Original post: Nov. 7, 2015

Since Carmelo Garcia leaked his "500 emails" to the The Hoboken Reporter, Al Sullivan has been the Johnny Appleseed  of innuendo.  Sully has been busy sowing his column with 'stuff' like this:
Ironically, many of Grossbard’s loudest defenders are the same people who over the last few years painted Lane Bajardi and his wife as “political operatives.”... But the emails show that he appears to have provided advice to more than his wife, and may have given information to and advised some of the pro-Zimmer bloggers who relentlessly attacked the Bajardis.

GA's 50,000+ emails prove: (1) the Bajardis "relentlessly attacked" Reformers, then sued us for calling them what they were: political operatives, and (2) Al Sullivan knew the Bajardis were political operatives.

According to this email, Beth Mason was able to coordinate an 8:30 AM breakfast meeting at the Malibu Diner with Al Sullivan and the Bajardis:

The emails show Sullivan meeting with Mason with her political operatives, (the Bajardis), and PROVE Sullivan had insider knowledge of Barracato and Bajardi's "brilliant campaign" a.k.a. a "relentless attack" on a blogger (me.)

GA's emails are a peek at the dishonesty of Al Sullivan's recent rhetoric.

Did bloggers really "paint" an innocent couple?  Weren't the "relentless attacks" a two-way street, such as  the "brilliant campaign" he praised Barracato for?  What about bloggers being victims of a 3-year SLAPP suit?

What is more disturbing: Al Sullivan's unsupported allegations that bloggers are 'following orders' from City Hall.

Al's been sewing Facebook with such allegations to new-found friends: John Keim, Chairman of "Real Democrats for Hoboken," politico Sara Stojkovic, and aspiring 5th Ward candidate, Melissa Blanco

NO, we HAVEN'T seen the emails.   Let's see the emails.  

Match your alleged 'smoking gun' emails with the corresponding blog posts you allege a blogger was being directed to write. 

You can't because THEY DON'T EXIST. 

"As the emails show..."  PROVE IT. 

Let's see what you've got.  

Meanwhile, GA won't get into utter betrayal of 5 years of confidence based on (alleged) mutual respect. 


UPDATED- Nov. 8, 2015

Here's a recap of what we learned on GA yesterday:
(1) Al Sullivan consorted with the Bajardis in their capacity as political operatives for Beth Mason as early as 2007.  [BAJARDI_00025359.htm, BAJARDI_00001327.htm]
(2) James Barracato confided in Al Sullivan about at least one political operation, which Sullivan praised as a "brilliant campaign."  The Bajardi-Barracato "brilliant campaign" was an attack on a reform blogger that so impressed Sullivan, he called Barracato, "my boy."     [BAJARDI-00041510.htm]
It is reasonable to believe that Sullivan's "boy" confided to Sullivan about other political operations he'd masterminded with the Bajardis.

Like the SLAPP.

The SLAPP was built on the Bajardi's denial they were "political operatives," and "defamed" by being called "political operatives."

But Sullivan knew the Bajardis were political operatives.  

And yet, The Hoboken Reporter called them mere "activists" and portrayed the pair as a besieged, victimized  "Hoboken couple"...  2 years after James Barracato  confided to Sullivan about his "brilliant campaign" against me (Defendant)  which was publicly executed at the City Council by Lane Bajardi (Plaintiff), and 5 years after Sullivan met the Bajardis with Beth Mason for a political breakfast at the Malibu diner.

Thus, The Hoboken Reporter knew the lawsuit was drenched in Hoboken politics, the Bajardis were political operatives, and  his "boy" James Barracato had been talking about suing bloggers for years. Did any of that appear in their coverage of the Bajardi SLAPP suit?


The Hoboken Reporter COVERED UP the truth about the SLAPPers, and laundered their political operation to sell it as a REAL defamation case.   The emails expose the Reporter canoodling with players in the fake-defamation case to demonize Reform bloggers.

What other "brilliant campaigns" did Sullivan's "boy" Barracato share with The Hoboken Reporter?

