Monday, June 30, 2014

Reward up to $700

Thanks to the kind folks out there moved to kick in to the kitty announced here on Friday; it all started with this generous offer of $300 to identify the person(s) who sabotaged Jessica Coco's car battery.

I had encouraged others to 'kick in' to the kitty:  

Well, some of you out there did, and brought Monday's total to $700.  Thank you!

The reward will be exchanged for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s).

 Thanks again to the generous donors, and if anyone else wishes to add to the kitty, meeee-ow!

wrong kitty

RREM Grants for Hoboken Residents

GA's pleased to report that wait-listed Hoboken residents for New Jersey Stronger's Homeowner Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) Grant program are receiving notices that their applications have been "preliminarily funded."  

It's been a long wait; applications for this program closed on August 1, 2013.  

RREM "provides up to $150,000 for eligible Homeowners to repair, elevate or rebuild their primary residences in the affected communities".

 GA's kitchen, February 2013
Folks I know who have received RREM notices (including GA), completed major reconstruction and repairs long ago.  So how will it work?

Step 1 is to return documents including authorization for the Department of Environmental Protection  (DEP) and RREM representatives to access/test your property.

Next... that's the wildcard.

What if the DEP finds the air quality in your home sucks and/or the soil in your yard is contaminated?

We shall see.  In the meantime, perhaps we can recoup some of our losses.

Of course, there's no guaranty of getting an RREM grant until inspection, etc. but good luck to those who've made it to Step 1. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

$300 Cash Reward to ID Criminals


Last Tuesday night, a reader volunteered a generous $300 cash reward to whomever can identify the perpetrators who sabotaged HHA Tenant activist Jessica Coco's car, so that it would 'stop' while in operation:

GA has authenticated this offer.  It's real. I would also like to encourage any one out there to add to the kitty:  

The reward will be exchanged for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s).

Speaking of Ms. Coco, she attended last night's HHA meeting, where "two or three" police officers warned residents approaching Ms. Coco in a menacing fashion to to "stay away."  Coco spoke, and here's the text of her speech:
Mr. Carmelo did you have a nice vacation, because the HHA workers didn’t and in fact neither neither did I? As you are aware my person, my apt, and my vehicles were repeatedly threatened, vandalized, and burglarized during this time. I have repeatedly sent letters, but nothing has been done. I don’t even get a reply. Why is that?

Is it to curtail my freedom of speech & using the race card to do it with. 1st because of my opposition to Vision 20/20 which you Mr. Garcia supported and NOT this Board? Vision 20/20 would have Evicted All of of Us from our homes! 2nd my recent support for a public audit of the Housing Authority? Because after all if someone is stealing money, it’s we the tenants who suffer. We’ve heard stories of directors stealing for years. If it’s going on, it needs to stop.

I want to know what is going to be done to stop this pattern of harassment and terrorism for practicing my freedom of speech. By the way, anyone not know what Vision 20/20 is, they should check out on Facebook Save the Hoboken Projects 2013. I just hope that something is going to be done, because this is ridiculous. Dissenting tenants cannot come to a Board meeting? This is ridiculous and I have the right to be protected and feel safe in my house. I should feel safe enough to come here.
GA is told that a commotion followed her mention of Vision 20/20. 

Well, 'good news' to come out of the meeting is that ( I am told) Executive Director Garcia, just back from vacation, promised to have Chairwoman Dana Wefer made a signatory for the PNC account so "everyone" would get paid today.  

That's good news. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Graduation Day

LA (Little Avenger) gets her diploma

Folks, today was a big day-- LA's graduation from Wallace School!  

Bittersweet- mostly sweet.  She's put a muzzle on my keyboard, so all I can tell you is... well, nothing. Darn it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is This Funny?

Coco's battery wires cut yesterday

The ongoing harassment campaign against HHA Tenant activist Jessica Coco took a dangerous turn yesterday.

Instead of the usual garden-variety vandalism like a scratched car window, or broken door lock, it appears someone meant to hurt her.  

Somebody cut the wires to her battery, but rigged it so the car would run- at first.  Which it did.  Ms. Coco was driving then suddenly, her car stopped. If she were on a highway or going at a faster speed with another car behind her, there could have been an accident. Not only might she have been hurt, but passenger(s) in other car(s).

