Bombshell Exclusive: Minutillo's Moral Victory- UPDATED

Minutillo on the witness stand

Oh my goodness...

GA was about to tell you-all about how Leon Gold, Jean Mare Mitchell and I were booted from Matt Calicchio's harassment trial today; his attorney, Elise DiNardo called us 'potential witnesses' forcing us from the courtroom in a legal strategy intended to throw the complaining witness, Theresa Minutillo, off her game.

Well, I had a LOT to say about that until I got a call from Minutillo herself and.... WOW.

Folks if there's any 'bad' news, it's that the judge found the complaint didn't rise to the level of criminal behavior.

But that's where the 'bad news' ends. The rest... 

GA spoke to Minutillo and her lone supporter left in the courtroom- who took copious notes. And the bombshells dropped in that Union City Municipal Court will reverberate here in Hoboken, from City Hall to 1200 Washington Street, home of the Mason Family Civic League. 

GA is expecting the full narrative tomorrow, but here's some of what went down in that courtroom as it was told to me.  From my notes:

Tania Garcia
  • The prosecutor got Matt Calicchio's witness, Tania Garcia (relative of BoE member Carmelo Garcia) to admit she's on Beth Mason's payroll  Garcia said she works 28 hours a week as of January 2012, and before that volunteered at the "commuity space" (Gallery 1200).  She said that she works with Matt Calicchio.
  • Tania Garcia testified she did not know that Theresa Minutillo was on the School Board.
  • Garcia claimed she was not there at the time of the alleged incident (Minutillo said that garcia witnessed it).
  • Garcia said the Calicchio accompanied her to pick up her son from Wallace school.

Matt Calicchio
  • Quote:  "I am on the payroll of the Mason Family Civic League since June 2011."
  •  Matt claimed his nephew is a 4-year old in the school system and that's why he attends School Board meetings. 
  •  The prosecutor asked, "Who do you attend Board meetings with?"  Calicchio responded,  "With political friends: Frank Raia, my brother (Nick Calicchio), Michelle Russo and once with Beth Mason."
  •  DiNardo asked Calicchio if he read about his case online.   MC said yes, about 10 times. DiNardo asked where.  MC said on Hoboken Horse.  DiNardo asked who wrote about him.  MC answered  "Roman Brice."  The judge interrupted, "Stop!  Stop!  I get it's all about politics!"  ending DiNardo's line of questioning.
  • DiNardo kept referring to Calicchio's "twin" brother.  (Is Nick his twin?)

The Judge

"Someone here is lying. Like a stop light we have red or green there is no yellow here"

"There was no credible testimony by Tania Garcia and Matt Calicchio"

 "Tania Garcia's uncle is on the Board of Education.  She works for Beth Mason.  She is a political player."

"Matt Calicchio is being used for politics in exchange for a job."

"He's nobody even if he may think he is but he's being used."

"This is having a chilling effect on democracy. why would anyone run for office (with this)? This is very disturbing and uncivilized. This is bullying."

" It's a political job (Tani Garcia's)- she can walk into her job anytime she wants,  that's a political job." 

"Any board member should be allowed to live their lives without being accosted on the street"
  • The judge asked, "What 23 year old goes to a School Board meeting? You're hired political people.  You're hired because of what you do politically."
  •  The judge asked, "Why do you volunteer at the Civic Association? You get a paying job. You both have paying jobs but you pick up your son together... you go to board meetings... that what you do."  
  •  The judge did not believe Calicchio was in the schoolyard just to pick up Garcia's daughter.
  • The judge (and prosecutor) cited that Minutillo had been harassed in the past, but only filed a complaint now because it happened in the presence of her 5 year-old child, which crossed a line.
  • The judge gave a passionate summation, talked about uncivil discourse in our country as a threat to democracy- referring to President Obama being called a "liar" by a senator- and spoke personally about being accosted in Union City because of his job.  He seemed to empathize with Minutillo's harassment simply because she is a Board member.
  •  The judge referred to Calicchio's and Garcia's testimony as "garbage."
  • He reprimanded DiNardo if she's going to put on witnesses to have them get their story straight.
WOW.  There is a lot to discuss here, and GA will be getting a witness narrative with more analysis.

