the HHA.


  1. There must be something sinister happening inside this HHA. The crooks seemed too desperate in their fight to keep the power. There must be a money trail - maybe another 'Correa encore' with millions suffled away?

    1. Correct. As with the school budget, the HHA funding is a source of graft and no-bid contracts, like spending over 300k for elevator floor tiles - or the construction of unnecessary sloped roofs.

      The apartments themselves are another form of capital, expended on a certain few who play the game. Just like Church Towers and Marine View, there is no "list" there are only applications, languishing (or lost) in files that never see the light of day.

      Things were bad under Troy Washington, who allegedly skipped town with HHA money and, after a short stint with Jersey City, left the country to avoid prosecution. That's how the Old Guard rolls.

      Hopefully Lincoln, Mello and Stuiver can end this cycle of corruption.

    2. Don't forget HHA Commissioner Judy Burrell, who is the target of a Kim Cardinal smear campaign on Patch.

  2. Men who pretend to be men are always rather irritating to men who are men.

  3. the money pit....there is always a paper trail....good job.....those people deserve better.

  4. I've been noting for a long time now that the witch Castellano likes to deliver her passive aggressive nasty remarks "sotto voce". Timmy has obviously taken his cue from her in his sotto voce comments. "Sotto Voce" for those unfamiliar with the world of opera literally means " under the breath". It's a line of dialogue designed to fly under the radar and escape the hearing of all but the immediate listeners. So, we now know that the pile of rocks masquerading as a Councilperson is a passive-aggressive jerk who doesn't have the b-lls to speak directly to the members of the Council he thinks he disagrees with. Only total cowards like Occhipinti express their opinions sotto voce. He's way too cowardly scared to take on a Dave Mello or a Peter Cunningham on face-to-face.

    Tim Occhipinti is a Back Room Deal and he needs to go down for his total dishonesty and underhandedness. Please vote this chicken-hawk, vote-buying clown out before he foes anymore damage! Thanks!

    1. As a witch, I take offence.

    2. Having met you, I say you are indeed a good witch!


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