Ramos tries to 'neutralize' County's VBM Investigation

Early Saturday morning Mike Russo, Mama Russo, George DeStefano,  Matt Calicchio, Kim Glatt, Jay Yacker and Ramos' attorney, descended upon the Hudson County Board of Elections. They had come to browbeat Acting Superintendent John Bryzowski, into surrendering information about the VBM investigation which had swept into Hoboken the day before.

Bryzowski wasn't there. Instead, the angry mob pounced on his Chief Investigator, Charlie 'Blue.'  Led by Mike Russo, they yelled, they shouted at the inspector, demanding to know the names and addresses corresponding to the VBMs under investigation.  They got nothing.   A frustrated Matt Calicchio was heard yelling that "everyone" [who had voted by mail] would vote provisionally.

Well folks, that is exactly what "Ramos for Council" is doing. Ramos is disseminating a flier aimed at those who voted by mail, telling them to "VOTE PROVISIONAL" at your "regular polling place." 

Folks, can you smell the panic? There are major logistical problems now for the harvest crowd.

And then there's the flier itself, an admission they know these 'secret' vote-by-mails are Ruben-votes.  Ramos could not "know" what was inside the envelopes unless he 'helped' execute the ballot or had custody of it, which is voter fraud.

Lawyer-peeps out there, is the Ramos flier an "admission against interest?"

GA repeats:  Ramos' campaign is admitting that the ballots under investigation are HIS votes.  Which makes them tainted. 

Do you think the vote harvesters are a little worried to try to pull this off?

Can they really drag hundred of voters, including senior citizens, to the polls tomorrow to vote provisionally?

GA contacted the Board of Elections but they would not give me an update. What we do know is that their 12 inspectors are in Hoboken today- Investigation Day 4.

Side note: Does it seem 'dumb' for Mike Russo and Matt Calicchio to scream at the Board of Elections' Chief Investigator?   That's like screaming at the Chief of police  before he searches your house.

GA should have some VBM news tomorrow, Election Day.   

In the meantime, I  walked Willow Terrace today to remind folks about tomorrow's election. One interesting exchange was with a fellow who said, "I don't know about Jen but I won't vote for the guy who sent  the negative mail.  I don't like that negative stuff."

The "negative stuff" meaning 4 slime-mailers "paid for" by Beth Mason's PAC "Real Democrats for Hoboken."

Speaking of the She-Devil...  this was forwarded to me from a 6th Ward resident with the message:

What balls sending me this shit!  

Folks, if you knew WHO she sent this card to, you'd have said the same thing. 

In fact, the victim of this Halloween misfire was so pissed, a couple of minutes later he/she sent me this:

Honestly, haven't we had enough of her and her ghouls?


Yes we have

EVERYBODY, get out the VOTE tomorrow.  Bring every friend you have, and your neighbors... Polls are open from 6AM to 8PM.


For Hoboken City Council:

Ward 3- SOLOMON DWEK (write-in)


  1. Only that idiot Mason would send out a Halloween letter that arrives in November.

    Can't wait til that old shrew is gone for good

    1. The card arrived on October 30th- I didn't get to it until today. But, you're right- she is an idiot... you would not believe WHO she sent the card to. HINT: someone who has been harassed and slimed by her goons.

    2. Came to the 2nd ward today. I stand by the fact that she is an idiot

      She is either too cruel or too stupid to realize she should clean up her lists to not further harass those she has made a sport of going after. I'm gonna assume its stupidity

    3. Beth Mason likely didn't even know she and her family sent out a card. That sort of stuff is handled by the staff her husband pays.

  2. why did people request vbm if they are able to go to the polls tomorrow anyway? If they polling place happens to be in the lobby of where you live, then why do you need a vbm?

    1. Welcome to Hoboken's world of vote-farming. The farmers can be assured they are getting the votes for their candidate by manhandling the mail in ballots, and the voter gets a little something for their trouble.

  3. Because they need to make sure they voted for you the way you should.

  4. The Ramos people will create chaos at the board of elections and in Hoboken. Poll challengers: don't allow "assistants" to loiter inside polling locations. You know, assistants are people who "help" a voter.

  5. It was not too long ago people thought Ruben Ramos had a lock on the election and now he rolling around in dirty VBM's the day before the voting.

  6. "And then there's the flier itself, an admission they know these 'secret' vote-by-mails are Ruben-votes. Ramos could not "know" what was inside the envelopes unless he 'helped' execute the ballot or had custody of it, which is voter fraud." -EXACTLY!!!!!!!

  7. Brian Murray's backhand endorsement of his wife.

    "On this election day, please vote for Peter Biancamano. Or my wife which will guarantee pretty much the same result. Together we can ensure more housing for the top 10% who in turn will convince the lower 25% that they are the real winners and can someday afford a house like this. Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Idiots."


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