Monday, November 30, 2015

In our pants

Liebler's November 2013 cartoon updated 

Wow, that is one funny cartoon!

Look at all those money-hungry barracudas lining up to suckle the Hoboken taxpayers' teat!

Some of them even wear giant pants to stuff full of taxpayer money!

"Lotsa' cheese up there!," says Rat #1.

"Yesssh!," replies Rat #2.

Filling those giant pants with "an amount that is fair reasonable and just to compensate Plaintiff for the injuries he suffered... " from OUR TAX MONEY

Indeed, we Hoboken taxpayers keep taking it on the chin.

First, Freeholder Anthony Romano did NOTHING to protect Hoboken as our County taxes soared 40%.

Now, presumptive 2017 mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos' "internet defense guy" is suing Ramos' presumptive 2017 opponent, Dawn Zimmer...

In GA's OPINION this lawsuit is a TAXPAYER-FUNDED fishing expedition for Dawn Zimmer's email... politics, politics, politics.

The ordinary Plaintiff has counsel speak for them; Plantiff Liebler has a communications and marketing firm managing media coverage.

Liebler's counsel had his communications firm crank out a press release to media before Defendants were notified and/or served.   From
Liebler's counsel has advised Liebler not to speak to the press, according to Axiom Communications, the communications firm of Liebler's law firm, Brach Eichler of Roseland.  Liebler's lawyer Charles Gormally said his client has a clear First Amendment case.
Axiom Communications is a marketing and public relations firm founded by Ron Simoncini; Mr. Simoncini  is also (still, I believe) Executive Director of the Mile Square Taxpayers Association, (MSTA)  who are represented by Gormally (Liebler's attorney.)

In the meantime, MSV reported that a second political operative may be gearing up to sue the City for alleged First Amendment violations.

WHO could it be?  Let's check the pants...

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bajardi emails: Carmelo leaked discovery in 2013

As has been shown before, the 50,000 email exhibits by Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal in their SLAPP suit Bajardi v Pincus pull back the curtain on the anti-Zimmer faction's machinations.

Their latest political operation (in GA's OPINION), is the newly-filed First Amendment claim "David Liebler v Dawn Zimmer, et. al."

With respect to David Liebler, there is a wealth of evidence to support Hudson County View's  statement that he is "a longtime Hoboken political operative."

On August 17, 2013, David Liebler emails Sara Stojkovic, who 4 minutes later forwards it to Kim Cardinal  [BAJARDI_00049013.htm]; Liebler writes about a call from "Carmelo."

The email tells us Carmelo Garcia has circulated a "transcript" from discovery in Garcia v Dawn Zimmer,, to Ruben Ramos and Jason Orlando.

According to the email, David Liebler texted Ruben for a copy: "get me that transcript this weekend 300 pages is a  lot to get through and I need all the Stan quotes."

Wow.  If the Garcia Defendants are reading,  discovery has been opened to all the parties mentioned on this email.

Here's what GA finds interesting.

In 2013 Carmelo Garcia leaked discovery to  mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos.  As you can see, David Liebler urges Ruben Ramos to "use" the Garcia discovery.

In 2015 Carmelo Garcia leaks MORE discovery, 2 weeks before the November 3 election. Now David Liebler shows up at the City Council, fights with Council President Bhalla over reading  leaked Garcia discovery.... which becomes a civil rights claim against the City!

GA has no doubt Liebler's  lawsuit is a discovery fishing expedition which will spring leaks like a sieve- if it gets that far.

More of our tax money to defend this.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Claire's List?

screen cap from GA source

Oh, dear!  The plot thickens.

GA was sent the above screen cap- a dialogue between a reliable source and a fellow named [redacted].   In this clip, [redacted] claimed to have "the names of everyone" from a Patch editor who, according to [redacted] got "pissed off."

[Redacted] alleged "I have the list not David."

How would [redacted] know what David had?  Could there be two lists?

In GA's OPINION [redacted] is missing bulbs on his Christmas tree (and the power to light them). That opinion is based  on GA's personal experience with [redacted] who once sent me a creepy series of emails under the pseudonym "Gabriel."  That doesn't mean [redacted's] claims of a "list" are false, but in my view he is a weirdo who enjoys playing tricks on others.  Maybe [redacted] has proof of this "list". Maybe not.