Here's an explosive exchange between Al Sullivan's "boy" James Barracato and political operative Lane Bajardi from April 26, 2009.  They are discussing the disclosure of Peter Cammarno's alleged "love child" on Hoboken411.  In it, Bajardi tells Sullivan's "boy"  "wanted to get documents out there as soon as possible so we can do this right" and advises Sullivan's "boy" against "anonymous smears' in "tidbits on internet message boards" and that Hoboken4111 will post the "love child" smear because he "Perry dislikes Cammarano"

In the letter, you will discover the origin of the "love child" smear campaign...

In case you were worried, the smear-merchant Hoboken411 finally got his ghostwritten smear for publication on May 7, 2009 at 8:30 AM.



  1. This is an absolutely fantastic piece that nails him to the friggin wall. Kudos.

    But despite all the ace reporting here, the absolute best part -- the SINGLE greatest nuance -- is that in 2010 Al was still including in his email signature, "Author of 'Everyday People: Profiles from the Garden State' (Rutgers University Press 2001)".

    That's his claim to fame -- a now 14-year-old essay collection published by a house that will publish literally anything that has anything to do with NJ history, that according to a simple Amazon search has been out of print in hard-copy form for quite some time now and can be obtained only in Kindle edition or from one of the used resellers offering it for one penny (no exaggeration).

    That's "serious writer and intellectual historian Al Sullivan" in a goddam nutshell.

  2. Oh, Al Sullivan made relevant and current the Bajardi v. Pincus email torrent
    Mucho thanks Al for making them such timely news.

    Oh and maybe the Hudson Reporter can explain how is it that Augie Torres reported on the frivolous SLAPP-suit calling Lane Bajardi a less than shy political operative but the Hudson Reporter had an intimate relationship meeting with the Masonista crew and yet made no mention of it.

    Things that make you go.... if not hmnnn maybe to your lawyer.

    And to Grafix Avenger, salud!

  3. A gentle reminder of why Barracato and Bajardi were always full of themselves: the 4th estate kept telling them they shit ice cream.

  4. So corruption is a "myth" created by Reform, says Al Sullivan. And the millions in no-Bid contracts to HHA vendors in exchange for Garcia campaign contributions, 14 generators paid for by FEMA sitting in an HHA parking lot for almost 2 years, 6 HHA buildings without working fire suppression systems, $1 million grant to lift generators after 2011's Hurricane Irene DISAPPEARED into the ether, $38.5k to put vinyl flooring in an elevator.... according to Al Sullivan are a "myth" created by Reform. And millions in education $ missapropriated during the Raia-Garcia era... Reform created that "myth" too.

    Keep swapping spit with Real Democrats for Hoboken Chairman John Keim and don't ask him why a 2nd Ward resident 's PAC paid for 4 anti-Giattino mailers and where the "Real Dems" $$$ came from. And don't ask Carmelo why he hasn't filed a single ELEC while he spends $ like a drunken sailor.

    Reform is not perfect, but we don't STEAL public money. Go stick that in your bong and smoke it, Al.

  5. Excerpt from "Red Dragon," by Thomas Harris:

    "Lounds was a pariah to them because he had taken a different faith. Had he been incompetent, a fool with no other resource, the veterans of the straight press could have forgiven him for working on the Tattler, as one forgives a retarded geek. But Lounds was good. He had the qualities of a good reporter - intelligence, guts, and the good eye. He had great energy and patience.

    Against him were the fact that he was obnoxious and therefore disliked by news executives, and his inability to keep himself out of his stories.

    In Lounds was the lunging need to be noticed that is often miscalled ego. Lounds was lumpy and ugly and small. He had buck teeth and his rat eyes had the sheen of spit on asphalt.

    He had worked in straight journalism for ten years when he realized that no one would ever send him to the White House. He saw that his publishers would wear his legs out, use him until it was time for him to become a broken-down old drunk manning a dead-end desk, drifting inevitably toward cirrhosis or a mattress fire.

