Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deep Uvula: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

GA dish-slinger Deep Uvula, is back with the good, the bad and the ugly of the past week.   But if you ask GA, the Sergio Leone 1966 classic has got nothing on Hoboken. 

Here's was that chatty pink organ had to say:
Busy week. You got the good and the bad and the ugly. 

The good was kicking ass on Wednesday. Real good. I have been telling you from the start that our troops were ready to show up for a fight. You guys don’t even show up. Ridiculous. It was too easy.

The bad was the whole stupid mess about Greaney’s old bankruptcy. That one has sure blown up in her (Mason's) fucking face. So instead of celebrating all week and talking shit about what a loser the mayor is, her fuck up sucked all the air out of the room.  And she and her fucked up pals are Topic A heading into the home stretch. But it’s her dough, and as long as she doesn’t hurt us at the core, let her shoot herself in the fucking foot all day long. Not sure anyone of us will give her First Aid. She is like that dumb fucking coyote in that Road Runner cartoon.
The ugly was that mook Holmes. Dumb. Michelle has to put him back in line. She will. He won’t be heard from anymore. That’s the difference between a real boss and Mason. Or Zimmer for that matter.

So for now, it’s showtime and expect some more fireworks. Lots of hand deliveries to Jersey City.

This week may have been a bust, but there is hope that it rains on election day. If not, the 2nd 5th and 6th are up for grabs. The 1st, the 4th and the 3rd are ours to keep for as long as we want. Well, as long as Beth’s checkbook stays open. 

No one is worried about the AG anymore.

Well, fellas.  All I can say is, it took AG Paula Dow 8 months to arrest 11 election "volunteers" for voter fraud  in Paterson, NJ.  So don't get too relaxed.  It's only been 6.  And she's not gonna telegraph what's coming, either. No. You'll be in  your pajamas watching Magnum PI with your hand in a bag of microwave popcorn when they come knocking on your door.  

As for your 'bad' week... GA's delighted to take some credit for blowing your gloat-fest to smithereens.

It's hard to celebrate when everyone's talking about Beth's phony resume and that shell company, Newton Lao Leonard &  Locke (NLLL)- nothing more than an address to the Cratos Group, her political consultant. (Didja know that the Cratos Group gave Occhipinti $875 on his first City Council run?)

Yes, the other side had a real victory party planned.

But the discovery of the 'front' company opened up a Pandora's box for Mason, and all her dirty secrets are flying  out.  Like the person she or Ricky sent to Florida to pull 15 year-old case files from a court archives.  And exactly how her henchmen get paid (NLLL?) and WHY they're not showing up on her ELECs.

And that's what people are talking about.

Grafix Avenger hit an all-time traffic high this Thursday, when the Mason bogus-resume bombshell  dropped. It's the talk of the town.  Though I call it getting whacked with one's own bad karma boom-a-rang.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fingerprints on the Greaney Hit Job

When it comes to sleuthing,  no one's better  at it than that gelatinous orb, my buddy One Eye.

He's so dogged, it's ridiculous. All I have to do is ask him, "How do we find out x, y or z?" and the next thing you know- BOOM.  It's there.  Done.

So when I asked this monocular wizard how in the world did Beth Mason dig up such ancient financial records for the Hoboken411 smear job on Tom Greaney what do you think happened next?

I'll tell you.  That one-eyed wonder had emailed me 2 documents with a connect-the-dots guide to finding whose fingerprints are on the Greaney hit.  GA has redacted parts of this and has not published the last part.
Attached are two very interesting documents.  I was wondering how Beth got hold of the TG 15 year old Bankruptcy.  Generally, run of the mill personal bankruptcy records are not readily available.  

As I suspected, I went on line with PACER – (Public Access to Electronic Records) – which is open service to the general public and ran Tom/s name in a general search – the Pacer Search.  It revealed a number of cases with the name Thomas Greaney – not unusual – but they are all old. So I went back to Hoboken411 and looked at what they had put up. It contains FAX copies of the documents,  I double checked again on PACER in the Middle District of  Florida, founds Tom’s case on line and ran the attached Docket Report.  


NONE OF THE DOCUMENTS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE!  THEY ARE TOO OLD!  That means that someone had to make a written request to the Court to ask that the old files be dragged out of storage and then copies and faxed.  They left a paper trail!  (redacted)  This research is way to sophisticated for Lane or Klaussen and HAD TO HAVE COME FROM (redacted).  

Well, well.  Here's what we know.

Someone  versed in personal bankruptcy, the law and court procedure went to the Florida court to request that Tom's files be pulled from dead storage.   This is not the province of the nitwits at H411. This was the work of a professional... someone with legal training or perhaps... a lawyer.  Or a law firm.

One Eye, can you tell us more?  Tease.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Beth Mason Bombshell

Folks, I don't know if this is the Big Kahuna - meaning the long-sought link to how 2nd Ward City Councilwoman Beth Mason is able to funnel so much money to political campaigns, candidates, political operatives (rhymes with 'Bane Lajardi')- but whatever it is, it smells real bad.

What's GA talking about?

Beth Mason's resume.  A fictitious entry. A sham company.