But [redacted] isn't suing the mayor of Hoboken and all 9 members of the City Council, David Liebler is.

It is possible the extent of the Plaintiffs' axe to grind against Hoboken's mayor and her husband goes deeper than what lies above the surface.

One thing is certain. A body of disturbing personal commentary about the mayor and her husband exists under authors who are known and unknown.

Author KNOWN:

Author(s) UNKNOWN:

The alleged existence of two lists should make for interesting discovery. How many screen name IDs will be exposed?  Ones like zimmersbroomstick?

It looks like the Dark Side has opened up a new Pandora's box. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

We have much to be thankful for.  Dig in!

GA & Hoboken's monster raccoons, possum in the daytime and ghost squirrels

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Liebler's List, Litigation and The First Amendment

 August 10, 2013


Is the irony of a First Amendment lawsuit by a rabid anti-Zimmer activist who routinely attacked the political speech of anonymous internet commenters and blog proprietors lost on anyone?

David Liebler, who attacks authors of political discourse he dislikes and has for years, even threatening anonymous screen names that he (and unidentified others) have created a "list" of their presumed identities:
"Ojo, I can not wait till I find out who you really are....we have a pretty complete list of everyone who blogs under fake names, looking forward to getting yours!"
Really? GA looks forward to the discovery request for the "list" and the identities of parties involved in making this "list."

 The Patch thread where Liebler makes his "list" threat is still online- these are excerpted in order:


In an earlier Patch post, on April 25, 2013, Liebler admits  his motive for the "list"- to strip screen name commenters of their anonymity and expose them in the public square, because (he calls) their political  speech "disgusting" and "horrible:"

GA can only imagine the gems to  be exposed in discovery about Liebler's "list."

Here Liebler satirizes Reform faction bloggers, turning us into "Zimmer zombies" because  he doesn't like what we say.  So what?  It's kind of funny.  Satire v satire. You don't see GA running to court with a box of Kleenex, or crying he's "horrible" and 'disgusting!"  Waaaaaaaa.

 GA's got longer hair than that!  And I don't  blog with glasses on, nyaah nyaah

Liebler, a hard-core critic of the Mayor, has used the services of a professional cartoonist to satirize "Stawn"  (a pejorative name he created) on  and Facebook  for years.    In GA's OPINION, this unrelenting public campaign establishes Liebler as a limited public  figure with an agenda. "First Amendment" my butt-- this lawsuit is about politics. This is about Liebler's very personal vendetta ("how does it feel now, bitch!"), not First Amendment principles. Liebler's got a PR firm who sent a press release to PolitickerNJ announcing the lawsuit before it was served to Defendants.  Do most Plaintiffs enlist the services of a PR firm before they serve their complaint?  He is using the services of the Mile Square Tax Association attorney, not a 'First Amendment' lawyer.  Enough said?  In my OPINION.

August 10, 2013

Courts are NOT political battlefields for Hoboken operatives or rabid opponents of one political faction to attack the other, and for Hoboken TAXPAYERS to underwrite,

It sure is light years from December 2011, when Liebler's personal audit of the City's litigation expenses obtained  via OPRA generated media coverage.  Liebler's position was that the City's expenditures on litigation were "out of control."

"Resident David Liebler, who has worked for an anti-Zimmer candidate in the past, filed an Open Public Records (OPRA) request recently asking for all of the legal expenses for the city of Hoboken since 2008.

“All I heard was legal, legal, legal at every council meeting,” Liebler said last week. He said it took him a month to review the thousands of documents that he received.

Then he organized a spreadsheet with the costs, which he certified as correct by the city’s Legal Department. Liebler provided the documents to the Reporter.

“What I found was astonishing,” he said. “The spending is out of control.”

Yes, it is.

And, in my OPINION, David Liebler's lawsuit is a cynical political operation we all have to pay for.

Hoboken Taxpayer

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Breaking: Liebler seeks "compensatory damages" from Hoboken (taxpayers) for Council ousting

Anybody want to guess if the City was served before this story was peddled to PolitickerNJ?

Read the full story HERE

That Defusco-Ramos "Meeting" Rumor

DeFuscophobia is over.

It's been replaced by a new disorder, DeFuscomania, for which scientists at The Academy of Sore Losers say there is no known cure.

GA is no scientist, so in plain language, I've noticed  a whole lot shit-stirring online about First Ward Councilman-elect Mike DeFusco.  In fact, the anger toward him ("DeFuscomania") is palpable.