    They wanted the information he could get, but they didn't want Freddy. They paid him top scale, which is not very much money if you have to buy women. They patted his back and told him he had a lot of balls and they refused to put his name on a parking place.

    One evening in 1969 while in the office working rewrite, Freddy had an epiphany.

    Frank Larkin was seated near him taking dictation on the telephone. Dictation was the glue factory for old reporters on the paper where Freddy worked. Frank Larkin was fifty-five, but he looked seventy. He was oystereyed and he went to his locker every half-hour for a drink. Freddy could smell him from where he sat.

    Larkin got up and shuffled over to the slot and spoke in a hoarse whisper to the news editor, a woman. Freddy always listened to other people's conversations.

    Larkin asked the woman to get him a Kotex from the machine in the ladies' room. He had to use them on his bleeding behind.

    Freddy stopped typing. He took the story out of his typewriter, replaced the paper and wrote a letter of resignation."

    I've said it before and I'll say it again -- journalists over a certain age who are still at small, hyperlocal newspapers are there for a reason, and it ain't because they're turning down career-advancement prospects to keep covering an area that's important enough to them to keep living off $17,000/year well into their fifties. It's because they're losers, heading for the anal-tampon line before they know it, serving no function other than to inspire younger, more talented people to make sure not to end up like them.

  6. What's your interest, John?November 7, 2015 at 8:34 PM

    Al carried on like a complete ahole on John Keim's facebook page where he let the world know how much he was biased against Zimmer and bloggers.

    But did he ever once ask John Keim where he got the money from that was used to pay for Carmelo's dirty fliers under the ELEC filing for "Real Democrats of Hoboken"? Or why he was so involved in a 6th ward race? No, that would be more of the "myth of corruption" that reform invented.

    He couldn't suck any more or be more out of touch.

    1. We know Carmelo is dirty; always was, always will be.
      Why would Al Sullivan ask Johnny Krime about his activities breaking the law laundering money into the council race against Jen Giattino?

      Remember, both sides are the same so why ask?
      It's only going to add to an ever lengthening list on one side and would shake the bong hits swimming in your brain.

      Al likes sucking and the Hudson Reporter wants him to continue to suck. That's how they roll.

    2. holy crap, i just read that entire keim/sullivan/ thread on keim's fb page, yikes! these people are NUTS, reminded me of the conspiracy theorists who were convinced about obama invading texas with jade helm, etc. hard to believe anyone could actually believe that stuff, but it appears to be so. poor dean, he's just trying to be rational. keim's tinfoil hat might not be quite as large as melina blanca's, but it's equally effective. OMG, nut-zo.

  7. Two thoughts about Keim's fb page:
    1. He sure does like to use the word cavalcade whether or not it is the correct term.
    2. He also accuses the mayor's husband of paying bloggers/commenters.

    What an ass.

    1. Sounds like projection to me. Does Johnny get paid for wheeling cash Beth Mason's PAC and is that why he figures Reformers get paid too? Hey Johnny, Reform doesn't pay. Explains why you roll with crooks.

  8. My favorite line from John Keim: "411's politics sprung out of a response to GA and HC."

    I assume HC was supposed to be HJ, Hoboken Journal. GA and HC (and MSV) were formed by people who were kicked out of and/or got sick and tired of the political control exerted over content and commenters on 411. GA and HJ only came into existence because of the way 411 was run.

    Now this asshole is saying that 411 was the result of the GA and HJ? After a summer where it has been demonstrated many times in Lane and Perry's own words that they turned the site into the propaganda arm of Beth Mason and went out of their way to punish people who didn't toe the party line.

    How fucked up is John Keim? Why is he paying for hate male for a ward he doesn't even live in? What a creep.

    1. John also believes that meteorites are caused by craters, clocks cause darkness, and dinosaurs caused evolution - cuz they're really, really big.

