That Defusco-Ramos "Meeting" Rumor

DeFuscophobia is over.

It's been replaced by a new disorder, DeFuscomania, for which scientists at The Academy of Sore Losers say there is no known cure.

GA is no scientist, so in plain language, I've noticed  a whole lot shit-stirring online about First Ward Councilman-elect Mike DeFusco.  In fact, the anger toward him ("DeFuscomania") is palpable.

The Defuscomaniacs want to sow distrust in the Reform community against Mike D.; to make us feel used and betrayed for having supported him.  Yes, it's true, DeFusco was once  allied with the cast and crew from the Dark Side. It's also true that some in Reform have a 'wait and see' attitude toward him.  That's why DeFuscomaniacs figure he is vulnerable to rumors that we got 'played' and DeFusco is really 'with' them.

And so, DeFuscomaniacs have been sowing the internet with rumors of DeFusco  "meeting" and/or "having weekly lunches" with Ruben Ramos.  Al Sullivan wrote:
Newly elected 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos, who might be seen as the head of the anti-Zimmer faction, has supposedly met with newly elected 1st Ward Councilman Michael DeFusco to – as one source put it – “to talk about issues.”
What's the truth?

Ask Mike DeFusco. 

Al Sullivan didn't.  GA did.
"They're trying to drive a wedge -- all made up.

I haven't seen Ruben in months, we've texted to congratulate each other but no meeting has taken place.

Saw Mike, Stick and Carmelo at league, we kept it short.

Listen, many are eager to lessen the blow to Terry by diminishing my character and win but simultaneously attempting to associate with me because they see the future and want to stay relevant. It's kind of crazy. I'm still trying to get over an election filled with lies and misinformation spread about me...when I am ready to talk to them, I will do so in a spirit of collaboration.

Outside of nonexistent meetings, you do realize that Terry and George (up until last week) were still telling people they won the machines and were looking for a way to challenge my 100% legal vote by mails. Again, it makes them feel better by attacking my hard work and I try am just trying to brush it all off."
Why wouldn't Ramos set the record straight?   Because he's on board with Russo and the DeFuscomaniacs.

GA supposes the DeFuscomaniacs want to isolate him, then pick him off in 4 years.  Many believe that Terry Castellano had wanted to pass her Council seat on to her son in 2019,so don't expect  the DeFuscomaniacs to go away.

In the meantime, it is shocking how personal and vicious the attacks against Michael D. have been.   Here is Michael Russo "liking" a homophobic comment on cousin Terry's Facebook page.

If it is improper to comment about Russo's "partner," why is it okay to comment about Defusco's?

Oh yeah, and there is no evidence that Mike D. was "funded by" the Victory Fund- or as the commenter put it "got his back scratched... and will owe allegiances in return."   DeFusco received their endorsement, like hundreds of other proud LGTB Americans running for political office.

This kind of politics is why the Dark Side is doomed for extinction.

In the meantime, while Castellano sits on her butt plotting against DeFusco,  DeFusco is helping his future constituents find fresh water and is keeping them informed through the water-crisis in Hoboken.

DeFusco has posted 7 informational updates on Facebook since Sunday morning, including:



Wow, on the job already weeks before his swearing in.

Oh yeah, all of the Reform Councilpersons have been updating their constituents via Facebook or email on the City's water crisis, while...

There is NOTHING posted on Ruben Ramos' nor Michael Russo's Facebook pages to help 4th and 3rd Ward constituents through Hoboken's water emergency.  ZERO.

They are too busy playing politics to do their JOB.


  1. I personally will judge the man on what he does and adopt a wait and see attitude like I do with all other newly elected officials. Wait and see does not at all mean I am going to believe one darn thing the dark side says about the guy. That includes the distorter!

    1. I am with you. Since he was aligned with the dark side, my trust is not there yet. I couldn't vote for him anyway as he was not in my ward. I would have though, just to see that witch lose. January will be very telling.

  2. He's already delivering for his constituents. Not a word from Castellano, Russo or Ramos.

    Melina better watch it. Defamation has become her standard communication style. Just because she's batsh!t doesn't mean people will keep putting up with it. She can be hauled into court for any of a dozen statements.

    1. More than Bajardi Defusco is a public figure. Defusco would need to waste his time suing her instead of leading and if suing would need to show malice. Blanko is so crazy it might be very difficult to show the ability to have malice.

    2. Melina has said Fisher has standing judgments and could not be hired. Public figure or not that is not protected speech. She has many statements like that. Whether anyone wants to bother suing her or not, the fact is they could.

      The OGs are using her. Creeps.

    3. Anyone can sue for just about anything, the bajardis did. How did that work out again?

      Since Fisher isn't suing she may not agree with you that the suit would have merit. You should talk to her about this.

    4. I think Melina under all her screen names has become a sad pathetic joke much like the woman herself.

    5. 2:27, one more time, very slowly.

      Whether ... anyone ... wants ... to ... BOTHER ... SUING ... her ... OR ... NOT ... ... the ... fact ... is ... they ... could.

      The city is lawsuit-happy. She is badly exposed. Quibbling over whether or not she will get sued is like saying you don't need insurance because you probably won't get sick.

