Who Will it Be?

MSV has a great piece up today, recounting what we all know now- including the spinners and weavers of the Dark Side know- that Marianne Camporeale is off the HHA.

No ifs, ands or WAAAAAAHs.

According to the statute- which the DCA has no authority to override and hasn't for former HHA Commissioners Ruben Ramos (2003) and Father  Michael Guglimelli (2001) booted for the same reason as Camporeale- she was "deemed resigned" at the 18-month mark

MSV also reveals she finished fewer of the required study courses than she claimed to have to The Hoboken Reporter.  

Well, moving right along... any guesses on WHO will be appointed to fill the vacancy for the balance of Camporeale's term?

That's until May 3, 2015. 

GA doesn't think it will be Joe Branco, who was vocally disappointed that he wasn't appointed to Michael Russo's seat.  Very vocally.  Everywhere.  Hindsight is 20-20, as they say.  Who knew another seat would be vacated a few weeks later?

Technically, it was vacated November 3, 2011.  

Well... it's a safe bet a solid Reformer will get it.  Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

Like Horsey, GA anticipates a show on Wednesday night; the Dark Side's A-Team, celebrities and attendant thugs will be there with collective amnesia about the statute and Camporeale's year and a half to comply with it (and ask for help if she needed it). No, the Dark Army knows it's over, but will bring a feast for the low-information crowd.

Yep, it's all Jake Stuiver's and Mayor Zimmer's fault.  Those bullies and their rules!

I can hear Timmy's outrage is being written right now.  (Do you think he'll add a new tone into his 3-tone range?   Thump on the table?  Shake his fist?)

Bring your Kleenex, folks.  And a bag of popcorn.


  1. Buh Bye, Maryanne. No more Carmelo toadies. Bring on the reformers!


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