    2. The worst thing about Johnny Kreim - about the whole Kreim family as well as the Masons and Bajardis - is their complete inability to look in the mirror and recognize the folly through which they lead themselves to their increasingly adverse outcomes. Johnny Kreim's mantra now is that Zimmer supporters are a bunch of bullies who beat up on him for no reason other than general policy disagreement - direct quote: "One of the hallmarks of the Zimmer cartel has been an amazing ability to bully anyone who dares disagree with them in a variety of public forums."

      If the generally negative commentary toward Mr. Kreim truly were the product of a blogger conspiracy to suppress and ridicule dissent, that would, of course, be a very bad thing. What Mr. Kreim fails to recognize and take ownership for, however, his that he is not an average-Joe who is simply expressing his dissent and nothing more. He is a highly entrenched political operative who has aided and abetted the wheeling and laundering of dirty campaign money, sat as chairman of a PAC that his been shoveling despicable manure about an honorable councilwoman (who, by Kreim's standards, truly has done nothing more than caucus with a group with whom he disagrees). He and his wife were busted taking pictures of said councilwoman's home in an attempt to shame her and her family for being displaced by Hurricane Sandy, then scurried away like a couple of little street rats and non-deny-denied his activities online with an evasive question about "where are these pictures of which you speak?" and insinuations that Councilwoman Giattino really was somehow doing something wrong by protecting her family from hurricane damage.

      Mr. Kreim has had incidents this year in which his over-the-top aggressive accostments of people who "have done nothing more than disagree" with him have led, on at least one occasion to a police officer asking someone if "everything is ok," suggesting that from the looks of things, Johnny Kreim may need a ride downtown to chill the fuck out.

      The Kreims are as far from innocent as it gets in this town, and ever since Inept was denied what she considered her birthright in an endorsement for a freeholder seat for which she was and in completely and utterly unqualified, they have been taking to the blogosphere spewing nastiness under monikers such as, in my opinion, "krewedetat," "TheGrossBard," "ianhopkins," "clarencebyrd" and "muses," long before any of the bloggers they now cite as bullies ever had their first inkling of launching the sites that have now become the only sources for credible information in Hoboken.

    3. Hi, my name is Johnny Krime and I don't endorse the truth in this message.

      Inez is besides herself and wants to call the police, or Beth.

      That used to yield similar results but nothing works right in this town anymore. Ok, we have Det. Jonathan Mecka, but still.

    4. Mecka one of the most untrustworthy cancers in the dept. He is a real bastard.

  9. For those of you who were wondering...

    Should Mr Sullivan ever tell you, "On this one, you've come up to the Paul Byrne level, my boy" (or 'girl' in the case of GA), he is referring to this fellow, the bagman who was indicted for carrying $140,000 in bribes between Joe Barry, who went to prison, and Robert Janiszewski, who wore a wire, ratted everyone else out and subsequently went to prison himself. Mr Byrne died on his bedroom floor from complications of diabetes a week before sentencing. He had essentially lost the will to live and asked not to be resuscitated should he be found thus.

    In other words, while Al might intend "you've come up to the Paul Byrne level"as a compliment, Al's grasp of what one should consider a compliment is, as you can see, more than a little tenuous.

    Too much swimming with the eels for Sully. He has adopted their worldview. If he likes you and respects your work, he doesn't care if you're a felon. If he doesn't like you and doesn't respect your work, the fact that you are honest and fighting for the good guys won't really matter to him. It doesn't matter to Russo, and it doesn't matter to Al. They just employ different venues for gussying up their tribalism to look like public concern.

  10. Sully and Augie are nothing more than gossip columnists. They print what they want out there, ignore what they don't (which is a LOT), "float" stories for their friends (hey Romano for mayor anyone?) and are insulted if you question their self importance.