I'm talking about the last place she claims to have worked:  Newton Lao Leonard & Locke NY,  NY from   1993-2005  as  Founder, President.

Well, folks.  GA did some digging with the help of a friend I call One Eye. For no special reason. Except he's got a glass eye.  

Wait until you see what that one-eyed bastard dug up.

Here's what Beth Mason says about her time at Newton Lao Leonard & Locke; her impressive clientele and wide-ranging responsibilities as Founder/President from 1993-2005.

So what's wrong with that?

The company was registered with the State of New Jersey on April 16, 2010:
Here's their business status report:

How did Mason found a company in 1993 when it didn't exist until 2010? 

There's more.

Mason registered her LLC's location at 10 Stuyvesant Avenue, Lyndhurst New Jersey.  Here it is. But her company, Newton, Lao, Leonard &  Locke is not  on the tenant list. (To the left of the satellite photo)

Getting the picture?

Mason's resume entry AND her company are a fabrication.  Or rather, they exist... on paper. So all of that executive and managerial experience exists... on paper.

 Now for that clever son-of-a-bitch One Eye's pointed commentary:
What I can say so far about Newton Lao Leonard & Locke.   She claims to have founded the company  and worked there from 1993 – 2005.  She is listed as the registered agent as of April, 2011 and the office allegedly is located at 10 Stuyvesant Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ, which is a generic office building with accountants and attorneys as tenants.  No listing of the company at that address per Google.  So it has to be that her accountant or atty is located there. 

There is no record of any person named Newton, Lao, Leonard or Locke affiliated with the company. 

It has all the earmarks of someone's "shell" or "front" company, i.e. a business in name only that is used to funnel expenses and make payments, receive payments that they don’t want associated with their name directly.

The only phone number or address for the company in the white and yellow pages is her home address on Hudson Street. The listed number is disconnected, and it is a 212 area code- 212-645-2570.

And there is NO RECORD of the entity ever having been formed in NY, according to a search of the NYS Sec of State.

Interesting question is if she stopped working there in 2005, why, six years later is she keeping the shell open for business?  Ask what the company does?  Who are the employees? What is the revenue?

Ask those questions and she will get very uncomfortable.

So she has basically lied about her resume from 1993 to 2005.  She has no real executive or managerial experience, except cratering two separate business entities and running a sham company for the past 15 years. 

A ghost – or a shadow – Only the Shadow Knows.  

Damn, that guy can  do more with one eyeball than I can do with both of mine.  Plus contact lenses.

But more questions remain about Beth Mason's shadowy LLC.  Some  for the IRS.  Has she ever claimed income or a tax deduction for this entity? If she files jointly with her husband, Ricky, what did he know and when did he know it?  What 'trails'  are available to see the flow of money into and out of this mysterious LLC, to whom and when?

As for Newton, Lao, Leonard &  Locke,  the only traces you'll find of it online are address listings. Nothing else.  Nothing with the Lyndhurst address.  Just one listing for 720 Monroe Street (last updated in 2008):

And another for 921 Hudson Street, Mason's home.

So why does GA  care?

I didn't. Until Wednesday's hit job on Tom Greaney.  If she's talking about where Tom was a decade and a half ago, then it's fair to ask what she's been up to these past 15 years.

Now  we know. The Founder and President of a company that didn't exist until last year.

So what do you think of my friend, One Eye? He thinks he's the cat's pajamas, and maybe he is.  Because he's got more to say about Mason's resume.  

Do we care?

(Update, 11:45am)
This is funny, folks!

Just got a call from someone who worked out of Mason's 720 Monroe  St. office in  2003 on a political campaign.... this person described the office down to bright pink walls and black furniture.  And that "nothing was going on there".

But here's the funny bit.  One Eye brought up the question of where the names came from in her company's name, and who they were: Newton, Lao, Leonard &Locke.  

GA's got 3 out of 4.  Ready?

Leonard=Leonard Nimoy  (Spock on original Star Trek)
Lao- that's the one I don't have.  Anyone?

(Updated  4/29/11, noon)
Got the 4th name!  Received a call earlier today, and here it is:
Lao=Lao Tzu

School Board Post-mortem

GA congratulates the winners of the 2011 School Board election: Carmelo Garcia, Peter Biancanamo and Frances Rhodes-Kearns. 

Someone had to win; I'm sorry it was you. But that's water under the school bus. I wish you all the best in continuing the positive direction of the past 2 years, in working constructively with  School  Superintendent Toback.   Two-thirds of your team were part of that,  having voted with  Kids First since they  took the majority in 2009.

And they still have it.  

As for the Kids Firsts slate: Jean Marie Mitchell, Clifford Godfrey and Steven Feinstein, you guys are terrific. Thanks for stepping up and for all of your hard work.

Jean-Marie,  you've been a wonderful Board member.  In spite of your demanding job and being a single mom, you've given countless hours of your time to the district, done great work with a perfect meeting attendance record, and always a smile. You are one of the most positive people I know.  Love your attitude, love you girl. Thanks so much for giving it your all.

And Liz Mulholland. You are a force.  Thank you for existing.

Now, for the post-mortem.

It's not rocket-science. Turn-out was lousy.  GA voted at Calabro at  about11:45 AM; I was number 26. OK?  That's about 1 voter every 10 minutes.  Pathetic.


