Earwitness News: The Marianne Tapes

HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver rocked the Hoboken political blogosphere this morning when he posted this on MSV:
I apologize if this contradicts Tim's "helpless little old lady" narrative, but Ms. Camporeale apparently holds me personally responsible for her predicament, and the night before last left me a series of threatening voicemails that included the phrase "You Jewish people." 
GA called Stuiver to get the story- and I did.

But, at Jake's request, GA won't publish Camporeale's invective because of his concern "it's a distraction" to the what is a legal matter between Camporeale and the DCA, not a personal one between Camporeale and Stuiver.

That is, the predicament of the HHA Board to review and perhaps void 6 months of decisions that Camporeale participated in after she was "deemed resigned" by statute on January 21, 2012.  Stuiver worries the incendiary nature of the voicemails would cloud the cut-and-dried matter of her removal from the HHA- an action which SHE triggered by not completing her training in 18 months.

But he will allow the following Earwitness testimony.

Camporeale's three separate voicemail messages- each several minutes- eviscerate the portrait of her as a victim. And the 'fight' Tim Occhipinti promised to bring to the City Council tonight on his Facebook page with associated threats of a lawsuit claiming civil violations under the ADA was clearly coordinated with her message.

The vindictiveness captured on tape not only undermines whatever she hopes may sway the sympathies of the public in her favor but contains inflammatory speech which GA believes would enrage many.  Stuiver sees no need to make the Marianne Tapes public at this time.

I asked Not-Stempler about her possible threat of a lawsuit under the ADA, and he replied,  "Considering the given the circumstances as you've described them to me, it would be a waste of time to provide you with any detailed analysis of a myriad reasons why her claims are utterly meritless, why they would not survive a motion to dismiss and would most likely result in sanctions being imposed against her and her counsel for filing a frivolous lawsuit. I would be deeply disappointed in any member of the bar that would encourage Camporeale's misguided and legally unjustifiable pursuit against the City."

As he put it, "Unfortunately I've been disappointed before."


  1. but here's the question: on behalf of jews everywhere, will beth mason step up and denounce marianne's hate speech? will she contact her friends at leading area jewish organizations and get them to condemn her attacks? is lane bajardi at kinko's printing out the oversized easel boards as we speak?

    or will beth decide to go with the crucifix tonight?

  2. Well Jake should save the messages just in case.

  3. Reading about the ADA,at meeting in hoboken other night.And ms Camporeal,tirate. I was upset and helped in my thoughts of old hoboken,im here only near 8 years,and have family that are here longer. But i think for myself, I hold my self responsable for my actions.She has no case,her actions,reminded me of old movie, Stepford wifes. Robots. lol
    Im disabled, And in my 60s, So i can speak in disappointment of all the claims. Mr Mello was right, after he heard her, he would never vote for her. Shame on them,RESPECT is not in there minds, votes and money. most of all..EGO!!!


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