Invasion of the Scandal Snatchers

Just when you thought the Masons were finally hoisted on their own petard with a so-called '501(c)(3) 'Civic League'  that operates a tax-exempt employment agency for political operatives...  and our anti-Reform media might be forced into covering it... a devastating event occurs in Hoboken!

Are you siting down, people?

Here it is.

City Council President Ravi Bhalla turned right on Washington Street to Observer Highway.

Aaaargh!  No!  No!  Say he didn't.. PLEASE....

But there's more... he turned right into the arms of the most vocal Zimmer administration critic on the HPD, PSOA President Ed Drishti  who accused the mayor of causing a tsunami of violent crime in Hoboken.    Did she really? 

All I can say is that the HPD had enough hands to  manage our crime wave last August when they sent 2 detectives to my house for an hour over a blog post.  And grilled me like a fish in the presence of my 8 year-old.  Funny, how those cops tried everything to get me to say 2 words: 'Beth' + 'Mason'.  (They didn't seem to give a shit about Timmy, the source of the complaint) Then you KNOW the media would have been ALL over that story. Mason: always the victim, never the victimizer.

Or tax evader.

But I digress...

So, Ravi drives right into the arms of Drishti, who slaps him with 4 frigging tickets! FOUR.  I'm surprised he didn't strip search him and check up his (redacted) with a flashlight.

For God's sake.  OK, here's a shout-out to all the scum who will call GA a hypocrite for not scolding Ravi... are you ready:

Ravi, you were a bad, bad boy for forgetting to renew your license.  No TV tonight, extra spinach and after dinner you will go straight to your room.   Then your wife is going to spank you and you will not enjoy it.   Promise not to enjoy it?

As for the so-called 'illegal turn'- GA smells something bad.  And so did my informant, Ear Wax, who sent me this:
Knew in advance about the license thing. Just like with Ian and you, the PD is being used again to settle political scores. There are plenty that think it is ok and that is just how Hoboken works, but there are more than a few in the PD that are sick of the way things get done. Keep digging and you will find a mess, with people pointing fingers and lying about the whole thing. Beth Mason is scum.
I smelled it too, Ear Wax.  Mason's got a 'Civic League' stocked with operatives, and plenty of dough for opp-research.  I'm not surprised to hear you say that the so-called 'license suspension' (which turned out to be false) was already known.

Bhalla is easy to spot (except in pitch dark) and  GA hears he is going to fight that ticket in court.  Because the ticketed offense was based on the officer's perception. GA's waiting for facts.

Like the ones we know about the Mason's 'charity'. 

In the meantime, my suggestion to those offended by the media coverage of a driving ticket of a Reform politician and the media silence on the systematic screwing of the taxpayer and the IRS by Beth Mason-  making us fund her political operation via it's 501(c)(3) tax status...

If that annoys you, here is a template (courtesy of MSV):



  1. I was pulled over for the same infraction (driving with a suspended license) about 5 years ago. The cop let me drive to the softball field in Edgewater (about 2 miles from where he pulled me over) and said, "Don't drive home." I went to NJ MVC and had it all taken care of at a later date (I missed a notice in the mail). All my tags were expired and he said nothing. I think my car was still registered out of state, but I can't remember. I figure he let me off because I was outside of Hoboken and dealing with a P.O. without an ax to grind.

  2. Dear Grafix Avenger,

    I enjoyed your story today featuring another one of your friends "Earwax." Did you know that earwax is really healthy and if you go swimming it can help protect your ears?

    I know because even though most horses don't like to take a dip in the drink, this horse does.

    Thank you for giving Da Horsey credit on the IRS Information Referral but we didn't make it. Just so you know, you can check off whatever boxes you like before sending it out. You can check off political corruption, organized crime and whatever floats your boat.

    Did you know there's many political operatives who float their boat with money from Beth and Ricky Mason's charity? Of course you do because you have that sleuth One Eye working for you.

    Do you think it's fair you get all these people helping you? I think you should at least lend MSV "Not Stempler."

    Da Horsey is willing to get into a public bidding war for the services of Not Stempler. Since he goes for close to $1,000 an hour, we want to start the bidding at $1 in the hopes we might beat you on the low end. Maybe you will forget to make any bid GA? wink ;)

    Isn't it funny how certain information finds it's way to Hoboken411 and other places in Hoboken but other stories never do? How does that happen when Perry Klaussen doesn't occasionally visit his friend Patrick Ricciardi on the third floor anymore. Oh yeah, his friend with the God access to everything in the mayor's office isn't there now. It's good they still have some friends in other places. Or is it?

    Okay, nice to see you here. Ooops look at the time, I have to go. Heard that Mayor Zimmer is about to sneeze and she may not cover her nose.

    She could get five years for that. Well that's what I hear. Cuz you know, "they're here for Zimmer."

  3. Crime IS up in Hoboken: on the police force. It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that amongst certain corrupt officers, the policy and protocol dictates that everything that may potentially hurt our city (& the mayor by extension) large and small, is immediately leaked to Perry the Pornographer at H8411. Falco are you paying attention???

  4. Patch already closed comments on the Bhalla traffic ticket story. The pressure on avoiding the real news in town must have gotten to them.

  5. I just read through the comments both on Patch and MSV. Seems to me like it got too hot over there. With people pointing out how arbitrary news coverage is, it's really no wonder they shut down people's ability to speak.

    What I find mildly entertaining is Perry Belfiore's post was approved and posted AFTER the thread was closed for comments. He probably got it in before the thread was closed, but isn't it curious that HIS comment made it through the filter and showed up with no ability to be responded to, yet at least one other person is complaining that his/her comments are being filtered and deleted.

    1. Beth is a Patch advertiser. And an HR advertiser.

      Remember how her Patch ads ran long AFTER the CC race was over?

      And she has a whole cast of ops on board that probably call Claire, Tom and other Patch management constantly and spoon feed material. Just like Barracato does to the publisher, editor and reporters at HR. And one never knows what ELSE goes on.

    2. True GA, very very true. I just get fed up with the obvious editorial bias on that site. It's hard to read.

  6. The Patch comments are open again, guess they thought better of that move.


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