Earwitness News: Branco's Choice

Never a dull moment in Hoboken politics, folks!

It's official:  Hoboken bar owner and HHA-aspirant Joe Branco has thrown in with the Dark Side as Campaign Manager for Pupie Raia's  BoE ticket!

Fresh from GA's Inbox, this Earwitness Report:
found out yesterday that Joe Branco is the campaign manager for Markevitch and (Oland).  So much for the great reformer... LMAO

it seems that they all met at Momma Russo's mother's house on Madison street Tuesday night, I guess it was for a strategy session. Fran and Peter, Pupie, Holmsie, T Burns etc. were also present.

I believe I heard (Oland) didn't show up. 

An entire Dark Side constellation aligned for the Kids First opposition ticket:  Raia, Russo, Secaucus import Theresa Burns, 2 sitting School Board members: Frances Rhodes-Kearns and Peter Biancamano!

That's quite a statement from Branco, no?

After flirting with everyone at the ball, he's finally chosen. Like the saying goes: you dance with the one that brung you.  

And from Joe's POV, what's Reform done for him lately?

 Bupkis. No City Council seat, no HHA seat.  So I suppose that's what this is about. Not a governing philosophy.  Not principles. 

GA  wonders if Branco knows how his friends used BoE cash as a slush fund. Just in case...

Joe, here is your BoE Corruption Starter Kit:

Got that, Joe?

That's just for starters.

You have chosen to represent these folks and this what you will have to defend.

Welcome to the BoE race!


  1. Well Branco has shown Branco only cares about Branco w/ this move. No need to ever consider the man for any public service position ever again b/c he has no interest in actually serving.

  2. Hosting reform events at his bar was; a) good for business; b) a strategy to gain favor with the current administration or; c) political opportunism?

    Branco's reason for angling for a seat on the HHA was; a) a strong desire to serve the community; b) a desire to ensure fiscal responsibility in the HHA or; c) political opportunism?

    The rationale for managing Pupie's money and the freak show that are on his school board slate is; a) a strong interest in public education; b) a chance to show how much he cares about kids or; c) political opportunism?

    Well, at least Branco has finally and fully morphed into what many of us suspected he was all along. We've seen this all before.

  3. In national politics it's called "going rogue."

    In Hoboken it's "going weasel."

    So long, Joe. Here's an idea to get the campaign rolling. Tell Lizzie to go to a BOE meeting. That helps with the BOE bonafides.


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