Of course, this on top of her apartment being illegally entered yesterday (the second time since last Friday); the contents of a drawer dumped out on the floor, all copies of police complaints stolen, with an OPRA request.

The renewed campaign to terrorize Ms. Coco seems to be in retaliation for her recent appearance at the City Council. The goal appears to be to remove her from the HHA- one way or the other.

With the sabotage of  Coco's car, it appears they are trying "the other."

This is happening to a resident of federally-subsidized housing, run by NJ's 33rd District Assemblyman.

In the meantime, two police officers were called to Ms. Coco's apartment yesterday.  As they were leaving, with her door closing, she heard laughter.

WHO will condemn violence against residents of Hoboken's federally funded housing?

Party Pooper

photo credit: Mile Square View

HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer  sure is a... you know. 

Imagine, all the planning gone into a perfectly good stunt:  (1) stiffing HHA staff/vendors of their paychecks (2) telling the Teamsters Local 97 that Wefer is "holding" the paychecks  (3) splitting for vacation.

POW!  Take that, Ms. Wefer.

Of course any good stunt needs a good set-up.  

Here it is: Executive Director Carmelo Garcia did not make Ms. Wefer the signatory on the HHA's Bank account at PNC when she became chairwoman in May.  Nor did  Mr. Garcia provide the name of PNC bank's account executive for the HHA to Ms. Wefer until June 20, 2014- the same day "someone" pitched the story to the Hoboken Reporter.

Concurrently, GA hears a petition is floating around the HHA to have Wefer removed, and other Reform commissioners "removed" while harassment of Jessica Coco has reached new heights of depravity. 

So Wefer's gotta go ruin it with her statement published yesterday on MSV.   

Well, look.  After the paycheck-problem is cleared up (assuming HHA Counsel Charles Daglian remembers he works for the BOARD and not as the Executive Director's personal attorney), which means Daglian drafts the resolution as he has been asked by Wefer (no authorization for the Director to use  facsimile signatures on  checks) there is something the Board may wish to consider.

Wefer requested all "prior HHA resolutions concerning bank signatories."   Those have not been furnished.  


GA's got a suggestion.

If the resolutions are not furnished, why not audit all bank checks paid from the PNC account since 2009.   That means PNC provides copies of all checks paid from the HHA's account- thousands, for sure. It will be clear, not only who is signing checks but who got paid and how much.   GA doesn't know if a subpoena and/or Court Order is required to obtain such a volume of copies.  You guys figure it out.

Well, that's what I would do.  

In the meantime,  how about that Dana?  She sure knows how to spoil a mean-spirited political stunt.   

Party pooper!

Props... my Cousin Claudia, pictured here with U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts at yesterday's swearing-in to the U.S. Supreme Court bar (the tiny gal in blue).

Woo hoo!   You go, girl.

I am told she will present cases to the Supremes "if they warrant it."  Stay away from Clarence!    Just say "no" when he wants to play 'see-what's-hiding-under-the-robe.'  


Monday, June 23, 2014

Carmelo Generates Update (on Generators)

Today, these notices were placed on every HHA tenant's doors and in the mailroom:

The Man Upstairs

Isaiah 10:1-2
Woe to those who enact evil statutes. And to those who constantly record unjust decisions, So as to deprive the needy of justice And rob the poor of their rights, So that widows may be their spoil And that they may plunder the orphans. 

Everybody in the...


It's that time again, folks.

Time to wax nostalgic about what would-a, should-a, could-a been:  a free floating pool offered to Hoboken by the Neptune Foundation in 2000 that floated to Brooklyn in 2004,  a developer's promise to build a pool and community center in Hoboken in 2007...

left: URSA-Tarragon's Pool & Community center proposal, right: floating pool first offered to Hoboken, docked in Brooklyn, now the Bronx

...and what have we got today?

A backyard tin bucket of summer fun!  For all ages between 5 -12.

Not to disparage the over-sized tin bucket at the Boys and Girls Club- I had one like it in my backyard in Queens, but does it suffice for a city with a population of 50,000?    And GA hears the tin bucket may be endangered should the City allow the Boy's and Girls Club to build the HoLa expansion into the open, green space there now.