  11. Bingo, InfotainMe, well said. Good thing no one cares about the HR anymore.

  12. GA, great post. Al is a piece of shit. And a sumb piece of shit at that. Haven't you and Horsey repeatedly said that you have a treasure trove of emails that reveal the players and their machinations behind the Mayor's emails theft and the SLAPP suit? Why in the hell would turtle turd take you and Horsey on at this point? Horsey eviscerated Al's integrity on Friday, You blew up Mason in this post (to the extent that were any shreds of her dignity and political aspirations left) and Fin boy ( to the extent that he has any political juice left). I get the funny feeling that this not over. I recall Horsey or you saying in the summer that there would be a lull leading up to the election with regard to new emails. How stupid of them to provoke you. But no one has ever accused turtle turd, Mason or tuna chum of being bright.

    As for turtle turd's rants about the blogs being "powerless", it seems pretty clear to me that the bloggers' exposes on Mason and her crew's dirty tricks destroyed Mason's political career, despite Ricky's checkbook. Shove that telephone pole up you ass, Al. Have you had breakfast at the Malibu with Bet lately? Maybe afterwards, Bet and Finboy can pluck the splinters out of your rectum.

  13. An idea for a new Hoboken crime series...

    The Adventures of Drake Gumshoe -'Hoboken Dick (Detective)

    It was your typical heavy rainy day in Hoboken at high tide and the Stop and Shop parking lot and surrounding streetscape was once again a lake of raw sewage and rain water with no place to go. Drake was called in by the HPD dispatcher to investigate an incident where a man apparently "fell" off the roof of that grocery store. Being a local detective born and raised in his beloved Hoboken, Drake knew that nobody just falls off the roof of a building, they were likely pushed.

    This wasn't just anybody either, it was not a transient yuppie or an exploited and marginalized member of the Public Housing Authority, it was one of his own. The victim was a goodfella who had fixed elections before among other things and now was lying in a pile of wet shit and rain water with a broken hip. He was alive and in a lot of pain but refused to talk. This was a code amongst members of the Old Guard, you don't talk, ever. Nobody likes a rat. Especially some member of the Latin Kings with a wire. More on that later.

    The injured man had for years had a low show job for years with the local school board and was running a scam claiming disability for a "bum" right leg but everyone in the know would see him without his cane on election days trying to "fix" those elections. It was one of the worse kept secrets In Hoboken and a running joke when the Old Guard leadership had their "midnight" meetings. Now the irony did not escape Drake that this "disabled" (wink) man was now probably really disabled. When you push someone off a one story building the intent is not to kill but to send a message. But what message?
    What was the motive? This wasn't some old yuppie's father that was accidentally mowed down and whose investigation Drake had intentionally botched, this was a member of the club of "our town" and Drake just had to get to the bottom of it, for his own piece of mind.

    As it turns out the victim Matt Helms was pushed in an area where the water was three feet deep so it lessened the impact somewhat. The developer of Shop and Stop, the scene of the Kreim, Fred Renatta, was one of the largest shareholders in a company called Ball Blart, a big box store that exploited many lower income people and ruined the small business land scape everywhere they built a new store. Fred did not care about that as long as he was rolling in the dough. Fed was a complex man, capable of both good and bad acts over his lifetime in Hoboken.

    Fred had honestly championed for more affordable housing but was also famous for buying elections and cutting corners with his construction. It is the cutting of corners with Shop and Stop that made Matt's injuries lesser than they could have been. Fred did not initially take well to the new mayor's ideas on flooding. Mayor Donna Zimmerman had advocated for semi-permeable pavement and storage basins but those ideas went on dead ears. Quality of life issues for Old Guard were not the priority, getting what's yours was, even if you had to wade in sewer water from time to time.

    Drake now focused on his short list of persons of interest for this investigation. He would make his rounds with usual suspects. Without the victim's cooperation and the Old Guard's code of Omertà, this was not going to be easy.

    To be continued........

  14. GA rule: do not re-post comments from either the Hoboken Reporter or Hoboken411.

    I understand neither of those sites gets traffic, what a shame.

    Thank you.

  15. Not altogether fair to paint Al Sullivan with the brush of knowledge about Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi alone. Everyone at the Hudson Reporter knew the Bajardis were Beth Mason's pet political operatives.

