Lincoln vs. Branco

HHA bound?

That's the HHA match-up according to yesterday's MSV exclusive.

The two main contenders, a prominent Hoboken bar business owner and a prominent Reformer who took on Michael Russo in 2011's 3rd Ward City Council race, are vying for the seat vacated by the 'resignation' of HHA Commissioner Marianne Camporeale.

Joe is an affable guy, one of our community's 'go-to' fellas to donate his time and resources in a pinch or an emergency.  He never refuses but has always lent a hand.  GA believes not for any 'quid pro quo' from our mayor or City Council, but out of good will and civic responsibility.  That's why he was honored here with GA's first-ever Mensch Award.

So I hope Joe understands how his close personal friendship with HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia compromises his ability to act in an oversight position. 

Would Joe vote for an audit of the HHA books?  Or enforce the request for an employee list: names, positions, salaries, etc?  Would Joe take any oversight initiative which may make his friend uncomfortable?

Branco may say, 'Yes' but would he?

Even the appearance of potential personal conflict is unacceptable.

Not when there is an excellent candidate, without bias or personal relationship with Carmelo Garcia, Greg Lincoln,  willing to step up.  Greg's an impeccably honest and decent man, and took on the thankless 'job' of opposing Mike Russo for City Council.  There his mettle and integrity were on full display, battling that Goliath.  We know Greg's dedication to Reform principles is unwavering, and he scored an impressive 400 votes with his 'little campaign that could'.

So, for what it's worth here's my graphic endorsement:

Joe, there are many other volunteer positions in our City, so if you are not selected do not give up. 

If that happens, I'd take a cue from Lincoln, who seeing you getting knocked around on MSV had this to say:

I'd like to intercede here, with a plea for civil discourse.

While I am pleased to see support for me, I am very disappointed in the personal attacks on both Joe and Brian. I consider them to both be men who are active in the community, and while we may not always agree on everything, I think their efforts to benefit the community (through block parties, HobokenDads, etc.) are to be appreciated.

I've known Joe for awhile, and have a lot of respect for him. We are friendly towards each other, and I don't want that to change. Again, we may not always agree, but I hope there is at least mutual respect.

I hope people will stop trying to belittle one another. If you want to support one person over another, that is fine, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Greg Lincoln 
That's the man he is.  Not a bad word for you and a plea for civility.   All class.

Best wishes to all.


  1. Not that she is remotely qualified, but assuming she could fulfill the requirements of the position, Camporeale has no desire to be re-appointed?

    Don't know why Branco believes owning bars and performing volunteer activities makes him a good candidate for this or any position on a board or commission in our city, but that seems to be the path the newly anointed Old Guard members use to gain a public persona, like Novak, Delea and Occhipinti. Great characters all.

    While Lincoln seems to be the best choice, as a Republican we may wonder how much he dogmatically follows the destructive policies and damaging ideologies of his party which have been so corrosive to the working poor - the majority of the population he will be serving on the HHA.

    1. What is wrong w/ a dose of Republican ideology on the HHA board? The HHA is not going anywhere so he can only operate w/in the confines of the HHA's role. He can't slash spending on any of the other social programs these people benefit from. He can't kick them out b/c he hates HUD. He can't not spend money maintaining & operating the buildings. He won't just slash the budget so he can return the money to the US Treasury b/c he knows that is just an exercise in futility. However he might be more willing than some people to take a close look at how money is spent, where the waste is & how the money the HHA does have could be spent more effectively.

      And since he is a Republican, we know full well the man won't have any luck at all trying to use his position to farm votes in the HHA. I kind of like the idea of having a guy who will never be able to farm votes at the HHA on the board over at the HHA.

    2. Agree with all, but fiduciary responsibility is a non-partisan issue and the corrupt Old Guard, while mostly Democrats, are "DINO's" (Democrats in name only) since they don't espouse Democratic ideals with their behavior. The sooner they are sidelined the better.

      It's also true that Republicans in the last 30 years have grown to be a party that is populated and controlled more and more by religious wing-nuts who have declared war on the poor, minorities, women and sexual minorities. We don't need more of that at any level of government, hence my concern about Mr. Lincoln.

    3. You're the only person I've seen bring big party politics into local government. Hoboken has a very large population of republicans, most of whom, thankfully, voted for our despite her democrat affiliation.

      And then we have the whole Zimmer works with Christie thing - showing that it's ok to cross party lines.

      So I guess what I'm trying to say here is - when it comes to local politics stick the party line crap up your bunghole. :)

    4. Partisan politics, while not overtly discussed, play a huge role in elections. If you don't believe that, I have a partially submerged pier for you to buy.

      Glad to see that Lincoln got in and as GA pointed out, I'm not the only one who believed him to be a Republican.

      Party affiliation shouldn't matter in local elections. Until it does. Especially on the HHA and school boards where Republican ideologues seek to do the most damage. I give you Maureen Sullivan and Liz Markevitch - and soon to be others.

  2. Sorry guys, you must be mixing me up with Abraham Lincoln again. Emancipator, Republican, Vampire Hunter.

    I'm not one to think that in local politics party matters all that much, but I am a registered Democrat. I ran for Democratic Committee in 3-1 in 2010 and 2011.

    I hope that dispels any fears of me being a "religious wing-nut".

    1. Ha! And I thought you were a Repub, too.

      You're right, it must be the name.

  3. Greg, can you explain for the group where you feel your experience will vampire hunting will be viable in your HHA role?


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