But a LOT of connections were made in that courtroom and they all lead to one person.

Beth Mason.

(Updated- 6/8/12, 7:30 am)
GA got more notes from the courtroom witness:
Calicchio's attorney DiNardo read selections from definition of 'harassment': "anonymous, using offensive & course language" at an inconvenient  time, in an effort to have the case dismissed.   The Prosecutor affirmed that it did fit definition of harassment and the judge agreed.

The judge said Minutillo had used the words 'scared' and 'frightened' which meets criteria for 'harassment' so case should continue.

Judge to Calicchio: "You're a fool who is being used.  What's very disturbing is that people openly lie under oath."

 The judge told Tania Garcia that she probably got the job because of her uncle (Carmelo Garcia).

Garcia  said Carmelo Garcia is her "son's uncle", but she "rarely ever sees him--maybe once every 3 months."

Judge advised MC that "he did not have to testify." MC said he wanted to testify.

 DiNardo asked Minutillo about BOE meetings, establishing BOE meetings can be challenging & disrespectful.  Dinardo aked her, "Does MC (Matt Calliccio) attend meetings? "He has a twin"--are you aware of that?"

(GA Note: was DiNardo trying to establish a defense that MC has a twin, and that the twin had harassed Minutillo, not MC?  Huh?)


  1. HEY BRIAN STACK, more good news about your running mate.

    Hiring thugs that harass women and children and are cited as "bullies" and "fools" in court by a judge who considers them LIARS.


    Just checking again - are you sure you need Beth's money that bad?

  2. Wilikers, one might have to assume Ms Mason, so unaware of the way the real world works and oh so pathetically out of her league and depth that she might have the audacity to try to peddle her woefully transparent miscast 6th grade level political theater in a court of law. Let's hope she didn't try to hire the judge to campaign for Mr Occhipinti on election day and put a big red apple on his bench for a favorable ruling too. Here's a heads up to the defense: pouting or holding your breath until you turn blue doesn't wash as a legal tactic either. Ms Mason, as the saying goes, you may step down now.

  3. "Tania Garcia's uncle is on the Board of Education. She works for Beth Mason. She is a political player"

    'The judge referred to Calicchio's and Garcia's testimony as "garbage."'

    I'm sure Carmelo Garcia must be so proud. Did she score an apartment too?

  4. So the Mason Family Civic League is how they are funneling money to all the lowlifes they pay. I wonder how many other creepy crawlies they hire through the Mason Family Civic League. Want to bet most of the pro-Mason posters get paid through that?

    1. Maybe the Feds and IRS would be interested to learn about the Beth Mason bait-and-switch method of paying operatives?

    2. Yes - and hopefully they'll look into why this Pedi-Cab operator from DC, Alex Lesiak, comes in to handle all the street money for Mason and Cammarano at the behest of - Menendez?

  5. Can anyone find Matt or Tania on Beth's ELEC report's?

    1. don't be silly, ss. matt/tania work for the "civic league", not for beth's political campaign!! ;)

    2. Matt stated he was working for the Mason Family Uncivic League of Villany & Damnation. That deplorable organization doesn't file ELEC reports.

  6. I just checked the IRS' website and found, lo and behold, that the Mason Civic League, Inc. (EIN # 27-3134429) is listed as a tax-exempt public charity, the first 50% of contributions of which are tax deductible to the donor. This is Beth Mason, folks...the address is listed as 921 Hudson Street, Hoboken; the President is none other than her royal highness. Anyone who knows anything about charities knows that using funds to engage in lobbying and political action is strictly VERBOTEN!!! Somehow, I think she's playing around with the official name of this entity (i.e., Mason Civic League vs. Mason Family Civic Association)to throw up a smoke screen.

    1. Nice catch, rudydawg! Ya trying to scoop me? :-)

      Stay tuned folks, there's more to this story.

  7. Matt Callichio doesn't have a twin, and Nick is at least 30 lbs lighter and an inch or more shorter than Matt. He's far from a twin or even close to mistakable for matt.


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