GA can't believe the City would pull the backyard bucket away from Hoboken's kids- without providing them with a beautiful public swimming facility like our Hudson County neighbors enjoy.

You don't know what I mean?  OK, let's play: match the pool with the Hudson County municipality it serves:

1. North Bergen
2. Union City
3. Jersey City
4. West New York
5. Secaucus
6. Hoboken
(answers below)

Here are the answers: (1-E, 2-D, 3-A, 4-B, 5-C, F-6)

Aren't you proud, Hoboken- peeps?   NOT.

Can someone tell me why Hoboken has one endangered-species tin bucket for kids age 5-12, and zip for its adults?  Can't our fractured governing body get in a swim suit?   Heat is something we can all agree on.   How about it?

In the meantime, pack up your bags for the drive to Secaucus.  Bring your wallet- last year's entry fee was $13/person.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Parking Lot Birthday

Hey folks, are  you ready to party?

Woo hoo! Snacks... dancing... a rollicking game of pin-the-tail-on-the-hubcap, and the winner doesn't get busted for trespassing.

Yep, it's about that time- ONE YEAR since those 'new model' generators started arriving in Hoboken.

It looks like one got installed last June.  

FM Generator, the contractor who placed the order with BlueStar the manufacterer and coordinated with HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, met with Garcia in November 2012
FM owner Michael Molway and president Julie Mitchell  attended an emergency meeting in November with Carmelo Garcia, the housing authority director, to study short- and long-term solutions.  Molway determined that repairing the damaged generators would be far less expensive than renting temporary generators. FM technicians were able to get all but one generator working again, though Molway made clear that the saltwater damage left the sets with very limited lifespans. On June 3, the first of the new Blue Star generators arrived. It was installed on the roof atop the 15-story building at 311 13th Street, far beyond the reach of any storm surge. On June 5 the generator set came on line. The remaining generators will arrive in July and will be installed at various locations throughout Hoboken.
That's what some HHA residents have told GA:  generators started arriving in the parking lot last summer.

Why could a generator be installed at 311 13th Street last June 2013, but the ones slated for the HHA are turning one-year old in a parking lot? 

Didn't the Hoboken Reporter tell us:

The 'word on the street' is that the generators were ordered for Vision 20/20- not the existing buildings. That's rumor.

The following is not: the developer's contract for Vision 20/20 did not include generators.  Mayor Zimmer cited that as one of the reasons she could not support the project:
May 1, 2013 Letter from Mayor Zimmer to HHA Executive Director  Garcia
So, if this so-called "Sandy-proof" building design did not include backup generators, and there are 14 "Sandy-proof" generators mouldering in a parking lot, preparing for their first birthday party... and Spring has come and gone (in 5 more days)... what do YOU think?

Well... here is the 'latest' word on the street:
(redacted) is misinforming and strong-arming residents into signing a petition to get rid of the commissioners. (redacted) has been discussing with Carmelo and others the possibility of maneuvering a recall election against Dawn.  If Carmelo is gone (redacted) is afraid the milk ticket will dry up and is threatening anyone who gets between him/her and the $.
Petition!  Recall election!  Parking lot birthday party!  Boy, it's getting meshuga over there. 

The HHA finally applied for permits  to install the "sandy-proof" generators with sub-panels in building basements...  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Another One for the Grinder


With heavy heart, GA mourns the passing of another great public official.

No, he's not dead (thank goodness).  He's passed through the Hoboken GRINDER and come out the other side...

...which leads outta town.

I am talking about today's announced departure of Hoboken Public School Superintendent Mark Toback.

Whatever his reasons may be for leaving, there are unavoidable realities to Reform-minded public servants and members or allies of this administration.

That is, the weapons of Hoboken's Dark Side are especially malevolent. Ginned-up police reports, lawsuits, leaks of confidential information in blog comments and  'friendly' media,  thugs to make noise at public meetings, dispatching camera-wielding political operatives to intimidate municipal board members and then... just when you think you've seen everything...

We find morally and ethically compromised elected officials who EMAIL confidential City information DIRECTLY to political operatives...

