Sweeney's Carbuncle

Oh, dear!

Two weeks after it dumped $11,200 dollars into Hoboken's 6th Ward race for "direct mail" attacking Reform incumbent Jen Giatinno, it was spotted at a fund raiser for NJ Senate President Steven Sweeney in Atlantic city.

According to the article in Politicker NJ, the turnout was "massive"- an estimated 700 guests by the end of the night!  That was a lot of hands to shake and guests to schmooze for host Senator Sweeney.  In fact, he must have been circulating with hundreds of party-goers all night long.

The article noted one out of 700 guests did not leave his side all night long.  It followed him... clinging like a wet rag... PolitickerNJ even photographed it lurking in the shadows behind Sweeney.


Should its stalking behavior become an annoyance, Sweeney could always take out a restraining order; one never knows when obsession might turn to something else. What might look like an ordinary shrub outside the Senator's home, could be...

Or it might be hiding in the 18th hole...

One can't be too careful these days!

There could be no limits to what it would do to capture Sweeney's attention- literally.

Look what happened to Hillary!

Oh, and speaking of PolitickerNJ,..

GA would be remiss not to give props to Steve Fulop's right-hand man, Tom Bertoli for moving up 4 places this year on PolitickerNJ's 2015 Power List.  (The Power List is an annual compilation of the 101 most influential persons in New Jersey politics.)

Say what you will about Mr. Bertoli, even his detractors would agree, he knows how to get things done.  By "things," GA means winning elections.


  1. She's only as interesting as her Husband's checkbook allows her to be

    What a sad life. She must know that minus the checks no one would ever invite her anywhere. I would pity her but she has caused so much pain and mayhem in town that I could care less

    1. We hear your leaving, that's OK
      I thought our little wild time had just begun
      I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and run
      But if you have a change of heart

      Ricky don't lose that number

  2. Mason job hunting in the Sweeny admistratrion? Delusional.

  3. What was in the Sweeny's swag bags ?

  4. Mason haunting Sweeney is just fab! Anything to keep her out of Hoboken. Watch, she'll sic her stinkin fish on Bertoli and Fulop to score points.

  5. The woman isn't qualified to mop floors. What makes her think anyone will give her a job?

    1. Her husband is stinkin rich.

    2. Comfortably wealthy, yes, rich, no. They'd have you believe that they are the richest couple in town. They're not, never were. Not by a long shot, and that seems to matter to them a great deal and feed into their sense of self-worth. Hoboken's uber-rich are discreet, humble and generous and don't require the pathological attention of Ricky and Beth Mason.

      But even with all that dough, what they don't have are grace, manners, class and style. None of which would matter, except that with Ricky's paycheck, they were able to visit upon Hoboken some of our worst crises, spreading toxicity at every turn, fomenting hatred and ill will in all directions.

      And so having none of the positive attributes that may attend those who are so blessed, apart from their cabal of parasites, they are universally reviled and have no respect within the community, and Hoboken is VERY small. Considering the short time they've lived here, that's quite a legacy.

  6. Hey, is she still behind me? She is? Man this chick is creepy. She followed my to the head, no joke. She stood outside. Then she asks if everything went ok. Like I was gonna give her a report. I said, "Yeah, fine" you know? But Jeezus H Christ, man. It's getting all Fatal Attraction up in here. Hey, do me a favor all right? Go out in the lobby and call me. I'm gonna answer like you're telling me I have an emergency at home or something. I gotta figure out how to the the money without the creep factor.

  7. In five weeks, she will be nothing more than the former second ward councilman from Hoboken, a job, like all the others she held, she failed at miserably.

    Trawling the ballrooms of the League of Municipalities, she searches for relevance, trying to latch on to anything that will give her a future. But her past is right there behind her. The evil-doings of Mason, made possible by her husband's paycheck, spun, managed and crafted by her inner circle of sycophants, will taint her forever, thanks to the internet.

    No, she's damaged goods and everyone she may court on the local, county, state and national level knows it. Ricky's money comes at too high a price - his wife is the deliverable deliverable in exchange for taking his "donation".

    1. She was close to a memory, when she dumped 4 mailers in my Ward.


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