Drying Baby's tears

Aw, look at that.

Beth Mason's "business partner" got his feelings hurt by an anonymous commenter, and look who swoops in to censor the day!

Dave Unger, publisher of The Hoboken Reporter.

Amazing how a 'tough' guy who orchestrates SLAPP suits, Nazi trucks and midnight flyers can't take what he dishes out... 

Boo hoo! Take away the mean post!

It's more amazing how The Hoboken Reporter is there to change the fish's dirty nappy- or publish it.


  1. all the blogs ban commenters, what's the big deal?

    1. Sure on Hoboken411 but no where else.

      Censored over a reference to a Facebook page? For an interloper stinkin fish?

      Certainly shows Beth Mason knew what she was paying for, no doubt about it!

    2. Hudson Shark Barracato, character assassin, crying like a bitch to Dave Unger to censor a blogger who was mean to him! Waaaaaaaa boo hoo. That's rich. Reminds me of that turd in a punch bowl Lane WAKEUP07030 Bajardi who could dish it out but couldn't take it. SLAPP me five. Hoboken411bans opinions, other blogs ban TROLLS.

    3. I agree with Anonymous November 10, 2015 at 5:36 PM. I like your name too. From Harvard right? A lot of guys from Harvard have names like that.

      I'm from Harvard. Have you been to Harvard recently? You should go. That's my school - Harvard. I went there. To Harvard.

      You heard right. Harvard. That's where I went to for some education I got there.

      I agree with you 100 Harvard percent: the Hoboken Reporter is a blog that bans commenters. I wouldn't say it's a Harvard blog but it's more Harvard than this blog where they don't even care if you took a class at Harvard.

      In order, the Harvardest blog is Hoboken411. Second Harvardest is the Reporter. Then all the other ones.

      What I really like about the Hoboken Reporter Harvard blog is when I complain that someone was icky to me, the publisher writes me right back and assures me everything is fine. I like that I don't have to deal with underlings that didn't go to Harvard. The publisher himself pats me on the seat and says the bad non-Harvard people won't bother me ever again.

      Hoboken411 is the most Harvardest because if people are fresh to me Perry Harvard tries to get them fired and rats them out to us. You can tell he went to Harvard.

      Like me. I went there too. Harvard.


  2. Isn't it cute how Dave is rocking his little fish? Heard they were so close and took such good care of each other when the Mason checks were flowing so readily.

    Look how quick Dave Unger is ready to jump at the fish's bidding? Over some reference to disappearing social media? That's it?

    If Unger was jumping for the Mason paycheck over something so trivial imagine...
    Oh yeah, we knew al along. Caren is just the reptilian facilitator of that policy.

  3. Alas, Dave Unger, the jig is up. Not that many people took the HR seriously in the first place, but what little credibility it had is now gone, in light of this latest election and the inexcusable behavior of your editor and columnist. Please. Just go away.

  4. Questions (both are yes or no answers, please don't put a name or anything else):
    1. Was the screen name Dr. Darko named in the slapp suit?
    2. Did the bad guys think they knew who Dr. Darko was?

    Again, I DO NOT want ANY names.

    1. I believe all allegations stemmed from comments on Patch, MSV and GA. None from the Reporter.

    2. Gotcha. Thanks.

      I was just trying to figure out if they were crying over people they thought they knew, or if they were crying over people who were anonymous. . .and in either case, if they tried to sue.

      Regardless, what a little b****. "Oh, Dr. Darko is mean, mean, mean, mean, mean. WAHHHHHHHH"

    3. Snoopy

      1. Yes
      2. Yes

    4. I have to correct Anon 11:44-

      (1) No- Dr. Dark screen name was not named.
      (2) Yes. In one of the discovery emails they named three people.

  5. If darko was banned from nj too he might have been pretty bad. NJ is not in league with Finboy too. I have seen some harsh comments on the HR linking to this blog and others not favorable to him and the HR never banned those people so I wonder what this guy did. He is not saying he banned him just for that one comment are there other emails about this? Anyway nice reporting. Just thinking there was probably a reason for this.

    1. No. Nj.com outsourced their moderation, and banning was automated to the extent that flagging comments 'x' number of times would "ban" a comment. However, the banning was not permanent. Operatives would regularly flag comments of known Reform screen names at election time- it happened to me a number of times.

      The banning was not a measure of how "bad" a screen name was- the banning happened to whomever operatives wanted to shut up. The Dark Side has always been about controlling political discourse. If they can't control it, then it's "bad." They tried to sue it out of existence here in Hoboken.

  6. I wonder if dwelling on these emails almost gives the Dark side attention they don't deserve and distracts from the other malfesance. The HR emails are a contrast to 411 which seemed to give up IP's and talk about going after businesses, I dont' see that in the one above. My dealings with the HR have been professional before. There may be more information about why this person was banned that we don't have which is the case with emails in general, same with the ones Al keeps ranting and raving about too. I think we'd be better served instead of looking at all these emails and the ones the Dark Side is putting out there via Sullivan and instead focusing on the Russo gang and the other neerdewells. They are trying to distract us as usual.

    1. I don't want to speak for GA, but I think she was just demonstrating here how compromised and "in bed" the HR is at the highest levels. They know perfectly well (and in great detail) about all of the slimy hit jobs done by Barracato...hell, they've PARTICIPATED in some of them!

      It's a valid post, and she spend lots of time on the other issues you mention, so I don't have any problem with it.

    2. Thanks, Anon @ 10:43.

      Anon @10:22- It appears you're not familiar "this person" and his history as Beth Mason's chief political operative and role with the HR. "This person's" unfettered access to the HR has everything to do with Beth mason's years buying ad space in the HR- 1/2 page on page 3. "This person" fed the paper pro-Mason, anti-reform propaganda to the paper for years, including PLANTING stories to harm individuals (unlike the claim of a Facebook page beig taken down, "this person" accused people of being Nazi-lovers which Hoboken reporter was ready to publish.)

      Here is an example of how "this person" tried to plant a story in the HR, and almost succeeded, except he got busted here:

      Here are the FACTS: http://grafixavenger.blogspot.com/2012/05/breaking-barracato-leaves-electronic.html

      Rumor has it, "this person" was livid his political operation got blown up. and was heard screaming at Unger in Unger's office.

      Finally, not sure why the corruption of our Fourth Estate doesn't trip your wire, but GA cant think of anything more corrosive to our democracy- controlling and suppressing information from the public so "we the people" can be controlled.

      I think all the information about why Dr. Dark was banned is in that email.

  7. There certainly seem to be a suspicious number of new commenters on GA and MSV who over the past 24 hours have advocated that both sites "move on" from examining emails. What a coincidence, huh? I'm sure there's nothing behind these dual efforts to get "the blogs" to not "dwell on" these emails. Nope. Nuthin' to see here, reforms a big tent, blah blah blah.

  8. Obviously someone needs to apologize to Dr. Dark. After all, Dr. Dark is probably a doctor and not the type of doctor Mike Russo calls himself.

    Unger should treat Dr. Dark with respect. What happens if Dr. Dark comes out and asks for GA and MSV to cover more on this story and publish more emails?!

    It's going to be very ugly for Unger and the Hudson Reporter and all because they kissed the ass of a smelly bottom feeding fish.

  9. There's a suspicious number of comments in the past 24 hours on MSV and GA from new screen names who suggest the sites "move on" from covering emails. Quite the coincidence, dontcha think? Personally, I love reading the "I'm no fan of the Masons or Hoboken Reporter but there's no point in dwelling on these emails" comments. It's almost as if....oh, never mind.


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