BREAKING: Request for Board of Elections to Impound 4th and 5th Ward VBMs

Admission of voter fraud?

Just in!

GA hears that Wefer and Occhipinti campaigns will request Hudson County Board of Elections impound 4th and 5th Ward VBMs on suspicion of massive voter fraud, and request they be turned over for investigation by the NJ Attorney General's Office.

Ramos may have 'screwed the pooch' with his flier, which appears to show knowledge that vote-by-mail ballots with 'irregularities' were executed for himOoops! extraordinary number of provisional ballots were cast in 4-3... "over 100."  Now, isn't that peculiar?

GA was challenging in 6-6... we had a total of 3 provisional ballots. All reasonable circumstances.

Folks, the magnitude of suspected voter fraud is egregious.

In the meantime, polls just closed.  Turnout was extraordinarily high in all three wards at Demarest, where GA challenged.  What does this mean?

We'll know soon.


  1. Turnout that is solid and high is good for Reform.
    Those good civic peops just won't let this town be bought.


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