144,900 Reasons to Attack Hoboken Teachers

The latest salvo on "Dr. Petrosino's Education Project" (the blog by disgruntled former Assistant to Superintendent Raslowky, Anthony Petrosino) is a hit on hardworking teachers of the Hoboken district.

Petrosino likes to take data, smash  it around, stretch it, twist it, bake it... then sprinkle high-falutin' mumbo jumbo on top. Very impressive to the lay-person.

Petro's cooked graphs and talking points are then regurgitated by anti-Hoboken district partisans, political operatives, and allied School Board trustees at public meetings.  He's the Feeder of the Pack.

Today's gratuitous slam is a chart putting Hoboken near the bottom of  "% highly efficient" teachers in Hudson County,  a brand-new metric created by Petrosino.  (In true crapademic fashion, the professor sources a blog and nj.com.)  

Petrosino's ranking system of "% highly efficient" teachers was produced by taking the number of "highly efficient" teachers listed per district on the NJDOE 2013-2014 "Staff Evaluation" spreadsheet, and dividing it by  the "total" teachers, which gives a percentage.

But districts self-report, and in Hoboken, probably others, the 'total' numbers of teachers are under-reported.  Petrosino uses "177" teachers,  while the Hoboken district had 232 teachers in 2009-2010, and has 222 in 2015-2016.  The Jersey City totals appear to be off by hundreds.

Further, there's no  objective apples-to-apples' criteria which is applied everywhere- the districts are evaluating themselves by administrators within the district.

Trying to 'rank' districts from this data is something a hackademic would do.

Or someone with 144,900 reasons to be pissed off at the Hoboken School District.

Jan 13, 2011  Deposition of Anthony Petrosino- Anthony Petrosino vs Hoboken Board of Education

Oh yeah, Petrosino was collecting a full time salary, $144,900, from the Hoboken taxpayer while "resuming teaching responsibilities" in Austin, Texas.

Yep, those were the good old days... working for the Hoboken School District without a contract for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 (until April 2009).

Jan 13, 2011  Deposition of Anthony Petrosino- Anthony Petrosino vs Hoboken Board of Education

Folks, Hoboken's school district barely survived the mismanagement of the Petrosino-Raslowsky era.     

Crapademic Petrosino, whose contract was NOT renewed in 2009 is very, very angry.

That he attacks the educators of our district is really as low as it goes. 

Petrosino/ Raslowsky were rated "34%" in DPR area "Instruction and Program" 


  1. This is a disgusting attack. Would love to see the professional development credentials and certifications for teachers at his school for comparison!

  2. He is horrible. Why he is still on HoLa's board I do not know. Especially after he was outed as posting profane comments as PROSBUS and Curious gal on the Patch site. This is really gross. Teachers in our district are so hardworking an dedicated. HoLa should get rid of him pronto.

  3. Actually, he seems like a perfect fit for Hola. Birds of a feather and all...

  4. When is he going to rename that pseudo-intellectual sewer pipe the "I Hate Kids First" blog? There's nothing else going on there but one little man's bitterness at being found out and passed over.

  5. If Jack Raslowsky hired Anthony Petrosino for a no-show job of 144,490, and he also hired John Madigan for another no-show job for a ridiculous sum, what other financial damage did he cause and how do they have the nerve to go around saying they couldn't "fix" our broken system, or in the case of Madigan, going in for another round?

  6. Nerve? Not something he is lacking. His genius is tapping into people's most base desires. Convincing the nostalgic oldtimers to vote in that nut Madigan to "take back Hoboken" while playing to the newcomers fears and self interests by demonizing the BOE and painting them as "charter haters". What a catch. Wonder if he's married?

    1. All I know is he pretended to be a woman named CuriousGal online for years, per his affidavit.

      Strange behavior indeed

    2. And Petrosino is on Hola's board, more proof that Hola is nothing more than a private school funded with public money.

    3. How exactly is the presence of Petrosino on HoLa's board proof of anything other than bad judgement? John Madigan will be on the District Board come January. Is that "proof" that there's something wrong with the district schools?

      The lawsuit and the anti-charter rhetoric almost certainly cost reform a board seat in the recent election. It might even have cost two. Perhaps instead of focusing on attacking HoLa and the families who choose to send their kids there you should consider focusing on re-evaluating whether this futile war of choice was truly in the best interests of the district kids.

    4. I am sure the parents who are happy not to have to pay for private school any more in their quest to avoid the public schools would be happy to have everyone ignore the complete dishonesty of how HoLa was set up or the misdeeds of the people running it. People who take advantage of such dishonesty usually don't like to call attention to how they benefit from it. But tough, we won't forget.

      As for Madigan, we didn't vote for him so it isn't proof of our bad choices. It is proof of your bad choices and judgment.

    5. Anon at 10:51: No one is attacking hola families or trying to sully their reputations, they're doing a fine job themselves by defending the indefensible: siphoning resources away from all district kids for the creation of a private school at the public's expense.

      To the extent Madigan received any votes at the polls was because of the hola supporters. The rest were votes from what most believe to be illegal VBM's.

      If hola has nothing to hide or be ashamed of, then let the public elect its board and approve its budget. But for now, as long as its board is appointed, why haven't they tapped Brian Murray and John Madigan?

  7. i've never understood why we need two sets of public schools. my taxes already pay for publicly funded schools, why should i pay for the duplication of schools, particularly without having any say in how they're run, who runs them and how the budget is spent? it makes no rational sense.

    seems simple: if parents don't like the public schools, they can send their kids to private schools, no one is stopping them.

  8. Your taxes pay for four sets of publicly funded schools in Hoboken, not two.

    Everyone in Hoboken pays for the quadruplication of services. One is accountable to all taxpayers. Three are answerable to their individual self appointed boards.


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