A smorgasbord of reasons. Pick one: the public schools were closed, folks were away on vacation, lack of awareness it was election day, voter apathy.  GA  ran into those last 2 while volunteering yesterday. There was the lady pushing a stroller who waved her hand in my face and said brusquely, "I don't have time!"  Or the mom at the playground who told me casually that she wasn't registered.  La-di-da.

The other side's massive, unprecedented GOTV operation for the School Board was part and parcel of the strategy to 'take back the schools, take back the City Council'. And Deep Uvula was right; this single-minded drive, this tactical cohesiveness, the money... well, proved too much against an apathetic, tuned-out base.

Do we need another 47% tax hike to wake up these dummies? 

I have the numbers written down somewhere; let's just say we got beat on the machines. And the VBMs... by 10 to 1.  A wake-up all?  What kind of alarm can wake the dead?

Well, May 10 is a different animal.  There are 6 battles being fought by different armies. The other side is fighting with one strategy. We've got 6.  Their strategy worked in yesterday's citywide race. But will it work in 6 wards with varying demographics and issues?

We shall see.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

VOTE Today- Machines vs. 662 VBMs

Yup, that's the new grand total. 662. 

I want to believe that many in the 3rd and 4th Wards whose children attend public schools are very happy with the direction of the Kids First-majority BoE. But I don't live in a candy-castle and commute on a unicorn.  This is clannish, dirty Hoboken. All these VBMs will pass through the hands of thugs and thieves. So one thing is clear.

Folks need to VOTE. Polls are open from 7am to 9pm. Please tell your friends, neighbors, folks you know in Hoboken.

I've already endorsed Kids First.

That's 3-4-5.

Clifford Godfrey- 3A
Jean Marie Mitchell- 4A
Steven Feinstein- 5A

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Perry Off His Meds?

Not linking to the vile piece of crap, but click on the image below to see stills from a YouTube posted under the name '411Hoboken'.  The video depicts Rose Marie Markle as 'Hitler' and Theresa Minutillo as a Nazi subordinate.  Nice.

This is tasteless enough to be Hoboken411's handiwork, but then he's never been coy about ownership of his repugnant creations before so... all one can say is, does it really matter?

Whomever squeezed out this turd doesn't want you to vote for Kids First tomorrow, which is good enough reason to get yourself and anyone you know or pass on the street to the polls to vote FOR Kids First. Polls are open from 7am to 9pm.

That's Clifford Godfrey (3A), Jean Marie Mitchell (4A) and Steven Feinstein (5A).

3A - 4A - 5A

Deep Uvula: Dirty Deeds

Jeez Deep Uvula, my trusted and dangly pink informant, mind if pinch you?   And not the kind my Bubbie would give; she'd grab my cheek, twist it lovingly and cry, "Zis a Shayna meideleh!"

Does anyone know the Yiddish for 'uvula'?

I know... don't shoot the messenger-uvula.  Indeed, sincere thanks to you, fleshy blabbermouth friend, for leaking secrets like a sieve.

Now here's the latest from deep inside the other camp:
What’s all the effing whining about? There’s no whining in politics! 

First the Mayor whining about Stack being mean to her. Now that Jen girl acting like a child – oh that big bad meanie stole my sign! Grow up. Its Hoboken politics. The Calicchio kid just got a little enthusiastic. Big deal. Nino is not even going to dignify this nonsense with a response. 

Take a hint from Michelle Russo. That is how you play hardball politics. No public whining when she lost the Hoboken Dems last year. She just took it back this year. 

And the Mayor didn’t even see it coming. What a fool. The absentees weren’t supposed to hit so early. Minor screw up. The BOE was supposed to be a surprise attack. No way does Kids First recover from the lead. 

Next we nail down the Council and make the Mayor look like a chump. Especially if we win on the machines. The numbers are looking good – no way the yuppies get out to the polls in large enough numbers. 

All that internet crap. I keep telling you, this is not a popularity contest, it is an election – meaning a war – and it is won by troops on the ground who put feet in the polls or absentees in the right hands. And we have Beth’s money to make it all happen. 
Funny, she (Mason) is right at home. She could care less what is done with her money, as long as she gets the win in the 2nd. Praying for rain on election day – that will seal the win for us. No way the yuppies will come out in the rain to vote. That is the difference. We will do whatever it takes, rain or not, to get our votes counted.

What the fuck is all this talk about “demographics changing” in Hoboken?  Demographics  don’t fucking vote.  We do and you don’t.  End of story.
Well, we'll see about that.  Which reminds me.  Of dirty deeds... done dirt cheap. Great song.

GA was a big AC-DC fan back in the days of giant hair, black leather garb, steel tip boots,  silver bracelets up both arms, rings on every finger... Yup,  I dug up  some old pics in my Mom's basement this weekend and honey, Perry's bountiful bouffant has got NOTHING on GA's 80's hair.

May post some for laughs and call them 'Perry's Revenge'.

VOTE Tomorrow + GA Endorsement

612 VBMs and counting... roving Mason-Occhipinti thugs tearing down campaign signage... mysterious rivers of cash flowing into opposition coffers unaccounted for because ELECs have not been filed... the NJ Attorney General's gone AWOL when Hoboken needs her most...

