Note to LaMarca

GA just returned from a fabulous day at Sandy Hook beach with Little Avenger (LA) and friends to find a spate of bizarre postings from 'zimmersbroomstick' on Patch- accusing others of being me, then threatening to email Stephen LaMarca from The Hoboken Reporter with... I have no idea.

But as a pathological liar who has been caught feeding The Hoboken Reporter falsified documents and fabrications against yours truly, serial failures have not diminished his will to keep trying.

After reading Barracato's allegations and threat to contact The Hoboken Reporter,  GA had no recourse but to contact LaMarca myself.


I just got back from a lovely day at the beach with my daughter, a neighbor and her 2 kids to find myself attacked in a bizarre series of posts on Patch by James Barracato, posting under the moniker 'zimmersbroomstick'.  It appears he is accusing me of being other persons and making wild allegations. 

I am contacting you because he has posted that he is "emailing Stephen LaMarca" with G-d knows what spurious nonsense.

 I have attached a screenshot of this for your information.

I suggest you look at the sheer volume of very strange postings he's made in the past couple of days under this moniker.

It appears Barracato is having some kind of mental breakdown. Indeed I hope he is not dangerous, as he seems obsessed with me, obsessed with my zoning board service. 

 I do hope you look at his Patch postings to understand the kind of immature, unstable individual that your paper has been using as a source. Malicious intent underlies his infantile online behavior- and threatening to "email Stephen LaMarca" is an example. 

It appears Barracato feels he has some hold over you, over your paper, over what you write. It appears he feels comfortable sending you the products of his derangement as 'news'. It appears he believes you will publish his nonsense, so thus threatens 'enemies' with "emailing" you. 

I am resigned to the fact he will be pelting your paper with this kind of spurious nonsense- made-up Nazi tales, made-up online adventures- until he finds a steady job. ( Perhaps his downward spiral began with getting caught submitting falsified information and photoshopped screen shots to your paper. I hear he was furious that his 'Nazi'-tales were not published by your paper and screamed at upper management, something about "not getting his money's worth".)

Based on his online mental collapse, I assume he has pushed (or will) another fabrication on your paper about myself, and perhaps other administration supporters. 

So, to protect myself I request that should your paper deign to take anything from this odd duck seriously with respect to me, that you come to me first. I assure you that false and defamatory information published about me will not go unanswered. 

I've been impressed with your work recently and it appears to me the influence of this malevolent weirdo- a pathological liar, in fact- on your paper is diminishing. 

You can contact me anytime you like. 

Best wishes,