The Defuscomaniacs want to sow distrust in the Reform community against Mike D.; to make us feel used and betrayed for having supported him.  Yes, it's true, DeFusco was once  allied with the cast and crew from the Dark Side. It's also true that some in Reform have a 'wait and see' attitude toward him.  That's why DeFuscomaniacs figure he is vulnerable to rumors that we got 'played' and DeFusco is really 'with' them.

And so, DeFuscomaniacs have been sowing the internet with rumors of DeFusco  "meeting" and/or "having weekly lunches" with Ruben Ramos.  Al Sullivan wrote:
Newly elected 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos, who might be seen as the head of the anti-Zimmer faction, has supposedly met with newly elected 1st Ward Councilman Michael DeFusco to – as one source put it – “to talk about issues.”
What's the truth?

Ask Mike DeFusco. 

Al Sullivan didn't.  GA did.
"They're trying to drive a wedge -- all made up.

I haven't seen Ruben in months, we've texted to congratulate each other but no meeting has taken place.

Saw Mike, Stick and Carmelo at league, we kept it short.

Listen, many are eager to lessen the blow to Terry by diminishing my character and win but simultaneously attempting to associate with me because they see the future and want to stay relevant. It's kind of crazy. I'm still trying to get over an election filled with lies and misinformation spread about me...when I am ready to talk to them, I will do so in a spirit of collaboration.

Outside of nonexistent meetings, you do realize that Terry and George (up until last week) were still telling people they won the machines and were looking for a way to challenge my 100% legal vote by mails. Again, it makes them feel better by attacking my hard work and I try am just trying to brush it all off."
Why wouldn't Ramos set the record straight?   Because he's on board with Russo and the DeFuscomaniacs.

GA supposes the DeFuscomaniacs want to isolate him, then pick him off in 4 years.  Many believe that Terry Castellano had wanted to pass her Council seat on to her son in 2019,so don't expect  the DeFuscomaniacs to go away.

In the meantime, it is shocking how personal and vicious the attacks against Michael D. have been.   Here is Michael Russo "liking" a homophobic comment on cousin Terry's Facebook page.

If it is improper to comment about Russo's "partner," why is it okay to comment about Defusco's?

Oh yeah, and there is no evidence that Mike D. was "funded by" the Victory Fund- or as the commenter put it "got his back scratched... and will owe allegiances in return."   DeFusco received their endorsement, like hundreds of other proud LGTB Americans running for political office.

This kind of politics is why the Dark Side is doomed for extinction.

In the meantime, while Castellano sits on her butt plotting against DeFusco,  DeFusco is helping his future constituents find fresh water and is keeping them informed through the water-crisis in Hoboken.

DeFusco has posted 7 informational updates on Facebook since Sunday morning, including:



Wow, on the job already weeks before his swearing in.

Oh yeah, all of the Reform Councilpersons have been updating their constituents via Facebook or email on the City's water crisis, while...

There is NOTHING posted on Ruben Ramos' nor Michael Russo's Facebook pages to help 4th and 3rd Ward constituents through Hoboken's water emergency.  ZERO.

They are too busy playing politics to do their JOB.

Monday, November 23, 2015

PolitickerNJ Erases Mason as Sweeney's Host- AGAIN!

For the 2nd consecutive year, PolitickerNJ drops Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason from recognition as host of the League of Municipalities big bash for State Senator Stephen Sweeney. 

PolitickerNJ writes Mason's co-host, State Senator Sandra Cunningham is "Sweeney's fellow headliner," with Mason derisively noted as "stay[ing] by Sweeney's side the whole night" like an uninvited stalker.


No accident, of course.  Sweeney's people appear to be controlling this message.  No photos, no appearance that she's in Sweeney's camp.  She just follows him around. All night. 

And pays for the privilege.

According to PoliticoNewJersey: "Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason paid for the bash- the third [time] year in a row she sponsored it."

How many millions has Mason tossed into the inferno of her political career?

'Joan Q' Corrects Sullivan Column

This 'Joan Q?  6-term 32nd LD Assemblywoman Joan M. Quigley

Oh, boy.

You know it's getting sloppy over there when (alleged) former members of the NJ General Assembly drop corrections under  Al Sullivan's column- see above.