It's up to YOU and your neighbor to 'say NO' TOMORROW (Wednesday) with your VOTE.

Let's be frank: the people funding the opposition don't give 2 shits about our public schools. It's all about weakening the mayor.  They hate the mayor more than they love our children.

GA's not in this for politics.  Hell, no. My daughter goes to public school. She's the most precious person in my life. This is about HER.  And about all the KIDS in this city. Politics, be damned.  I've seen with  my own eyes the progress that's happened in a short time under the unconditional commitment of the Kids First Team.  

Now, I like Carmelo Garcia personally.  But...  

Check out Carmelo's  School Board ATTENDANCE RECORD:

  • 4 ABSENTS OUT OF 10 MOS-3 REGULAR meetings -1 was for the CLOSED SESSION VOTE (I only checked on close session).
  • Late 90% of the time
  • left early at least 60% of the time, but leaving early is not noted- so have no proof- checked on one closed session vote and voile- he was absent(see line 1).
  • Here are the details:
May 09- ABSENT
June 09-LATE
July 09-ABSENT
Aug 09-LATE
Sept 09-LATE
Oct 09-LATE
Nov 09----------------PRESENT (Thanks from GA, Carmelo!)
  • 2010: Carmelo's attendance WORSENED.  Missed almost 50% of the School Board and Closed Executive Session  meetings. 
  • Missed 80% of the 2010 Curriculum Committee meetings.  Missed the final Curriculum meeting for politicking at a Hoboken Charter School forum.
So let's be real.  HOW MUCH does this guy REALLY care if he attends 50% of the School Board meetings and shows up late 90% of the time?

Carmelo votes with the majority.  Whichever way the wind blows.  And if the machine takes back the majority and turns the public schools back into a patronage mill, Carmelo will  vote with them.

Nice guy.  But Board members don't have to be nice. They just have to do the right thing by our kids. And our taxpayers- under the KF majority the tax levy stayed flat.

So please... we are up against a TIDAL WAVE of VBMs... please EVERY VOTE COUNTS.  The polls are open from 7am - 9 pm. Please remind your friends and neighbors.



Monday, April 25, 2011

Download This Poster (8.5 x 11 inches)- NEW Version Added

And distribute to  local business owners or anyone you feel ought to know about the thuggery, intimidation and CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR of the 'other' team. That's Russo, Mason, Giacchi, Castellano and Occhipinti.  Because they're all working together.

MSV broke the story and notes that Matt Calicchio claims he works only for Mason and Occhipinti campaigns (2nd and 4th Wards).  So what was he doing ripping down Jen Giattino's poster in a 6th Ward business?

Nobody's buying what you're selling, Calicchio.

And Nino.  Why so quiet? 

The 6th Ward hears you LOUD and  CLEAR.

And we're voting for Jen Giattino on May 10th.

(Update- NEW VERSION- For Hoboken Residents)
An excellent suggestion just came in by email:
you should consider making a "Warning Hoboken Resident" version so candidates or their staff can hand it out by the path, bus stops, etc.  such deeds may elicit a few more previously unattainable vote .
Thank you. Here it is:

Election Theft Update- New VBM Total is 612

That's current to today- 4/25/1, numbers just in.

Please send your emails requesting the NJ Attorney General's office monitor this Wednesday's BoE election to:

Vincent Militello
Deputy Attorney General

Not much more to add, folks. GA just got back in town and needs to catch up on what I've missed... which seems to have been a lot.

But I see Election-Theft Apologist Perry Klaussen has posted today about the benefits of voting-by-mail. 

Sure, GA does not dispute the benefits to folks who work, are old or infirmed, or will be out-of-town on election day.  But that's not what THIS is.  This is VOTE-FARMING.

I  can't post the entire 75-page VBM report, but it's clear from the addresses and apartments and VBMs requested per residence these buildings in the 3rd and 4th Wards have been WORKED.

Rami to the Rescue!

This is a follow-up to last week's Timmy's Garden Update when GA- wearing her coroner's hat- pronounced Timmy's Photo-Op Garden at the Boys and Girl's Club DEAD, then put on her medium's hat (a gal who communes with the dead) and fingered the perp.

Timmy Occhipinti, 4th Ward City Councilman.

That's what the Ouija board told me.  I didn't make it up.

Timmy planted those lovely flowers last Spring, snapped photos, posted them on Facebook, then walked away from his little leafy friends without ever turning back.

So where are they now?

A sad metaphor for his performance on the City Council.

Well, folks.  Have I got a story for you.

When Timmy's opponent, 4th Ward City Council candidate Rami Phinchevsky read about Timmy's garden massacre on GA he heard the call...  the call of bleak and barren soil in the 4th Ward once planted as a politician's prop then left to wither and die from lack of interest. This betrayal of Timmy's 4th Ward constituents who must pass a depressing patch of soil daily, and the boys and girls who use the playground that see neglect in these empty planters would not go unanswered by Pinchevsky.

Because Rami cares about the people and the flowers of the 4th Ward.  Even though flowers don't vote.

So what did he do?

Rami rushed to the scene and...

