One Eye: Charitable Tax Evasion?

When GA's monocular sleuth One-Eye spots malfeasance, he never blinks.

Yesterday our suspicious Cyclops hinted that Mason's "charitable organization" may be a 'shell' company to conceal the movement of money to political operatives, campaigns and political activities that as a 501(c)(3), is funded by public money and tax-exempt.

If so, this suggests that the Queen of Transparency, Beth Mason, her mega-millions law firm equity partner hubby, Richard Mason of Wachtell, Liption, Rosen & Katz, L.L.P. AND a Weehawken anchovy, James Barracato, were running a tax-evasion scam on the general public AND the I.R.S. called The Mason Civic League, Inc.

Could it be?  Our uni-lens scout went searching for the truth. 

Once he confirmed the charter for Mason's 501(c)(3), The Mason Civic league, Inc., was still active, One-Eye checked to see if it was registered with the N.J. Division of Consumer Affairs.

Here's what he found in the Directory of Registered Charities online database:

Mason Civic League's Certificate of Incorporation was issued on July 21, 2010, but the charity was registered 7 months earlier on December 31, 2009.

 GA, note that there is something curious about the phone number that is listed for the charity.  It appears to be an old number that Mason used to give out for people to contact her and appears on various informational sites on the web, like the Hoboken Family Alliance, where her numbers is listed here.  It's no longer an active listing and belongs to a Jersey City resident named (redacted).
Here's where the Masons get in deep doo-doo. 
All registered charitable organizations are required to report expenditures for the fiscal year- the forms are online- the process is simple. If the Mason charity was on the up-and-up, here's what they would be reporting annually:
By filing an initial registration, the Mason Civic League acknowledged that it is covered by the Charities Act (N.J.S.A. 45:17A-18).  Which means, after the initial filing, there is an annual filing obligation. 

Looking at the records for the Mason Civic League, however, the last filing for the League was in 2009, and it curiously lists no income and expenditures, not even a start-up donation by Ricky Mason.

As you can see from the statute, there are various enforcement provisions and penalties for failure to comply with the obligation to maintain an updated registration.

The Division of Consumer Affairs has primary administrative, investigatory and regulatory authority, and the Attorney General has the authority to act under both the not for profit statute as well as the provisions of the Charities Act in the event that various violations have been committed by a not for profit entity. 

If Beth and Ricky Mason had filed annually, they would have been forced to disclose the sources of the funding for the entity as well as the expenditures. 

Since it appears that there are at least two employees of the League, it would have to generate enough income to pay those employees

Per the registration statement required of every entity that must file, even if the League qualified for the short form (see Question 8), they would still have to list the top 5 paid employees, their names and titles in Question 16, and also fill out the short from financial statement which sets forth the annual income and expenses of the entity. It even has a line on the income side to identify the contributions from the founder(s). 

So now what to make of this. I asked my friend, the one who went away on a federal vacation, and all he said was something about getting a good attorney.  

Not sure what is worse, the balls not to ever file an annual report or the fact that they've been asking the taxpayers to subsidize their political machinations. I would be amazed if they had not taken some kind of tax deduction for funding their “magnanimous” charity.
Thank you, One-Eye!  Let's recap.
  • No mandated expense reports filed by the Masons for almost 3 YEARS.  
  • Political operatives on the Masons' payroll: videographer Tim, Not-Perry, Ryan Yacco, Tania Garcia, Matt Calicchio, Finboy© Barracato... who else?  Does she pay ALL of them from her 501(c)(3)?  If not, how are the others paid- they never show up on her ELECs (except for Yaaco's Bluewater Operations).
  • Finboy© Barracato on the charity's Board buying Hoboken Reporter ads paid for with charity-CASH concurently peddling Nazi-tales to the paper against Mason's political critics...
4 consecutive weeks of 'Mason Family Civic League' ads when Mason Civic League, Inc. BOARD member James Barracato was pitching Nazi-Tales against Mason critics.
Treasurer Ricky Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz ,/br>signed off on 52K in street money for his wife's
City Council campaign!

  • Hidden Expenses.  24/7 campaign ad on, years of pro-Mason spin by ghostwriter-operative Lane Bajardi yet webmaster Perry Klaussen neither have  EVER appeared on a Mason ELEC report.   How did she pay Hoboken411?

  • Lane Bajardi who appeared to work for her full-time from 2009-2011- how was he paid?
Famous 'Midnight video' of political operatives at Tim Occhipinti's headquarters.  Mason wheeled at least $13,400 dollars to Occhipinti's campaign in an alleged quid pro quo to become City Council president.

Want to know what GALLS me?

Ricky Mason, the golden goose who rakes millions into the Mason coffers annually as an equity partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, L.L.P. and his wife can WELL afford to pay their staff on the up-and-up. They can well afford to pay taxes.  But why do that when you can (allegedly) get the general public to fund your political machine by registering it as a charity!  And probably take an income tax-deduction on it to boot!  So WE have to fund their skulduggery- like the harassment of a public official in the presence of her 5 year-old daughter on public school grounds!

What a pair of schmucks!  Allegedly.

Actually, I'm sure they are. 

And, Hudson County is just brimming with scum-buckets who'll aid and abet this kind of  greedy, self-centered schmuck-ery for a price.  Enter henchman Finboy© Barracato.

One-Eye, you are welcome to plumb the abyss of the Masons' ethics but...

May the I.R.S. and Attorney General do their own investigation at what may be a public-funded political operation, a possible phony income tax deduction, and all kinds of tax-evasion.

Charitable Registration and Investigation Act

N.J.S.A. 45:17A-19.
Findings, declarations

2. The Legislature finds and declares that in order to protect the public from fraud and deceptive practices, it is essential that information concerning charitable fund raising activities of charitable organizations, professional fund raisers, commercial co-venturers and solicitors be readily available to the people of this State. 

GA Note: Horsey's got a  piece up over at the barn- it looks like great minds and eyeballs think alike!  Check it out!


  1. Indeed, a very nice family if this is all true. The two daughters are getting one-on-one lessons in how to screw the taxpayers, 'allegedly'. They stand no chance in life to ever learn about honesty, ethics, morals, good. All they see is: lie, deceive, cheat, hate. Allegedly. Ugly is the norm in their daily life.

  2. I have been incommunicado with Info Jr's graduation and family in town for the blessed event.

    These two pieces on the 5013c are simply shattering. They serve as an almost painful reminder of what journalists could be doing in Hoboken if they cared. I continue to maintain that there is a Pulitzer hanging in the lower branches of a tree in Hudson County. No one seems to want it.

    More importantly, by clearly laying out the details of the Mason's tax fraud, Mr Eye has brought us all to a fork in the road. For he has made us into Ms Mason's jury.

    The evidence is set forth on the table, the witnesses have had their say. Now we need to deliver a verdict.

    We. Us.

    Blogging about "one of these days..." and karma and "someone should do something" won't cut it. We have been empowered to act on our own.

    I will be contacting the IRS. I hope others will do likewise - because you know you should. And because thanks to Mr Eye, you can.

    Please do not let this moment pass with more jabbering about what ought to happen. Just go ahead and do it yourself.

    GA, not that you need more to do - but I think a post showing how simply one can provide proper notice to the IRS would be beneficial. I can help as needed.


    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men* do nothing."

    ~Edmund Burke

    *And, of course, women...

    1. Info, great idea. Horsey has a great template on his site today for those who reporting this matter to the IRS.



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