'Joan Q' is correct.  

Bill Pascrell represents the 9th Congressional District, which includes Prieto's home, Secaucus; Albio Sires represents the 8th Congressional District, which includes Hoboken.

That kind of error is an honest mistake.  Unlike the rest of the column's mistakes.

After Al burned relationships with honest Reformers, he seems content printing rumor and spin from anti-administration operatives.  Pitchers and catcher.

GA can guess who pitched this foul ball (a greasy flounder filet):
Meanwhile, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer reportedly attended an event for Phil Murphy, a former ambassador to Germany, who would also like to run for governor of New Jersey. A former Goldman Sachs executive, Murphy could siphon off Wall Street funding Fulop might need. 
Ummm... Mayor Zimmer didn't go to Atlantic City this year.   She stayed in Hoboken.

Zimmer's Twitter account shows her working in Hoboken on November 17th, the opening day of Atlantic City's League of Municipalities, when she"reportedly attended an event for Phil Murphy."

Now that is a substantial rumor to spread- the Mayor of Hoboken 'coming out' for a particular Democratic gubernatorial hopeful- who is not our Jersey City neighbor.  And it is easy to fact- check.

Unless one isn't interested in fact-checking, but rumor-mongering for the Dark Side. 

More on that to come.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

In Memory of Roya: "Princess Gallantra"

What a wonderful tribute from a friend to beautiful Hoboken mom, Roya Movafegh. Roya was diagnosed with peripheral T-cell lymphoma and passed away in May, 2015. Thank you so much for bringing Roya's story to life, friend and illustrator Lyle Hysen.

Here is how you can purchase "Princess Gallantra"-  ALL profits will go to charity, Global Kids (,  an organization whose work is a perfect fit to honor Roya's memory. 

The book is available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover at ( - just search for it via "Lyle Hysen") as well as for sale in Hoboken at “Little City Books".

If you don’t want to buy the book, but would like to to make a donation to Global Kids, please mark on the check that it's in memory of Roya Movafegh.

GA has read "Princess Gallantra," and it is lovely.

GA NOTE: Wouldn't it be lovely to have Roya's empowering story, "Princess Gallanta" in every school library in Hoboken: district, charter, private?  Copies could also go to the Jubilee Center, and daycares.

 Folks, if you can buy one book or dozens, have them shipped to me- I will take it from there. 

You can remain anonymous, or not:

Thank you!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Earwitness Rumor: Revenge of the Possum


According to today's Earwitness Rumor, Councilwoman Jen Giattino got savaged in a movie called "The Possum's Revenge!"

A reliable Earwitness told GA's ear that Beth Mason is furious at Jen Giattino.  Why?

Because Mason believes Jen mocked her at the City Council on the night she (Mason) alerted Hoboken about our city's possum and monster raccoon  plague- and allegedly giggled at her (Mason's) demand for an autopsy report on a dead squirrel in her backyard.  

Not dead, just sleeping it off.

The Earwitness Rumor continues... Mason's fury about the alleged dead-squirrel mockery is a major reason she carpet-bombed the 6th Ward with anti-Giattino attack mailers at the end of October.  Yep,  that's $11,200 worth of pissed-off!

For those who do not know what GA's talking about, here's the City Council video clip of Councilwoman Mason's forecast for Hoboken: mostly cloudy with a chance of possum, a monster-raccoon shower and a late-night dead squirrel blowing in on the Jet Stream.

Can you hear Council President Jen Giattino allegedly sniggering in the background?

Here is that autopsy report:

Tragic.  If only poor Rocky  had tackled a smaller acorn.

Did Mason try mouth-to-overbite resuscitation?

Anyway, GA thinks it's possible that Giattino was NOT allegedly sniggering at Beth Mason, but had some kind of alleged convulsion, or spasm of her funny bone.  You know, something allegedly medical.

In which case, it would be an unreasonable response for Mason to blanket the 6th Ward with nasty mailers- over an involuntary bout of alleged suppressed giggles.

That is, if the Earwitness Rumor is true.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sweeney's Carbuncle

Oh, dear!

Two weeks after it dumped $11,200 dollars into Hoboken's 6th Ward race for "direct mail" attacking Reform incumbent Jen Giatinno, it was spotted at a fund raiser for NJ Senate President Steven Sweeney in Atlantic city.

