Tim Crushes 4th Ward Hopes

...for a PARK.

Thank goodness for a City Council majority who cares about the PUBLIC good. Thank you...

Ravi Bhalla
Carol Marsh
Dave Mello
Peter Cunningham
Jen Giattino


  1. Tim's canned comments on this matter were the most disingenuous I've ever seen, and I've seen my share of disingenuous canned Tim statements. Claiming credit yet again for the refurbishment of the Jackson and Jefferson Street playgrounds and the Mama Johnson Field returfing to position himself as a parks champion in spite of his vote was nauseating, and I hope his strategy of catering to the uninformed is countermeasured with a full-on effort to get the word out that he had next to nothing to do with any of those efforts. The Johnson Field plan was well under way long before Tim came into the picture and piggybacked along for the ride, and as recently as a week and a half ago he was publicly kvetching about the city not having recently mowed the grass there, knowing full well the grass was mere days away from being groundbroken to be replaced with astroturf. I appreciate Councilwoman Marsh calling him out for claiming these accomplishments of others as his own, and next time he peddles that line, I'd like to see him pressed to itemize exactly what it is he purports to have done to advance any of these projects.


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