Wine-Gate: Castellano BUSTED

Oh, wait... there was a reason why Mason political operative James Barracato was on the email distribution instead of his boss, Beth Mason: Terry was shit-faced!

That's what she said.


Who doesn't get drunk and email confidential information to political operatives?  I'll bet YOU do it all the time.

And then there are elected officials who post confidential School Board contract negotiations on discussion threads...

 Leaky leaky...and more where that came from...

It worked!

This School Board Trustee's one-woman jihad against the Board majority's choice for school Superintendent (Dr. Romanohounded him out of Hoboken, leaving us with an interim Superintendent until we found the terrific and capable Dr. Mark Toback.

Corp. Counsel Michael Kates ground up
In Toback's case, he was unsupported by some who were supposed to be friends.

But public school parents and many members of the public recognize what a terrific job he was doing for our kids and in our schools.  GA is truly saddened.

Here is an email GA wrote to some friends sharing thoughts  on why Toback was leaving:
The Dark Side aim is to grind up all good people- at city hall and the boe- so that Hoboken can only attract hacks and scumbags who’ll play ball. They couldn’t chase out Dr. Romano fast enough. The fact is this environment is incredibly abusive to good and decent people who work with and for reform. 

That is the truth. 

The Dark Side strategy is to make public service so miserable and difficult for their opponents, their opponents will eventually tire and GO. Remember how the City Council refused to pay our legal bills?  Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin wasn't 'having it' and got the hell out.

Who remembers this?  Back in November  2011,  Team Dark Side voted down BA Arch Liston's ability to move budget line items- money already in the budget simply moved to another line.

During Wednesday night's meeting, the transfer of funds failed in a 5-4 vote. Six votes are needed to move line items, which would have meant that at least one member of the minority council had to vote "yes."

If the council doesn't allow line item transfers—which means that the money that is already in the budget is moved to another line so it can be used for something else—Liston said, "I can't operate my budget."

Members of the minority council said they didn't have all the information they needed to approve the transfer. Councilman Michael Russo spent some time during the meeting, asking Liston about the different line items.  
Where is the talented and no-nonsense BA Arch Liston today? Not in Hoboken. He got the hell out, too.   

 Hoboken BA Arch Liston ground up
Former Director of Parking and transportation Ian Sacs was another one put in the grinder.  The Dark Siders had him arrested- a travesty which eventually got thrown out of Court. Sacs left Hoboken for personal reasons.

That is what it is all about, people.

Discouraging talented people who play by the rules, until the only ones answering  'Want Ads' are 'friends', hacks or baby lambs.

Hoboken has managed to find talent, in spite of it.

KEEPING our talent here is another story. 

GA respects the work and effort of Superintendent Toback.  I hope we can find another one like him.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pass the Guaca- MOLEy

Holy MOLEy!  The election may be over and rhetoric cooled, but the dish is hot as ever.

GA  heard from sources Hoboken politicos were on the ground in Bayonne, helping the Smith campaign.   Carmelo Garcia was one, working the streets for him, handing out palm cards.  "Carmelo is tight with Rudy Garcia, former Mayor of Union City who is one of Smith's close advisers."  said one source.

GA was told that Garcia (Rudy) was influential in Smith's decision to switch utility companies- a decision which angered many of Smith's constituents and turned them against him.  Apparently Hoboken's "Old Guard" was solidly behind Smith. One source said "the OG needed them to win for some reason." and added: "All the bad guys wound up on Smith's side."

Speaking of 'bad guys' what about Beth Mason 

GA hears she was with Smith for the first election, then told everyone after that and up until the runoff she was still with Smith.   A source: "She held back until it was clear Davis people were on the move." 

Then, suddenly a day before the election, she  dumped $25K into the Davis campaign- $5K to each candidate.

Hence, Mason's appearance at the Davis headquarters on Tuesday night.  Like Sally Field sweeping onstage at the Oscars, Mason swept into the Davis celebration, sprinkling cash like fairy-dust, believing her loot buys the 'friendship' of a campaign she tried to wreck with her MOLE.

"You like me, you really like me!"  ka-ching ka-ching

Um, no they don't.  They like your money.