    They covered it up. Unlike Augie Torres they joined in supporting a frivolous SLAPP-suit and supported all the damage to a dozen Hoboken residents.

    What's the recourse for that?

    1. For the purposes of this piece, I am sticking to what I have documentary proof to support (emails). That is the POINT of the piece. I want to see HIS emails, the ones he has been trashing bloggers over. Al is talking a lot of shit about bloggers he alleges are shown in his emails.

      Let's see them.

    2. BTW, Al was the one who published that bloggers "painted" the Bajardis as political operatives and "relentlessly attacked" them. Remember that? So his hypocrisy is the point of the piece, not the many others who were part of the cover up.

    3. If you think about it, the vast majority of Hoboken's political world knew the Bajardis were full of shit from working with them directly.

  16. So I have to ask, what the hell does Al really do for a job? It can't take all week to write that sham article he does most weeks. He has a real job hauling trash or fixing cars, right? The distorter doesn't actually pay anyone to write most of the crap that shows up on that paper we all toss in the recycle bin, do they? I mean, that would be about as dumb as paying finboy to run your perennially losing campaign for whatever office you want to run for but don't want to actually win b/c finboy sucks.

    1. You shouldn't stop with turtle turd. Take a look at the masthead of that kitty litter liner. How many people does it take to put out that pathetic weekly? What does that Matzner freak do? What does a "co-publisher" do? And why are there two to begin with? I copied the following list from their internet site. Note that this is just a listing of "Departments", not the full roster of employees. I wonder how many employees each "Department" has? Collectivity, they couldn't screw in a light bulb, much less put out a decent newspaper ONCE AN EFFING WEEK! A decent college newspaper puts out a better product with a lot less people and resources.

      Main Office
      Hudson Reporter Assoc., L. P.
      1400 Washington Street
      Hoboken, NJ 07030
      Fax: 201-798-0018

      Bayonne Office
      Bayonne Community News
      170 Broadway
      Bayonne, NJ 07002
      Fax: 201-437-7127

      Lucha Malato, Co-Publisher, Ext: 216

      David Unger, Co-Publisher, Ext: 601

      For general information please contact
      Caren Matzner at
      CMatzner@HudsonReporter.com or Ext: 403

      Caren Matzner, Ext: 403
      Newspaper Editor in Chief

      Hague, Jim, Ext: 751
      Sports Columnist

      Passantino, Joseph, 201-437-2460
      Bayonne Community News beat reporter

      Ritchings, Gene, Ext.: 411
      Managing Editor, and Obituaries Editor

      Rodas, Steven, Ext.: 405
      Hoboken Reporter

      Rounds, Kate, Ext: 611
      Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Bayonne Community News Editor
      KRounds@HudsonReporter.com, BCNeditorial@HudsonReporter.com

      Sullivan, Al, 201-437-2460
      Jersey City News Reporter, Political Columnist

      For general information please contact
      Tish Kraszyk, Advertising Manager at
      TishK@HudsonReporter.com or Ext. 603.

      Kraszyk, Tish, Ext: 603
      Advertising Manager

      Calderone, Toni Anne, Ext: 608

      Kraszyk, Ron, Ext: 607

      Slansky, Jay, Ext: 610

      For general information please contact
      Ann Reilly, Classified Manager at
      Classified@HudsonReporter.com or Ext: 204.

      Ann Reilly, Ext: 204
      Classified Manager

      Metro, Sharon, 201-437-2460
      Bayonne Classified Sales


      Caraballo, Christine, Ext: 214

      Metro, Sharon, 201-437-2460


      Cuthbert, Lisa M., Ext: 220
      Senior Graphic Artist

      Mitolo, Michael, Ext: 218
      Graphics Staff

      Saulino Bish, Terriann, Ext: 210
      Senior Graphic Artist

      Spina, Pasquale, Ext: 219
      Senior Graphic Artist

      Bredin, Alyssa, Ext 211
      Graphics Staff

    2. Hoboken Reporter is a failing institution.
      If you look at the masthead several people have multiple titles that makes it look like the have a larger staff.

