Sucking up to Stack

Where has the love gone?

 GA whistled past the Hoboken411 graveyard the other day and  spotted something curious: there were left and center column banner ads touting a U.S. Congressional Democratic candidate for the June 5th  Primary.

No big deal, right?  Hoboken411 has historically been the Beth Mason venue for political ''speech', including endorsements.

GA just whistled over there again and found the same Congressional candidate's strongly-worded Editorial which blasted Mason's boogeyman, the HPU.

Again: what's the big deal?  Par for the course from Camp Mason, right?

Well.. not exactly.

The Democrat festooning Hoboken411 is NOT the guy on Menendez' ticket, incumbent U.S. Congressman Albio Sires.  

It's that OTHER guy, Sires' opponent, Michael J. Shurin.  

(If you're not sure it's an endorsement, note the graphic with the giant blue arrow directing you to Shurin's name on the ballot under Column C.)

Now, Shurin's Number ONE issue is: legalizing marijuana. From his blog:
Since 2006, the year Rep. Sires and Sen. Menendez were appointed to the House and Senate respectively, a minimum of 50,000 Mexicans have died. Senator Menendez and Rep. Albio Sires both voted to support this war when they voted YES for the Merida Initiative (U.S. funding for the drug war in Mexico). So much of Latin America, where many of the immigrants Sen. Stack cares about come from, is being turned into war zones from drug violence. Over 1,110 people were killed last year in Puerto Rico alone. If Sen. Stack cares about gun violence he should vote for a candidate ready to end the “War on Drugs”, and push for full marijuana legalization (not mere decriminalization). 
Respectfully, the guy doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell.

And not to be rude, but GA invites you to read his 5-page excruciatingly detailed bio to see what lurks in the mind of this 25 year-old candidate, and more so, in the minds of those who would take him seriously enough to endorse him.

Not to suggest his elevator isn't running to the penthouse floor, but maybe a couple of floors are missing and the building's tilted.

So why this public overture to a (lunatic) fringe candidate highly critical of incumbents Senator Menendez and Congressman Sires, practically calling them mass-murderers?

Shurin equates Obama with Romney on his campaign materials

Perhaps the same reason why Mason-marionette Timmy Occhipinti was hitting the streets for U.S. representative Bill Pascrell this weekend in Englewood Cliffs:

 Making nice to this fella!

Union City Mayor & State Senator Brian Stack

Isn't he adorable?  I just LOVE him.  Because GA hears he's going to let Hoboken residents swim in gorgeous swimming pool! And for that, he's bought my love and loyalty, which doesn't come cheap, some say.   

Union City community swimming pool
Well, the "arch-enemy of the HCDO" Stack was campaigning for Pascrell  in Passaic on May 22

Stack campaigning for Pascrell in Passaic-  credit: PolitickerNJ

The Union City political boss, mayor, state senator and arch-enemy of the Hudson County Democratic Organization, Brian Stack, and 125 of his citizen commandos hit the streets of Passaic yesterday on behalf of the re-election of fellow Democrat U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, reports

Stack is again bucking the HCDO, which in turn is quietly supporting U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman in the new Ninth Congressional District, a war zone that was redrawn to eliminate Pascrell or Rothman. Secaucus and Kearny of Hudson County are part of the redrawn district.
So... Dim-Tim was dispatched to Englewood Cliffs to campaign for Pascrell (Stack's guy).

And Mason media venue Hoboken411 is trumpeting this loon, Shurin (anti-HCDO slate).

GA hears a sucking sound in all this... don't you?

Speculation: She's dumped Menendez (what's he done for her lately?) and is wooing Stack for a spot on his 2014 ticket... all he needs to do is dump Ruben.  Then... she'll run Timmy for MAYOR in 2014.



  1. Too bad we can't vote for none of the above in the primary.

  2. Shurin has a point about legalization, I think even some surprising elements of society ( parts of the Christian right) are coming around to the idea that marijuana fuels devastating violence in Latin America, with little or no benefit to the US.


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