Ravi Frenzy-Day 4: Mason Evasion-Day 8

Happy Father's Day from BOTH the Mason Family Civic League and the newly-formed GA Family Civic League*

*That's the official alias for my tax-exempt charitable organization, my brand- spankin' new 501(c)(3), the GA Civic League, Inc.   But I'm calling it the GA Family Civic League to escape detection.  I'm not sure what I am escaping detection from, but I've got BIG tax-evading plans.  Enormous.

Here they are: I'll hire a tax-exempt ape to lurk at a public school playground and bully moms with their kids. I'll hire a lanky stalker to videotape whomever I wish, and another to go to City Council meetings to provoke a horse.

Because as long as I advertise my 501(c)(3) the GA Civic League, Inc. with the alias the GA Family Civic League, no one will know my ape is on my registered tax-exempt charitable organization's payroll.

Like how I do that?  Pretty slick.

You know, apes don't come cheap.  Neither do stalkers nor street-money Santas.  That's why YOUR tax dollars buy MY bananas.  In bushels.  Tax-exempt bananas.

And with my clever alias, the IRS will NEVER figure it out.    

Let them TRY to verify the GA Family Civic League is a 501(c)(3)--ha ha!  They have a better chance of finding Timmy O. at a Mensa meeting.

That's why it's called an alias.  See?

To illustrate how well using an alias works to escape detection, let's imagine a registered 501(c)(3) that hasn't filed it's annual state mandated expenditure form since it was initiated in 2010   and it employs political operatives who admit so in open court and  a political operative is even a Board Trustee! 

Let's say a local newspaper prints an ad in which the ad buyer uses the alias- AFTER the subterfuge has been exposed ALONG WITH employment of political operatives and funding of political games with public money-  CRIMES if proven-  yet the paper STILL runs ads with the 'alias' and doesn't investigate the alleged IRS scam...

credit: MSV- from IRS web site

Well, that goes to show you how successfully you can evade taxes using a 501(c)(3) under an alias to DECEIVE the PUBLIC in HOBOKEN!

With the help of the Fourth Estate.

Oh, wait a minute... only SOME people get away with (alleged) crimes like tax-evasion- possibly fraud and money-laundering- while having the general public finance their political hijinks... that's what SOME people in Hoboken can get away with.

OTHER people get pilloried in the press and online for a traffic ticket.

It all depends on WHO you are.

Maybe GA needs to rethink that 501(c)(3) scheme.

Somehow, I think I'm in the same 'league' as the guy getting the electric chair for an alleged illegal right turn on Washington Street.

And don't let it happen again.