      Caren Matzner who has multiple titles also has written teen fiction for Harlequin under her maiden name Caren Lissner and may soon be out of the picture.

    3. Matzner edits works of fiction weekly.

    4. why does finboy still get paid? the gravy train has to end now right?

  17. I think some one needs to be a voice of reason. First of all, Sullivan makes no sense most of the time and when I bother to read the column, I find maybe 15 percent true and 5 percent useful. However the fact that he meets with them or butters them up doesn't mean anything special, he is supposed to meet with them, talk to them and listen to their b.s. He's a columnist. He isn't weekly writing news articles on them. Didn't other emails show that Ray Smith worked with the HR and met with them also and then someone commented here that Ray now works for Ravi so obviously Ray wasn't compromised. Those emails also said that after Ray took their information for a story he and the editors chose not to run a story and instead ran one that Finboy said was favorable to dawn or something like that? Ray met with them so it seems to me that this in itself doesn't mean anything wrong, nor does taking their information and then not doing the story after all. It is not like Al took their information and presented it as news ala 411.

    Secondly getting information from lane doesn't mean they should have called him an operative as it a hotly contested factor in court and for them to call him an operative would have been making a legal decision. I am guessing lots of people give them information on behalf of someone in govt such as a letter, choosing who is an operative is not their job. Calling them a couple seems to me a neutral thing, they didn't say innocent couple but that's added in.

    My feeling is that the best thing this blog and Horsey did was keep us from suffering with Beth for 4 more years and helped put Tiffany in. Keeping Beth out I directly credit to you and Roman. I wanted to state that Al is delusional if he thinks the blogs hae no influence.

    I would also say though, that while I am not defending al's delusions or anyone else's at the HR, QOTV's anger and hope that the paper would shut down would do a disservice. The paper has printed my letters against Monarch, has done a good job covering so many issues at times that were not covered anywhere else. And like some here I am not in lockstep with any administration, the great thing about reform is that we can all disagree. There are stories that do not get out unless the HR writes them. Michelle Russo being hired by Union City was one of them that springs to mind for example. I see them pretty often. I don't agree with every choice but they do a service.

    1. Calling Lane an operative would have been honest- Augie Torres did it in his article on August 18, 2012. "Less than shy political operative" to be exact. The HR gave the SLAPP suit a legitimacy it did not merit by omitting the context- political warfare between political bloggers and political operatives. The paper took sides with the SLAPPers to shut us (MSV & GA) down.

      I am responding here to allegations Sullivan's been making in his column and on Facebook about bloggers, which means Horsey and I, and I'm calling him out on his hypocrisy.

      Listen, Al and I were (I thought) close friends, until he got his mitts on Garcia's emails, then lost his marbles. Enough talk, let's see these emails.

    2. @ Anonymous November 9, 2015 at 5:27 PM

      "I think some one needs to be a voice of reason."

      Well, that would not be a troll like you.

      "QOTV's anger and hope that the paper would shut down. "

      Nice misquote, I can tell that the wheels of your feeble brain are spinning in overdrive. I didn’t say that I wanted that rag to shut down, just that I think that they suck as a source of news and I can’t understand how in the hell that they make any money in 2015 with their business model. Al whines about only publishing “once a week” on social media like that is something to be proud of. Thinking that the rag is a piece of garbage that is only good for lining a litter box is not cheering on their demise. That they can do all on their own,

      “getting information from lane doesn't mean they should have called him an operative as it a hotly contested factor in court and for them to call him an operative would have been making a legal decision.”

