Timmy: Reform Superstar

Folks on the Dark Side: do not congratulate GA for yesterday's post- the one where informant Deep Uvula (DU) spilled the beans on a covert plan to turn the HHA into an Old Guard ATM.

To be frank, I had nothing to do with it.

This is the fellow you need to thank:

Without him, none of it could have happened.

Timmy, take a bow!

Because after his behavior at the City Council last Wednesday, tongues were wagging all over town: what the hell was THAT about?  A performance of that magnitude simply couldn't be over one old lady.  Or one HHA seat.

Tim's over-the-top histrionics, nastiness and provocation of Mello to nearly to blows, storming off the dais and out of the room muttering aloud... cheesy drama-queen theatrics performed for constituents or... WHO was his target audience?

Tim's behavior was outside of the spectrum of usual (grandstanding, sometimes raucous) City Council opposition discourse. It was head-scratching weird.

Something must be UP.

Occhipinti's smorgasbord of drama made even casual observers wonder what was really at stake over this ONE HHA seat.

EVERYONE was talking about the Occhipinti meltdown.  It even inspired The Hoboken Reporter's Steven LaMarca to ask 'Why?'

And since Wednesday's seeming over-reaction to the loss of one HHA seat provided by Tim Occhipinti, the 'why' question has been hanging over our city, the subject of gossip among politicos.

That question hanging out there what in G-d's name got into Tim Occhipinti, WHY, WHY, WHY did he DO that-- is why GA was contacted by Deep Uvula, who is-at heart- a gossip. DU couldn't wait to share the dish with yours truly.  Who couldn't wait to share it with YOU.

And so, because of Tim Occhipinti, we all found out that the HHA seat was Old Guards insurance policy to cash in on a multi-million dollar razing of the HHA.

Dark Siders: imagine all those millions of dollars in real estate commissions and contracts (perhaps) LOST thanks to Tim Occhipinti. 

That's why GA calls Tim our Reform Superstar a.k.a. the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

And, if you want to want to know what Timmy City Council strategy will be TOMORROW, don't forget to read his Facebook page TODAY!

So, my pals on the Dark Side.  Now you know WHO to thank, and it ain't me.  He's ALL yours.