      As to your comparison to the Bajardis, it doesn't hold water. They filed on false pretenses, claiming not to be political operatives when 50k emails and the common sense of the entire city argued otherwise.

      The issue here is not criticism of someone's competence as an elected official, which is protected speech. It is attacking their employability outside of government. And doing it on a very routine basis, sufficient to establish a persuasive public record of abusive commentary comprised of unresearched, verifiable statements. Textbook defamation.

      Maybe she won't get sued. But she can be. Mounting any kind of defense would cost her 10s of 1000s. But to your point, she probably won't get sick so she can probably blow off getting insurance.

  3. The OG seems to have a weird, closed-minded homophobia thing going on. I recall comments during the election against another male candidate that crudely questioned his sexuality. What a bunch of creeps and hate mongers. When you can't actually win elections, I guess the next best thing is to spew hate and lies. Some people lead sad lives.

    1. Attacks on Biancamano, probably by a fish sitting in a dive bar.

    2. I remember. I deleted them on my site, and ones about Mike. Disgraceful.

    3. The irony is that Maurice Fitzgibbons was widely known as gay, but would never say so publicly. Regardless, no one in the OG would have ever pulled this stunt while he was alive... MF the MF knew were all the bodies were buried and would remind folks of that if they got out to line. I had lunch with him several times... when he was trying to get me involved in local politics.

  4. You can't blame DeFusco for being pissed off. Russo was behind a real nasty whisper campaign. Ramos just went along.

  5. Hoboken Fair Housing Association (HFHA)November 24, 2015 at 7:12 PM

    That unfortunate (seemingly homophobic) comment on Terry Castellano's FB page originated on the Hoboken Fair Housing (HFHA) FB page and not on Terry Castellano’s FB page. We're not FB experts, but it appears that when someone is tagged, the clip & comments are cross posted. We can’t speak to why on earth Michael Russo would “like” the comment, but beyond that – and because there is a link is this article – a little context and clarification is probably in order.

    During the election campaign the HFHA posted clips of every candidate's response to the question about rent control and affordable housing at every debate. We did this as a public service since the HFHA FB friends would probably be interested in these answers and these clips would allow them to see those responses easily. We also added commentary. In the commentary on the 1st ward rebuttle to the rent control/affordable housing question there was a reference made to Michael DeFusco criticizing Theresa Castellano. Because Terry is/was a FB friend of HFHA, the mention of her name in that commentary posted the clip and comment on her FB page (tagged her.)

    HFHA does not sensor comments on our FB page, but we do respond. HFHA’s response to the comment (copied below) was swift and definitive, but not visible unless someone goes deeper into the replies to comments. Elections are nasty and vicious, as are anonymous posts on blogs, and HFHA realizes and accepts this as par for the course. We believe that it is unfortunate that a small public service that we were offering our FB friends resulted in any ugly comments and might be used to fan additional ugliness now 1 month later, or at any time in the future.

    Here is the HFHA response to the comment:

    Hoboken Fair Rents We would suggest that financial support from the developer or real estate investment community could be a red flag that a candidate might be anti-rent protections or affordable housing which is problematic to HFHA's mission. We see no such parallel if the gay & lesbian community supports a candidate. If Michael Defusco is openly gay, there would be nothing unusual about the gay & lesbian community supporting him any more than a woman's group supporting a female candidate or the NAACP supporting an African American/black candidate. Comments inferring that anyone's race, religion, color, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, family status or genetic information constitute something negative about a candidate are not welcome. HFHA supports full inclusion, not exclusion.

  6. I'm not fan of Ramos, but I really hate the way people think posting something on Facebook is all the communicating they need to do. Especially in the 4th ward I just don't think that's true. Of course, Ramos hasn't done any useful communicating that I've seen. Fortunately for us in the 4th, we've got an awesome Mayor who takes care of the entire city.

  7. The Russo family has been called a lot of things but I have never heard anyone call them classy.
    The voters by dumping cousin Castellano sent them a real clear message and their way of try to explain their failure to their true believers is to do what they have always done and get dirty and ugly. It is what they do. It is what they are.

  8. 1. I had no idea he was gay, nor do I care. I've never voted based on the candidate's sexuality.
    2. Looks like he's already doing a better job that Terry ever did. He has water trucks in the first ward.

  9. Interesting, looks like non-slanderous and factual comments are being deleted if they don't agree with the designated narrative. Disappointing but, understandable. Personal blogs aren't valid news sources and have every right to try and "shape" the truth instead of reporting with accuracy.

    1. It "looks like" you are full of shit. You call anonymous comments disparaging a candidate's alleged homosexuality "non-slanderous" and "factual?" Were those your remarks? If you stand by them, why didn't you sign your name?

      You're right, Hoboken411 is your kind of blog, maybe you need to go there instead.

  10. I really don't know what they hope to achieve with this nonsense. To convince people who voted for Defusco that they really should have voted for Castellano instead? Here's the thing - even if Defusco turns out to be the worst wolf in sheep's clothing and goes Old Guard all the way - he will be no worse than if we had reelected Castellano. We can only get better from here! In this case, the devil we DON'T know is actually better than the one we do.


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