According to the article in Politicker NJ, the turnout was "massive"- an estimated 700 guests by the end of the night!  That was a lot of hands to shake and guests to schmooze for host Senator Sweeney.  In fact, he must have been circulating with hundreds of party-goers all night long.

The article noted one out of 700 guests did not leave his side all night long.  It followed him... clinging like a wet rag... PolitickerNJ even photographed it lurking in the shadows behind Sweeney.


Should its stalking behavior become an annoyance, Sweeney could always take out a restraining order; one never knows when obsession might turn to something else. What might look like an ordinary shrub outside the Senator's home, could be...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Falco Dismissal: Judge Arico's Opinion


GA's got the dismissal ruling of US District Court Judge Madeline Cox Arico in Anthony P. Falco v Dawn Zimmer,   Take  my word, it's a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo.  If you want to steer clear of mumbo jumbo, GA will break it down for you.

The Opinion begins with the Court's summary of the case "Facts."

You got that?

Plaintiff Falco filed an "instant action" on March 18, 2013.  (Ask yourself: if it was so "instant," how come it's not over?)

Then on February 5, 2015 Falco upgraded the instant action to 42 causes of action.  Wow.

If you didn't know, a "cause of action" is the heart of a Plaintiff's case.  Without an adequately stated "cause of action," a Judge can shit-can a case before it gets out of the gate.  Sometimes, the Judge  shit-cans it at the end, calls it "approaching a fraud on the court" and a "SLAPP suit disguised as a defamation case." After that, Plaintiffs pay Defendants' enormous legal fees.
"Cause of action n. the basis of a lawsuit founded on legal grounds and alleged facts which, if proved, would constitute all the "elements" required by statute. Examples: to have a cause of action for breach of contract there must have been an offer of acceptance; for a tort (civil wrong) there must have been negligence or intentional wrongdoing and failure to perform; for libel there must have been an untruth published which is particularly harmful; and in all cases there must be a connection between the acts of the defendant and damages.  
So Plaintiff Falco filed a pile of 'boo-hoo' and 'waaaah' in Federal Court chock full of  bubba meisas* (*Yiddish-"bullshit") like this one:
Contrary to Chief Falco’s claim in his pleadings that he received no payment whatsoever upon retirement (a claim the Judge accepted as true for the purpose of deciding the motion) he was mailed a retirement check from the City on September 10, 2014. The Chief in fact was provided with a $153,551.19 retirement benefit which after deduction of Federal and State taxes resulted in a net payment of $104,414.81. Chief Falco chose not to deposit that check and returned it to the City. He then claimed in his court filings that he had received no payment at all.
Pants-on-Fire Truth-o-meter credit: Dr. Anthony Petrosino's  "Education Project" blog


Anyway, Plaintiff Falco's claims were so voluminous, they had to be grouped!   The Court broke Falco's claims  into alleged violations of Federal Law, and alleged violations of NJ State Law:

With me so far, people?

I am going to skip over a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo to the ending.

The US. District Judge shit-canned all of Plaintiff Falco's claims relating to violations of federal law, then dismissed Falco's state-law claims, while declining federal jurisdiction over them. This means that Falco can file what is left of his state-law claims in state court.  

In spite of  dismissed ('without prejudice') state-law claims, GA heard one legal professional's assessment of the ruling: "The Judge gutted the complaint."

Well, here it is, the Honorable Judge Madeline Cox Arico's Opinion:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thank you, Vera


"My 4.5 year old daughter asked me why, even though the election was over, I continued to wear my Reach Higher Hoboken button, which has been affixed to my purse for the last six weeks.

This question inspired me to record the following thoughts onto paper in hopes that I can explain to her why I feel it’s so important to keep that pin on and always close to my heart.

Tom, Sheillah, and Addys are gifted, generous, tenacious, and forward thinking individuals. They ran an amazing campaign, which was simply a natural extension of the public service work that they engage in every day in advocating for Hoboken’s learners. They traversed across our square mile, engaging families and community members, with a powerful message and vision.

The vision that they articulated is one that is based on inclusivity and equity. In South Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu often speaks of the tenet of 'ubuntu' -- the idea that I am who I am because of you, you are who you are because of me. To our American ears, that may sound like a utopian dream, but really it’s a reminder that our lives are all intertwined and that at the end of the day, we are all responsible for one another.