...he watered Timmy's Garden of Death, watered it and watered it... tended it carefully... apologized to the flowery ghosts that hovered since abandoned by Occhipinti... never fear, little flowery spirits... because it's...
Rami to the Rescue!

And, you'll never guess what will happen.  

Yes, indeed.  The future is bright for Timmy's Garden of Despair... now that Rami's has picked up where the slacker left off..

This is what your future looks like, oh little Garden of Emptiness, if Rami Pinchevsky wins on May 10th:

So remember 4th Ward friends, on May 10...
Vote for the HERO (Rami Pinchevsky) and not the ZERO (Timmy the Pansy Slayer).

*GA Note for the  Terminally Humorless, Easel-Wielders: this is satire. Except for the part about Timmy killing his photo-op garden from sheer neglect.  That part's true.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

GA Exclusive: Election Theft by Ward

Yesterday GA broke the story of an unprecedented 588 VBM (Vote-by-Mail) ballot requests for next Wednesday's School Board election,  along with the notion of that the ballot-farming operation had metastasized throughout the city.

Today GA has a breakdown by ward of these VBM requests and is 'happy' to report that the vast majority (82%) are coming from the 3rd and 4th Wards.

Here are the VBMs by ward per data current to 4/21/11:

Ward 1 - 4%
Ward 2- 5%
Ward 3-20%
Ward 4- 62%
Ward 5- 7%
Ward 6- 2%

So, if the School Board VBM-farming operation is any indicator of the May 10th effort,  a heads-up  for Greg Lincoln and Rami Pichevsky.  Cautiously 'good' news for Eric Kurta, Tom Greaney and Jen Giattino.  For Peter Cunningham, not exactly decisive but the other side wants a run-off with Scott Delea.  So every vote counts.

Although it must be noted that public school attendance is high in  the 3rd and 4th Wards, so more interest in the School Board can be  expected.  And 'Bubbles' (Francis Rhodes Kearns) is up for re-election- she lives in Church Towers. As does Michelle Russo. 

So while GA will never be guilty of over-confidence because:

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

...allow me to say if an indicator of the  scope of the VBM harvesting, the news doesn't stink.  For the municipal election,  that is.

It does stink for the BoE.

Please vote next Wednesday, polls open 7am - 9pm.

Kids First BoE candidatates: Steven Feinstin -5A, Clifford Godfrey-3A, Incumbent Jean Marie Mitchell-4A

And to my Christian brothers and sisters, Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

GA Exclusive: Election Theft Underway- 588 VBMs to Date

Feels Like Old Times

Wait... these are NOT for the May 10th election.

588 VBM's have been mailed as of 4/21/11 for the April 27th  School Board election.

That's next WEDNESDAY.

HOLY COW.  That is a huge number. Huge. Unprecedented in a School Board race.  Want to understand how huge?

In the 2010 BoE race, the total machine vote was 3,637.   Now for your viewing displeasure, see the 2010 absentee ballot total total AND distribution (by ward):

click any to enlarge
2010 School Board Election Results 3-Year Term

2010 School Board Election Results 1-Year Term

Waiers-Howitt-Colon cleaned everyone's clock on absentees... and who was their campaign treasurer?  Frank Raia.

2010 Absentee ballots totaled nearly 10% of the machine vote with approx 90% coming out of the 4th Ward.

Let's project the same machine vote for 2011, with 650VBMs- we're closing in on 20% of the machine vote.

How can this be happening AGAIN, with a stack of criminal complaints for 4th Ward election fraud sitting on Attorney General Dow's desk in Trenton?

Where is the Attorney General?  

We need her here now.  We need her office to supervise our School Board  election next Wednesday.

Don't think this absentee ballot tsunami isn't coming on May 10th, either. 

Just look at where the School Board's  VBMs are coming from now...  from the email which alerted GA to these shenanigans:

There are 588 vbm ballots mailed- I identified 509 ballots from 4/4, Church Towers, Marine View, 9th st, and Applied buildings.

Get it?

This is now a citywide Machine operation to 'take back' the schools and the CC with the BoE in the crosshairs first.  And given the historic low turnout for School Board elections, don't think this can't be decisive. 

That's why we need the Attorney General HERE.

GA located a contact in the Attorney General's Office.  He's a 'Deputy Attorney General' in the DCI (Division of Criminal Justice) in the Corruption Bureau.  Please EMAIL him with your concerns, and request to monitor our April 27 and May 10 elections.
Vincent Militello
Deputy Attorney General 

PLEASE do this now.  And include a link to this GA piece.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ask GA (New Feature)

GA gets reader email on various topics and to my amazement, some of you want my opinion.  Which means you really do need help, just not my kind. You need a professional.

In any case, I decided it was time to start a new feature, Ask GA.

For those of you who have a question or need any kind of advice- dating, medical, plumbing, religious- just email me here and put 'Ask GA' in the subject line.  I will respond no matter how filthy or inappropriate you are. Maybe I'll even write fake-letters to myself like Perry Klaussen.

Here's a (real) piece of reader mail I got today asking for my advice. Don't worry, reader!  Help is on its way!

Dear GA,

She's at it again with her mindless drivel.

Raising Boys vs. Raising Girls

(Redacted)'s friends are leaving Hoboken for more space, better schools and sports programs. The one thing they all have in common? Sons.

