"Take the bracelet so you know where the candy came from"

"...the woman hired to to stand in front of the Mason Family Civic Center dispense candy and those orange bands Halloween said to each child: "Take the bracelet so you know where the candy came from." - witness testimonial
GA is surprised a camera crew wasn't present to record every child given a bracelet... um, I mean "treat."

Let's talk candy.... The kind of candy Beth Mason dispensed is what we call in my house,"crap."  It's the stuff cheapskates recycle when they root through their kid's Halloween bag.  You know who you are.

So, Mrs. Brinks-Truck couldn't spring for Reeses, Twix, Butterfingers, Snickers, Hershey's, Nestle's, M&Ms, or Kit Kats?  Or did the cost of those "Mason Civic League" bracelets come from her candy budget, so she couldn't buy good candy?

Yes, the bracelets say, "Mason Civic League."  In fact, someone dropped one in my mailbox. Don't know who.

If you were lucky enough to score one, it makes a great cat toy.

I'd keep it away from dogs- they might try to eat it.

Anyway, it looks like these orange "Mason Civic League" bracelets are the next big thing.  Look who's wearing them: Beth Mason and Hamlet*!

creative credit*: Anon (Nov. 4-10:9 PM)

According to an Anon:
Not since Yorick's skull was pondered by [Hamlet] has something the likes of Mason pondering her boy toy's next Happy Meal (depicted with full stage energy, great grafic by Grafix Avenger), and such a reportedly ill-advised underwritten anti-Giattino smear campaign been so epicly foolish
Oh my goodness, that one's a killer! But I digress...

Just so you know that Beth Mason wasn't the only one to use Halloween treats for marketing to adults:

Trick?  Treat?  We report you decide.


  1. That person in the mask seems familiar from 12th and Hudson area of Applied Housing

    Why does that woman handing out Candy appear on Peter Biancamano's elec report? What could she be getting paid for to actually do on a campaign?

  2. Beth & Carmelo - Strangers with candy !

  3. Carmelo's got lots of free time to file his ELECs now. We'll see who paid for the candy.

  4. Hey Ines, when are you going to be honest and transparent enough to tell us where the "candy" came from to finance that PAC your fronting ?


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