Timmy's Latest Facebook Salvo!

Well folks, you didn't think Timmy could top his last addle-brained Facebook post, in which he: mis-spelled Marianne Camporeale's name, promoted a lawsuit against Hoboken based on his legally-senseless premise that the City had violated Camporeale's civil rights under the "American's" with Disabilities Act, accused the Zimmer administration of hating old, handicapped Polio survivors...

It doesn't get much better than that if you support reform.  Timmy is the gift that keeps on giving.

So even though he had a night to reflect upon his miscreant accusations, the damage he is doing to Hoboken and to repent this morning, THIS is what he does instead.  Doubles-down on Facebook. 

Hard to read?  It says this:
Margaret her term is not expiring. Zimmer is taking her out because Mary Anne did not support Jake Stuiver for chair of the HHA. This is a political power move against Mary Anne. This is about control and the Mayor should not be injecting her influence over a Federal autonomous agency.
Zimmer is "taking her out"!  Not the DCA.  Zimmer.

What an idiot.  

GA will say this about Timmy; when he digs a hole, he just doesn't stop until it's deep enough to cover himself from view.

Wishful thinking.