      What utter horse shit. The rag went out of its way to do a hit piece and then pulled it back when GA and Horsey smoked them out. So are you saying that Augie got it all wrong? That the judge who called it a SLAPP suit got it wrong? Pathetic. Did you read the emails? Do you realize how those two assholes terrorized people in Hoboken? Ask GA how she felt when the arranged interrogation at her home did not give them the result that they wanted, i.e. her arrest. Ask Tom Greaney about the hit job that had their fingers all over it. Ask Peter Cammarano how they slimed him, completely wrong, as it turned out , about being a dead beat dad. Ask anyone about the Nazi Truck. Ask any of the defendants in the SLAPP suit how they were dragged all over the country how they feel about the poor couple. Did you read the email where Al gloated about the attempt to have GA shunned by her religious community? These people were asshole political operatives then, and the rag “publishers”, “editors” and their “reporters” KNEW that they were lying political operative assholes. The rag gave those dirt bag operatives cover and aided their abuse of the legal system. That's not journalism, that's being a partisan mouthpiece posing as a legitimate news source.

      I guess that a silly thing like the First Amendment doesn’t really bother you. You almost sound like the Krime family, arguing that “at least Russo got us parks”, i.e. Mussolini got the trains to run on time. Troll on.

    3. Thank you, QOTV. "The poor couple" owe their victims a pretty penny that the court ordered them to pay up- and that's only the legal fees. I'll stop right there.

    4. QOTV: You stated, "i.e. Mussolini got the trains to run on time. Troll on."-- And, I say to you, "Exactly."

      When I hear people say, "He was corrupt, but . . . " I stop listening. There's no reason to EVER qualify corruption as ok due to mitigating factors.

    5. Right on QOTV.

      "Do you realize those two assholes terrorized people in Hoboken"

      The 2 dozen Hoboken residents they dragged through years of slapp litigation want a piece of them in COURT. In my OPINION. All the people too spooked to use a screen name because of those two assholes. In my OPINION.

  18. On the Horse blog there was a big article about how they misstated the Ravi situatino and then fixed it. Seems to me they did the right thing if it was brought to their attention. I have seen them run corrections on occasion which they are supposed to do, I would like to see a link to any correction that every ran on any of the online sources. Please post a link if any of the online news sources in hoboken has ever run a correction as the HR did. My point, there is a difference and as others have said here, we learn from all our media sources and none is perfect.

    Two more things, 1, great job getting rid of 1/2 the Russo team on the council, next time we focus on Russo, and 2, let's stop distracting by blaming charter parents for things, they want what they believe is best for their children. I think it is 1 or 2 people here who write the nasty comments so try not to think it is a whole group of them. It is very easy here to believe one anonymous comment represents alot of people when it only represents the commenter himself. particularly true with those trying to divide reform with comments against Hola parents.

    Finally there seems to be a lot of anger over Sullivans columns & comments on the recent emails. I think maybe this is where a lot of this is coming from. Frankly I disagree with his opinions but I think the emails were a valid news story to cover. Politicker broke that story though, not the HR. intead of QOL going off the rails against the HR which at least has stuck it out in our community, we need to remember the big picture. Reform is not trying to hide the truth or calling people names. So Sully went off the rails too. He is human. We make too many assumptions about what is going on. Let's get back to celebrating a hard fought and well deserved victory. Finally I will join the chorus of those who are not a fan of taking people's pictures off Facebook and making fun of their appearance on a blog (not here but the other site) for whatever reason. Certainly people's families should not be mentioned, period We can do so much better then Perry and 411 did when they took emails that were not theirs and dragged families into it. Thank you for listening and let's keep the momentum going.

  19. Boy, Hoboken is turning into a shit can. I'm surprised at Al Sullivan's lack of judgment in dealing with these characters. First of all, with all his peccadillos, Paul Byrne was a paragon of virtue compared to Barracato, the Masons and Bajardi. They are the low- lifes of politics. Secondly, the MSV and Grafix Avenger blogs have more journalistic integrity than the Hudson Reporter. And third, has everyone forgotten about Perry Belfore's NJ sales tax escapade? I hear the HR building is up for sale. Does that mean the paper is getting ready to fold?

    1. Thanks. What was Perry Belfiore's NJ sales tax escapade? Got a link?

      I don't think the paper is folding, but it's moving. I wish they'd get a decent buyer.


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