Speaking of the MOLE... he showed up, too at the Davis celebration on Tuesday!  Imagine the nerve. MOLE even got someone to file a lawsuit (his M.O.) against the Davis campaign, but doesn't have the balls to put his own name on as Plaintiff.  Coward.

GA's source told me, "He was shunned.  A couple of people refused to shake his hand."

Hand?  Don't you mean fin ?

 What about Steve Fulop?  He did endorse Smith.

"Fulop endorsed Smith in the first round-  but refused to help in the second round.  Lesniak came in to help Davis, and Lesniak is a Fulop guy.  Fulop actually helped Davis. Zimmer was there, solid for Davis."

 There you have it, folks.

I hope Davis, who seems like an honest chap, is not unduly influenced by all of his new "friends." 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Take a Shower, Jim!

First off, congratulations to Mayor-elect Jim Davis for his upset-victory yesterday in Bayonne!

Yep, lots of folks are upset today in Bayonne and at 1400 Washington Street

Because there's nothing like putting all one's eggs in one basket, dropping the basket, then everyone sees your eggs were rotten to begin with.

Based on what GA's been reading in PolitickerNJ, the co-opting of Hoboken's local media by a political 'sponsor' is what's been going on in Bayonne (familiar story).

Only what's different in Bayonne is, the paper got caught.

In a nutshell,  PolitickerNJ broke the story that a woman who signed an affidavit alleging voter fraud by the Davis campaign was identified as a long term manager at The Hudson Reporter.
 Two Hudson County-based sources who requested anonymity told that the Hudson Reporter signed a contract with the City of Bayonne administration last year in order to at least partially pay for the production of a new Hudson Reporter magazine, Bayonne - Life on the Peninsula. The magazine's first issue was published in the spring of 2014, a few weeks before the May 13 Bayonne municipal election.
Sources have told GA that the Bayonne magazine and the Bayonne edition of the Hudson Reporter were big, gooey valentines to the Smith administration. 

Sound familiar?
Hoboken's Mason Reporter
More details from PolitickerNJ: reported on June 5 that a copy of a signed and notarized witness statement provided to the website by the Smith campaign outlines an alleged voter fraud incident that took place less than three weeks ago. The woman allegedly involved in voter fraud with the help of a Davis campaign worker was subsequently stricken from Bayonne voting rolls following an investigation by the Hudson County Superintendent of Elections Office. The signer of the statement was identified as Tricia Kraszyk. Kraszyk is the advertising manager of the Hudson Reporter.

...As for which entity paid to fund the publication of Bayonne - Life on the Peninsula, Kraszyk deferred the question to David Unger, co-publisher of the Hudson Reporter. Unger subsequently deferred the funding question to Bayonne city authorities.

Well folks, I can't speak for Bayonne, but as a Hoboken resident, I can tell you that our Hoboken Reporter is as tainted as a 5-day old fish left out in the sun.  If you have any doubt, ask a victim;  that's someone who fell onto the shit-list of heavy ad-buyer Councilwoman Beth Mason.  It could be  a critic or political opponent.  That person is the guaranteed lucky winner of a planted story or hatchet job courtesy of our local press- or a lawsuit rigged by political operatives.

Why did Bhalla forget his sandwich?
Here's a classic: a Mason operative fed a doctored web page from this blog to the Hoboken Reporter in a political operation to plant a very ugly story about GA and Da Horsey.  Until GA found the dimwit had left his name as the author of the doctored screen shot.  GA broke the story, then the HR skulked off into the night.

That's one way our paper has been weaponized and used to destroy Mason's enemies, in this case Reform bloggers.

Another is to get slanted, hit pieces on political opponents during election time, like the carpet bombing of Ravi Bhalla's reputation in 2013.

Then, of course you get the warm and fuzzy cover-up of  'problems' like 14 generators bought for the Hoboken Housing Authority with federal grant money, that are still sitting, shrink-wrapped, in a parking lot at the HHA.  Didn't you know they were delivered "on purpose" last Fall and left out all winter long to show how they could withstand the elements?

Well, folks.  We in Hoboken KNOW how far in the tank our Fourth Estate is for its political patrons.