Chrissakes - what does she have - two friends??  I'm amazed that Claire prints her shit.  I loved when a poster said "Your inanity is breathtaking."

She is such a vortex of stupid.  Here's the insipid link.

Why does she get on my nerves so much?

(name redacted)

Dear redacted,

Thanks for your letter.  I have answers for you.  Here they are.
  1. I don't know why Clare prints her, um... "shit". 
  2. I'm not sure if she has more than two friends. 
  3. I don't know why she gets on your nerves so much. Could it have something to do with the answers to questions 1 and 2?  Maybe somebody else  knows the answers to those.
I hope that was helpful. 

Remember to send your questions  (or tell me what's wrong with you) to Ask GA.  

Help is on its way!

Timmy's Garden Update

Thank goodness, GA can speak to the dead!

Because I stopped by  to check up on Timmy's Garden at The Boys and Girls Club in Hoboken  this Wednesday morning... well, you know it's been a pretty harsh winter and all.

But all around Hoboken our little leafy friends seemed to have endured and one can see flowers blooming in gardens all around our fair city.  All it takes is a little water, maybe a handful of cow dung... and there they go!  Little happy flower faces let us know that Spring is here.  And isn't that cheerful?

So... GA popped by to see the Spring awakening of the lovely little flower garden that Timmy O., 4th Ward candidate, had planted last year. Now, I admit to being cynical back then; thinking this effort was all PR, a hit-and-run public display of ... caring... and that after the pics were snapped and slapped up on Facebook, Timmy would walk away... and forget his little leafy friends.

Oh, how cynical you are, GA! (Creepy, isn't I talk to myself?)

See Timmy O. plant flowers in  the 4th Ward!

Aren't they beautiful!

Well, thank goodness I was all decked out in black last Wednesday- the color of mourning.

See for yourself:

What.. what...what happened?
Phew... signs of life.  A weed.

Oh, the humanity!

My deepest, darkest, most cynical musings have been confirmed.

April showers bring.... death to Timmy's flowers.

R.I.P., leafy friends of the 4th Ward.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Deep Uvula: The Shadow Knows

Jeez, today's dispatch from GA's chatty apendage, Deep Uvula, has more curves in it than a... than a... a uvula.

What do you think?

Here's the latest dish from the other side.
Pretty good fun last night, huh? 

Now you get to see Beth without Mike propping her up, telling her what to do. She may have the checkbook, but she needs Mike at her side to steady the ship. What an effing disaster she is. 

No one is really counting on her to win the 2nd – she may pull one out of her ass with the Applied vote, but if she does, then she is made and forever in the family. Not that she has anywhere else to go as it is. 

That sidekick of hers is starting to piss people off. 

The real juice is with that Scotty guy in the 5th. He’s got some traction going. At worst he kicks Cunningham’s ass into a runoff and then gets rid of him, or best case he throws the bum out in the first round.

Either way Petey boy is toast. 

Perry is just there to fuck things up a bit and throw Pete off balance.

You guys act all surprised at how well we are doing – funny that you just don’t get it. This is about troops on the ground, with the money to get feet into the polls, or absentees in the right hands. 
Hear you guys are tight on cash. The real story is who gets to be CC President if Mason loses. Tim has a good shot at it. He is a comer, we don’t care what you guys think. The kid has a future.

I'm curious how Bajardi's worn out his welcome and is "pissing people off".  I'll have to ask.

(Update, 4:45 pm)
I tried to tap that pink piece of gristle for the dish on Bajardi; what he may have done to 'piss off 'the other team,  but all I could get is that 'they' don't like him, don't like dealing with him and never have.  That's where Deep Uvula ended the conversation.

And when your uvula quits talking, it's time to move on.

Crackberry Addict

For someone who blogs about politics, I really should pay more attention to it.

Last night I tuned into the City Council web stream late... I think after I got LA (Little Avenger) in bed.  Or maybe it was before.

Anyway, I tuned in to see Beth Mason smack in the middle of an off-the-hook crackberry-fueled full-blown apoplectic tirade complete with trembling voice, flailing hands... I felt like I was watching a meltdown of sorts... she barked like we were the scullery maid who broke her fine china.


It didn't even matter what she was talking about.  The tantrum was fascinating to watch.  And though her rage felt genuine- like we were seeing the hinges rip themselves off a storm door, Mason was reading from a script. Well, not a script. GA's pretty sure she was high on the crackberry.

You know.

The gadget that hungrily gobbles Lane Bajardi's odd rantings as they bounce off a satellite miles above the earth then into Mason's wireless crackpipe and out through her mouth.

Ask any regular attendee of City Council meetings what goes on between those two.  He sits there in the audience pounding away on his keyboard as Mason furtively glances downward, drawing hit after hit off the crackberry pipe.

No, Mason's dealer can't type those instructions fast enough for the addict.

raise voice now... point finger... hold up GA graphic and compare yourself to a genuine victim...

Mind  you, this behavior has cooled off since her ascension to the Big Chair. But last night in Mike Russo's absence, there was a vacuum of guidance for the woman who relies on much on others to do for her.  So...