My favorite moments in history mirror and reflect this vision of interconnectedness, this call to action to believe in and act upon something bigger than our own narrow and often base self interests: women organizing at Seneca Falls, the Stonewall uprising, and students working to integrate lunch counters in Greensboro.

These are the moments that have sparked social movements and have changed our nation’s consciousness forever.

To me, the reach higher button is a representation of a special moment in Hoboken’s history that inspired our town to think not just about our own children and families, but to advocate on behalf of a whole community.

One person alone can never represent Hoboken -- we are all Hoboken. We -- the people, we -- the collective, we -- the community. We are all Hoboken. The children of Jackson Street, the children of Bloomfield Street, the children of Hudson Street, and the children on Monroe and the adults who care about them. We are all Hoboken.

In this post election season, the work we face now is not easy and probably will never be done.

But if we must labor in honor of a vision of equity, inclusivity, and justice and push a boulder up a mountain like Sisyphus did -- that to me is a vision absolutely worth struggling for: despite the setbacks and disappointments that we will surely face. Because even though the tasks may seem insurmountable, there are breakthroughs and moments of hope that keep us going and actually make a difference in people’s lives. President Obama said: “One of the things that I’ve learned to appreciate more as President is you are essentially a relay swimmer in a river full of rapids, and that river is history...You don’t start with a clean slate, and the things you start may not come to full fruition on your timetable. But you can move things forward. And sometimes the things that start small may turn out to be fairly significant."

So, to my darling daughter, I will not be taking off my Reach Higher button anytime soon because it is a reminder of the work that awaits us, of the vision that guides us, the North Star that inspires us to do better, to do right for Hoboken and beyond."

-Vera Sirota

Fraudulent Science Talks

Stanford University Research study Abstract

Today, a  GA reader  sent me a Standford Press article published on November 16, 2015, titled, "Stanford researchers uncover patterns in how scientists lie about their data," with this note:
Here's a timely article on Petro's bullshittery. 
From the article:
"... a pair of Stanford researchers have cracked the writing patterns of scientists who attempt to pass along falsified data.  ...Studies have shown that liars generally tend to express more negative emotion terms and use fewer first-person pronouns."

"Negative emotion terms" like "superficial rebranding" and "toxic and failed Kids First group"?

excerpt: Dr. Petrosino's crapademic masterpiece: "Hoboken Board of Education Results of November 2014 - A Deeper Look at the Numbers- Nov. 8, 2014

Does a  Pants-on-Fire Politifact Truth-o-meter count as a "negative emotion term"?

Dr. Petrosino's Education Project used such animated Truth-o-meters in his October 25, 2012 article "Assessing the Educational Claims of Kids First- Parsing Rhetoric and Hyperbole From Leadership and Reform."

Since when do PhD's use Pants-on-Fire Truth-o-Meters in their writings? How about "toxic and failed" former Board of Education employees seeking revenge on Board members who declined to renew their employment?

The Standford Press article continues:
"Fraudulent papers had about 60 more jargon-like words per paper compared to unretracted papers," Markowitz said. "This is a non-trivial amount.""
GA's term for "jargon-like  words" is "mumbo jumbo."

So, the researcher is saying that a fraudulent scientific paper has way more mumbo-jumbo than a genuine one; the Stanford study calls it "obfuscation."

The Petrosino Education Project's November 8, 2014 Petrosino's  "Hoboken Board of Education Results of November 2014 - A Deeper Look at the Numbers contains mumbo jumbo so thick, the reader may forget that Petrosino omits the "VBM" factor from his analysis, This is rather incredible, since 466 VBMs to one candidate was a decisive 'outlier.'