It appears that PolitickerNJ has sniffed out another friendly arrangement between the same media organization and a political patron.

 Now, that their political patron has fallen, will this media group try to play footsie with Jim Davis?


GA hears that Davis is that rare HONEST politician.  I've looked at his ELECs, and boy, I haven't seen anything that clean since I unloaded my dishwasher. Squeaky!

Which is why I say to you, Mr. Mayor-Elect.... STAY AWAY FROM HER!

A few short months ago, this woman tried to WRECK your campaign by slipping  you a MOLE in exchange for the DOLE- remember?
Multiple sources claim that Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason is trying to sabotage the mayoral campaign of Bayonne's Jimmy Davis. How?The same way the Occhipinti campaign was destroyed- from within by a mole.Sources say that Mason has promised the Davis campaign big bundles of loot if (and only if) they hire a certain employee of hers as a consultant. Can you guess who?Sources say that Mason is shopping a lie to the Davis camp that she is "very angry" with his opponent, Mayor Mark Smith, hence the offer to "help" the Davis campaign.What kind of "help"?A Trojan MOLE. This mole comes bearing cash for the Davis campaign coffers. Once inside the gates, he spies and wrecks the campaign from within. (And no, Beth Mason is not "angry" with Mark Smith. That's a ruse.)GA speculates this cash-for-mole swap is a favor to Mayor Mark Smith and his ally (and gubernatorial aspirant) Steve Sweeney. Hey, Bayonne peeps: beware of MOLES bearing Mason-MOOLA. 
Like I said, she tried to slip you the same one that wrecked Tim Occhipinti's mayoral campaign in Hoboken.

Thank goodness, you didn't fall for that dirty trick.  

By the way, Mason is extremely hostile toward public schools in Hoboken.   She's publicly attacked our Board of Education repeatedly in dishonest and inaccurate remarks. 

GA is a proud public school parent.  Our teachers are terrific. 

Mason does not support public schools and her paid political operatives have been attacking public schools, our students and teachers online for years. 


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Earwitness: Show us the Cash, Anthony!

Oh, dear!

Some folks over at the HHA are getting restless...

Here's what just came in from an Earwitness:
Many people still haven't been paid the $25 they were promised for wearing the Romano t-shirts Tuesday!!  Romano promised the HHA residents they'd get $25 for wearing a t-shirt.  They had to give their ballot # to be eligible.  They were supposed to get paid on Wednesday but Wednesday came and went. Then today at 12:30 PM but that came and went. Now I hear they'll be paying people tonight.
GA asked: did these folks wear their Romano t-shirts to the polls- to vote?
Can you picture it?  Voters intercepted on their way to the polls, handed a t-shirt and an offer of $25... um, that's electioneering.

From the New Jersey Voter's Bill of Rights:
Electioneering —It is a crime under State law to electioneer within 100 feet of the outside entrance of the polling place upto and including the polling room. There can be no campaign signs or material in this area and no one cancampaign onbehalfof any candidate or public question. 
 Crime?  Nah, this is Hoboken.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thank you, Phil...

...For fighting the good fight, for running a good positive campaign, and congratulations to Anthony Romano.  
Words from Phil, tonight:
In case you haven't heard, I wanted to tell you the news: we fell a little short tonight. While I hoped that we would win, we have a lot to be proud of.
Our campaign spoke to thousands of voters, and engaged hundreds of supporters here in Hoboken and Jersey City. Many of you gave donations, time, tweets, and phone calls.  I am grateful for all that you have done to support our campaign.
Even though we fell short, we were a campaign with powerful ideas and a vision for a County that is more accountable to Hoboken and Jersey City residents. We stood up for fairer taxes, for fiscal responsibility, and for a County Government that works for us. I will not stop fighting; I hope you won't either.
A few moments ago, I spoke with Anthony Romano, congratulated him on a hard-fought campaign, and conceded defeat. I look forward to working with Freeholder Romano to ensure that Hudson County works for us all.
Thank you for standing with me; I can't tell you how grateful I am for your support.


