It's all cleared up!

Somewhere Eric Kurta is laughing.

Mike DeFusco has single-handedly "cleared up" a wart we feared was permanently fixed to Hoboken's body politic.  Because the angry wart (who threatened to "take back Hoboken") had been growing on the council dais for 21 years.

And as the wart grew, so did its sense of entitlement.

It forgot WHY it was there. It "cleared up" 4 million missing quarters from Hoboken parking meters; revenue stolen from the people of Hoboken.  It voted to close a hospital, sued to stop the wheels of government after Superstorm Sandy, sent confidential city email to a political operative after it drank wine, and on and on.

Once the wart forgot WHY it was there, its constituents forgot WHY they wanted to re-elect her.

Along came a candidate with an open mind, who spoke to everyone. He made young residents want to vote and got a swath of new residents tuned in, and hopeful.  This gust of fresh air swept through the First Ward and blew out the wart....

And now that Mike DeFusco has "cleared it up," its time to deliver.

Good luck, and congratulations. 


  1. What Michael Defusco did to win is absolutely amazing. Terry got essentially the same number as last time while Michael got out an additional 300 votes with his organization, disposition, positivity, vision, and hustle.

    He outsmarted, out worked, and outstrategized the wicked witch of the south.

    Terry Castellano earlier in her political run was known for her constituent services. People would go to her and she would actually try to help them with their issues if she could. When Zimmer won Terry turned into a bitter shrew and followed Crystal Beth Mason down the rabbit hole into a web of hate and scorched earth political destruction.

    Now 1st Ward residents have a fresh start. Congrats to Michael Defusco for an absolutely stellar campaign. He was able to rise up with above the cloud of divisiveness and lies from camp Castellano. After 21 years there was no taming that shrew.

  2. Terry Castellano's contempt for the public is one many won't forget. She was nasty and only cared about self-interest for who she deemed approval.

    Hoboken should not forget her absolute ugliest moment (and there were many) on the City Council.

    She cavalierly shot down the effort to save the hospital in October 2011 saying, "There's other bidders" when Hoboken University Medical Center was running on fumes and desperately needed to close out its sale after eight months of complex work.

    Castellano actually tried to shut the hospital down and put the City of Hoboken on the hook for almost $75-80 million. Just so she could point a craven finger and blame the mayor!

    Disgusting. Thank you Hoboken for standing up and taking the reins of decency back.

  3. I'll have to give kudos to GA and Horsey for believing in Michael and letting 1st ward residents know how hard he was working to earn their votes. It's the perfect example of why Anthony "This Is War" Romano doesn't want people to read "the blogs".

    1. Let me say this for Michael DeFusco; his work ethic was outstanding and he never strayed from truly advocating toward his belief of reaching out to everyone and letting people know this was a bedrock principle of where his representation would stand.

      IMHO, he'll certainly work to be that vocal unifying force on the council. The contrast to Terry Castellano in that measure alone is an astounding improvment.

      MSV saw exceedingly high traffic yesterday. Today's will be on the list of all time highs as people are stunned at the results of the Reform victory on the City Council last night.

      You probably can count Freeholder Romano among them. Councilman-elect Michael DeFusco will reach to him too. This is all good for our community.

  4. New word for the GA political dictionary.......

    Defuscofabulous- When a young political talent releases an embittered encumbantt from their political seat of power after a series of obstructionist votes and scorched earth politics.


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