Last night she was back on the crackberry, snorting and huffing and puffing away.

And boy, that was some good sh*t she was smoking.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deep Uvula: Smug Times

You know, as much as I adore that loquacious orb, Deep Uvula, there are days I want to grab him/her by the fleshy pink sac and yank hard. 

Today is one of those days. See what you think.

Here's the latest from deep inside:

Coming down to the wire.  Those dumb yuppies are still looking for volunteer challengers!  Told you they had no troops to run the election day battle. We got plenty.  

Funny about the whining and the crying about posters.  Too bad – politics has a price to pay in Hoboken. 

Gotta love Beth and her checkbook, but she spends money like a drunken sailor sometimes.  For all the primping and coaching for the debates, she was flapping her hands around like a chicken on crack. Good thing she has money, she won’t make it on skills. But she is stuck like glue to us now.  No way she can go anywhere else.

Get ready, more tricks are coming. It’s Wednesday.

The 'posters' reference has nothing to do with commenters on blogs or internet message boards.

It has to do with shopkeepers being intimidated by men in uniform to take down campaign posters for ' non-aligned' candidates.

Yup. Ask around.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bill's Balls

Well I just saw this in polickernj and had to smile: a friend of GA's, Fireman Bill Brennan, is in the news and stirring the pot again.

Brennan is a hoot.

A citizen activist, he rants, raves all for the public good, sticking it to the powerful and connected who line their pockets with our cash.  Bill's on a one-man jihad in New Jersey to root out corruption. Lotsa luck with that, fella!

Bless him for trying.

GA did the graphics for his latest show, The New Jersey Civil Circus, which starts airing this Thursday on Cablevision at 10:30 in Bergen and will be up on the web shortly after (I'll update w/a link).

These are some images he didn't use:

Scott Rumana, Prsident of Wayne Energy Corp. as a zombie.

Brennan's nemesis Scott Rumana 'waters' the Wayne City Council (potted plants) in  the Big House

Brennan's nemesis Scott Rumana 'waters' the Wayne City Council (potted plants) in Hell

He did use this one...

Um... you get it.
and this one...
Assemblyman Scott Rumana wearing too many heats?

among others.

This episode is about... you guessed it: Assemblyman Scott Rumana, who Brennan excoriates for suckling like a starving piglet off the Wayne NJ taxpayers' teat.  It's quite a story, you'll see.

But I digress...

So when I read today's politickernj  I couldn't help but smile: Brennan, a Democratic candidate for Assembly  in the 40th District has refused to file his 2009 ELECs as an act of "civil disobedience" after he heard ELEC's decision to give gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan $2.8 million in matching funds. Brennan thinks the ELEC award was taxpayer theft.
Brennan said he has already responded to the complaint, telling ELEC he had no intention of filing the reports.

"As I have repeatedly informed your staff in 2009,” he said he told the agency.  “NJELEC allowed Lonegan to flagrantly violate State Election Law.  My refusal to file in 2009 is an act of civil disobedience intended to expose hypocrisy."

He won’t file, he said, until Lonegan gives back the money.

“I have filed in every year except the year that Lonegan stole from the public treasury and nothing short of the NJ Supreme Court will get me to file for 2009 unless Lonegan GIVES BACK THE MONEY HE STOLE!,” Brennan said in the same email.

Jeez, what BALLS.

He will 'pay the price' for his civil disobedience.

While I don't endorse his actions, there aren't many around who have the courage of their convictions. Very few, in fact. People are bought and sold all the time, by those with wealth or access to power.

Need I say more?

Monday, April 18, 2011

GA Requests Apology for NJDC Role in Mason Hit Job

Folks, the whole NJDC-thing had fallen off my radar until Beth Mason and Lane Bajardi put it back on last Wednesday night.

That's when Mason whipped out the prop she'd brought to the OLG debate- the same side-by-side image Bajardi had carted to the City Council last November; the official launch of the smear they thought would be heard round-the-world.

What those 2 shallow, hate-filled individuals didn't understand back then about their own plan was that it always had 2 dimensions: the spiritual and the political.  GA saw that right away.

And I confronted the spiritual dimension immediately, spoke extensively to Jewish leaders, apologized to anyone hurt by the image, was changed by it on a spiritual level in a positive and lasting way. That was my closure.  That was closure for the Jewish leaders with whom I spoke.  They wished to move on.

So all that's left is the political. The pimping of anti-Semitism for political gain.   In defiance of the wishes of her rabbi, Rabbi Scheinberg, the show must go on.  It did last Wednesday night.

Well, GA can really do nothing about that. If Mason wishes to debase herself in this manner, defy the wishes of her own rabbi, harm the Jewish community by politicizing this real and hurtful issue, so be it. I'll survive.

Believe it or not, the spiritual dimension was the one  I always cared about. The other doesn't really matter.

But what the resurfacing of this did was put unfinished business with the NJDC back on my radar.

They have never apologized for their participation in the back-door publication of a donor's ghost-written Hoboken411-linked hit-piece via Mason-friend and NJDC Board of Director, Larry Stempler.

They let themselves be used to  settle a donor's personal score and they owe me an apology.