Vote for Hoboken PROGRESS

HOBOKEN's Rebuild by Design effort wins $230,000,000 in federal funding
Folks,  it is important to support the team that has led our City through a historic disaster, advocated  for FEMA aid, raised money and provided grants for flood-afflicted residents, lobbied for lower flood insurance rates, lobbied U.S. Senators to compel flood insurance industry guidelines, and now has secured an unprecedented $230 million dollars of federal funding to protect Hoboken's from future flooding disaster...

This is the team that does not say "NO" or "IMPOSSIBLE!"

This is the team that says "We CAN" and "WE WILL."  And you  know what?  They DO.

Does anyone believe that a RebuildByDesign proposal would have ever happened under an Occhipinti, Russo, Mason or Castellano administration?

We need a representative at the County who supports our local initiatives, holds the line on taxes,  will push for improved, more cost-effective County services and will champion  parks, active recreation and open space. So... please


Let's continue the progress, because we believe in the POSSIBLE:
A comprehensive water management project that will protect Hoboken, Weehawken and northern Jersey City has won $230 million of federal funding as part of the Rebuild by Design resiliency competition. This unprecedented level of funding will enable Hoboken and its neighbors to finally solve the flooding problem that has plagued the region for so long.

“I have been advocating for a comprehensive solution to Hoboken's flooding problems since I first ran for City Council in 2007,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “This project will implement a water management strategy that will comprehensively protect all of our residents, businesses, and the critical assets we share like the PATH, transit stations, and hospital. One of the elements of the plan will use parks as flood protection, creating more open space for our residents to enjoy.”

The comprehensive strategy was developed by an international team of experts led by the firm OMA. The proposal titled "Resist, Delay, Store, Discharge: a Comprehensive Urban Water Strategy" employs a multi-pronged approach to address Hoboken’s historic flooding challenges. Details of the proposal can be found at

VOTE Today!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Company You Keep

Anthony Romano is nice, a pleasant guy.

So, how come he's endorsed by a SLAPPer, a flipper, a dipper, a farmer and assorted Dark Side dwellers?

I don't know!  But you get the TEAM you vote for.

Zombies invade the BoE meeting on May 13, 2014

That's right.

Romano's  teamed with attempted hospital sale-killers, who needlessly blew a $4.5 million dollar hole in Hoboken's budget surplus (they voted NO on a cost-free garage bond refinance), voted NO on replacing old, broken HOP buses and those damaged in Hurricane Sandy- used by elderly Hoboken residents, voted to close down Pier C Park rather than bond for flood repairs,  voted NO to bond for a traffic light at 1600 Park... No, No, No...

And what was Romano's answer to lowering Hoboken's share of County taxes? 


Does Team Romano deserve re-election?


But that's GA's opinion. The choice is yours- polls open tomorrw at 6 AM.

Here is the other Team:

And today, the Jersey City Mayor (and possibly NJ's next governor), Steve Fulop  gave this endorsement in an email blast:
Tomorrow, June 3rd, is Election Day and we need to keep the momentum going in Jersey City. That's why I'm supporting the column A team - Cory Booker for Senate, Donald Payne for Congress and Gerard Balmir for Freeholder and hope you will too. In the northern parts of Jersey City the Line A Column will be Cory Booker for Senate, Albio Sires for Congress, and Phil Cohen for Freeholder

Continuing the progress in Jersey City is what we work on -- together -- every day to achieve. Our team works with one goal - to make you proud and make Jersey City an even better place to call home.

As Mayor, I realize now more than ever that having partners at every level of government is crucial to our success as a city. The best example is the Jersey City budget. While our administration and the City Council worked for a tax decrease, the county freeholders proposed a tax increase on our City. For that reason we must change who represents us on the Freeholder board and get elected representatives that put the public first.

That's why we need to elect Gerry Balmir and Phil Cohen in the northern parts of Jersey City for freeholder TOMORROW, JUNE 3rd.

We need elected officials who will represent our City with an agenda that are progressive and accountable. Gerry and Phil are leaders for progressive issues, an advocate for job creation, and a vocal voice for change.

Sincerely Steven 

Well said, Steve.

Once again, polls open tomorrow at 6 AM.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Letter: Tim Endorses Romano

Anthony Romano mailer:  look WHO is endorsing him

Tim: "He will lower your taxis!"