Here it comes... a blinding blizzard of mumbo-jumbo:
In statistics and probability theory, the standard deviation (SD) measures the amount of variation or dispersion from the average... A low standard deviation indicates the data points tend to be very close to the mean (or "expected value"); a high high standard deviation indicates that the data points are spread out over a large range of values. Table 3 shows that the "Parents for Progress" candidates experienced fairly low variability- meaning if a voter voted for one member of "Parents for Progress", they voted for all three. When voters deviated from voting for the entire ticket, evidence seems to indicate they voted for someone other than Antonio Gray (-87 votes from average, see Table 1). Table 3 also shows that the "Parents for Change" candidates experienced low to moderate variability- meaning if a voter voted for one member of "Parents for Change", they probably voted for all three. When voters deviated from voting for the entire ticket, evidence seems to indicate they voted for someone other than Lynn Danzker (-289 votes from average, see Table 1). Finally, Table 3 indicates that the "Education for All Children" candidates experienced moderate variability....  However the story seems to be a little more complicated with "Education for All Children." The fairly high variability likely came from Peter Biancamano (+243 votes from average, see Table 1 and Table 4) picking up votes from both "Parents for Change" and "Parents for Progress" voters . If a voter voted for one member of "Education for All Children", they likely voted for both but when an "Education for All" candidate received a vote from a non-"Education for All" voter, it likely came from a "Parents for Change" voter with some additional voters being "Parents for Progress" voters. Table 4- Click to enlarge Table 4 groups the candidates by ticket via a color coded bar graph. The standard deviation for the votes received by all 8 candidates was 253.5 and the average vote count for each candidate was 2097 (see Table 5)Further analysis indicates just how decisive Biancamano's victory was on Election Day. Table 6 is a table of candidates ranked by standard deviation units (calculated by subtracting the average vote total for the group from the individual candidate's vote total and then dividing by the standard deviation of votes for all candidates). In this election, a standard deviation unit was approximately 253 votes. Table 7 is a graphical representation of candidates color coded by slate on standard deviation units to help inform and model a normal distribution curve (Table 8).
Well, ain't that a triumph of obfuscation. Note, the tonnage of  mumbo-jumbo omits Biancamano's "decisive" 466 VBM non-standard deviation.

The Standford Press article continues:
"We believe the underlying idea behind obfuscation is to muddle the truth," said Markowitz, the lead author on the paper. "Scientists faking data know that they are committing a misconduct and do not want to get caught. Therefore, one strategy to evade this may be to obscure parts of the paper. We suggest that language can be one of many variables to differentiate between fraudulent and genuine science...."
Speaking of conduct...


Monday, November 16, 2015

144,900 Reasons to Attack Hoboken Teachers

The latest salvo on "Dr. Petrosino's Education Project" (the blog by disgruntled former Assistant to Superintendent Raslowky, Anthony Petrosino) is a hit on hardworking teachers of the Hoboken district.

Petrosino likes to take data, smash  it around, stretch it, twist it, bake it... then sprinkle high-falutin' mumbo jumbo on top. Very impressive to the lay-person.

Petro's cooked graphs and talking points are then regurgitated by anti-Hoboken district partisans, political operatives, and allied School Board trustees at public meetings.  He's the Feeder of the Pack.

Today's gratuitous slam is a chart putting Hoboken near the bottom of  "% highly efficient" teachers in Hudson County,  a brand-new metric created by Petrosino.  (In true crapademic fashion, the professor sources a blog and  

Petrosino's ranking system of "% highly efficient" teachers was produced by taking the number of "highly efficient" teachers listed per district on the NJDOE 2013-2014 "Staff Evaluation" spreadsheet, and dividing it by  the "total" teachers, which gives a percentage.

But districts self-report, and in Hoboken, probably others, the 'total' numbers of teachers are under-reported.  Petrosino uses "177" teachers,  while the Hoboken district had 232 teachers in 2009-2010, and has 222 in 2015-2016.  The Jersey City totals appear to be off by hundreds.

Further, there's no  objective apples-to-apples' criteria which is applied everywhere- the districts are evaluating themselves by administrators within the district.

Trying to 'rank' districts from this data is something a hackademic would do.

Or someone with 144,900 reasons to be pissed off at the Hoboken School District.

Jan 13, 2011  Deposition of Anthony Petrosino- Anthony Petrosino vs Hoboken Board of Education

Oh yeah, Petrosino was collecting a full time salary, $144,900, from the Hoboken taxpayer while "resuming teaching responsibilities" in Austin, Texas.

Yep, those were the good old days... working for the Hoboken School District without a contract for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 (until April 2009).

Jan 13, 2011  Deposition of Anthony Petrosino- Anthony Petrosino vs Hoboken Board of Education

Folks, Hoboken's school district barely survived the mismanagement of the Petrosino-Raslowsky era.     

Crapademic Petrosino, whose contract was NOT renewed in 2009 is very, very angry.

That he attacks the educators of our district is really as low as it goes. 

Petrosino/ Raslowsky were rated "34%" in DPR area "Instruction and Program"