'Joan Q' Corrects Sullivan Column

This 'Joan Q?  6-term 32nd LD Assemblywoman Joan M. Quigley

Oh, boy.

You know it's getting sloppy over there when (alleged) former members of the NJ General Assembly drop corrections under  Al Sullivan's column- see above.

'Joan Q' is correct.  

Bill Pascrell represents the 9th Congressional District, which includes Prieto's home, Secaucus; Albio Sires represents the 8th Congressional District, which includes Hoboken.

That kind of error is an honest mistake.  Unlike the rest of the column's mistakes.

After Al burned relationships with honest Reformers, he seems content printing rumor and spin from anti-administration operatives.  Pitchers and catcher.

GA can guess who pitched this foul ball (a greasy flounder filet):
Meanwhile, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer reportedly attended an event for Phil Murphy, a former ambassador to Germany, who would also like to run for governor of New Jersey. A former Goldman Sachs executive, Murphy could siphon off Wall Street funding Fulop might need. 
Ummm... Mayor Zimmer didn't go to Atlantic City this year.   She stayed in Hoboken.

Zimmer's Twitter account shows her working in Hoboken on November 17th, the opening day of Atlantic City's League of Municipalities, when she"reportedly attended an event for Phil Murphy."

Now that is a substantial rumor to spread- the Mayor of Hoboken 'coming out' for a particular Democratic gubernatorial hopeful- who is not our Jersey City neighbor.  And it is easy to fact- check.

Unless one isn't interested in fact-checking, but rumor-mongering for the Dark Side. 

More on that to come.


  1. Has this guy ever printed a retraction when he is wrong like this? I doubt it of course but all of this is ridiculous

  2. Al Sullivan and the Hoboken Reporter are really not relevant anymore, but those plastic bags the paper comes in are useful for picking up dog poop.

  3. Isn't it time to move on from this topic? Dwelling on the Hudson Reporter only helps the old guard. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.


    Not Carrie Pilby


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