My attorney's gotten 'bupkis' from the NJDC President, David Harris.  Well, as a Washington-based  'Leadership' PAC ,the NJDC has 2 Congressional sponsors.  They are the Honorable Senators from Maryland, Ben Cardin, and Oregon, Ron Wyden. I'd thought about contacting them months ago, but as I said, the whole thing fell off my radar.

Until Wednesday night.

I've sent the following letter(s) to each.

click to read

So that bit of unfinished business has been taken care of.

Thanks for the reminder, Beth and Lane. Got that off my 'To Do' list. Larry, blame your friend Beth.  I'd already moved on. It seems she can't.

No more distractions, diversions. There are plenty of things to talk about.

May 10th is right around the corner.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Deep Uvula: Triumph of the Uvula

Not funny!

GA, putting a uvula on an old German film poster with the same font as Helmer's in Hoboken--  now  you'll be thoroughly vilified  and used in a vicious and stupid City Councilwoman's dying campaign.

That's right.

Comparing your glistening pink gossip, Deep Uvula, with Hitler's uvula?  Did he have one?  I know 2 people without uvulas. Not me. I've got one.

If Hitler had a uvula it was rotten like the rest of him.

I never should have done that uvula poster.  Look how upset it made Beth Mason. She even brought it to the  OLG debate!  I hear she carries it everywhere: to the grocery store, the laundromat, K-mart,  the shower. Just in case.

Well, GA's source from deep inside the OTHER camp is not evil, vicious, stupid or mean. Not like those who exploit profoundly painful issues for political gain.  No, he/she is  a blabber-mouth, always ready to spill the beans.

And don't you love it?  I do.

Here's the latest:

Busy week.  Been executing the plan.  

Those idiot reform geeks don’t have a plan.  A lot of mouth, but no plan. No election day troops to get the feet in the voting booth or to walk the absentee ballots in. Greaney is all talk and no action. Kurta and that Rami guy got nothing going on. Prop up that new guy in the 2nd a little more and we get a run off, at least.  But that Jen girl is making folks edgy. But after all is said and done,  everything is going as planned.  

Now, we expect some kind of fuck up like Terry being a loudmouth ass or Beth doing something stupid with her checkbook.  Jesus, hiring Stevens kids to held up posters.  Out of a bad movie. But thank god for that check book.  Sometimes you have to take some bad with the good.   Just as long as we can replace the fuck up with another play.  And we have plenty of tricks left to cover over fuck ups. 

All in all, Beth’s goodness is pretty good to have.  Ask Tim.  Nice brochure she made for him.  Meet him Saturday to see firsthand how to take credit for the Mayor’s work.  

She and her “publicity hounds” are getting hammered these days – they are so busy dodging the incoming shit that they are wearing helmets in City Hall. Mrs. Russo, Stack and Smith kicked her ass. Funny to see all of the vipers playing pretend nice with each other.  A common enemy is a good motivator. Once they have Ramos get rid of the Mayor from City Hall, they’ll eat each other, and Ramos, alive.

Ball Boy can’t play in their leagues and is going to be very sorry he tried these tricks.  As I said a while ago, get ready – it is coming on ALL FRONTS! 

Can’t say you weren’t warned. Sorry about some of the stuff said about you, but that is from Beth’s camp.  Hell, everyone reads you. But nobody else thinks you’re worth all the effort and attention. A pain in the ass that they would like to dump off the Board  and no one wants to invite you to Sunday dinner, but not worth mud wrestling with you.  There are plenty of other easier and less messy mud pies to throw up on the wall.  

But the checkbook and her little man have determined that you’re going to have to dodge a few more.

Nothing personal from us, it’s just politics.

But from Beth and the little kid, you really pissed them off with that Jewish group thing.  That did not go well at all. Made her look bad to her important friends. 

Well, just a few more weeks left.  Slow and steady glass grinding is winning this one.

Wow, GA got a mention in there.

Yeah, I know I'm not worth the trouble- a big waste of time, but Bajardi is absolutely obsessed with me.  It's quite strange.  He followed me out of the City Council meeting last week, slipped in front of me and snapped a photo of my friend, creepily saying, "I've been wanting this for a long time, my friend".  Ew.

Don't believe me?  

I have the audio. Yes, and I won't tell you how I got it.  I'm saving it for a rainy day.

No... it's very strange.  Bajardi has peculiar feelings toward women- love or hate. Either extreme. A classic case of borderline personality disorder (BPD). 
People with BPD are often uncertain about their identity. As a result, their interests and values may change rapidly.

People with BPD also tend to see things in terms of extremes, such as either all good or all bad. Their views of other people may change quickly. A person who is looked up to one day may be looked down on the next day. These suddenly shifting feelings often lead to intense and unstable relationships.
That's  him. All emotional extremes.

He worships Beth.  Like  a mommy. Or a pot of gold. He hates the mayor to an abnormal degree.  And Lenz.  And Soares. And Marsh. And me.  As does Mason.  It drives everything they do.  


For the others, the Russo side, it's not personal.  Never personal. They wisely don't give a crap about a lowly blogger.  So, I appreciate that they don't want me to come to Sunday dinner. That's much better than  sick obsession. 

But... if you change your mind about dinner, I'll bring a nice bottle of wine and a pie.  What kind do you like?